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Are there alternative drugs to Benzodiapemes that work? If so what are they? Also, are there any herbs that work if there are no drug alternatives?

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Are there any alternatives for a D&E?

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Are there any homeopathic alternatives to evista (raloxifene)? I believe in homeopathic medicine. Are there any promising homeopathic alternatives to evista (raloxifene)? .

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Herbal alternative to using statins... Do they work?

Hi, is there any natural alternatives to minomycin, i have perioral dermatitis but do not like taking drugs, is there natural alternatives i can try?

Hi,is there a device for epilepsy alternative to medication.

I need to know what's an alternative herb to the drug doxycycline?

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Is complementary and alternative medicine safe?

Is it possible to wean yourself off of antidepressants using an alternative remedy such as herbalism?

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