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5htp - been taking 50mg morning and 100mg at night for 8 weeks for mild anxiety. Can i just stop this medication or do I need to slowly taper down? Limited effect (if any) so just want to stop med.

About ms. What would happen if a person stops taking the percriped MS medication?

After 3 weeks of taking Sertraline 50mg for my SAD,my hair started falling out so I stopped taking there a substitute for this med?

After taking celebrax are there any physical withdrawals when you stop taking it?

Any advice on how to safely stop taking diazepam?

Anything to keep in mind when i stop taking lisinopril?

Are there any safe natural alternatives to ativan (lorazepam)? I have been taking 3 mg a day for two years and would really like to stop taking it.

Been on bupropion 150xl for 3 months. Can I just stop using it or do I need to taper off it?

Been taking fluoxetine for over a week but decided I want to stop now. Is it safe if I don't take it from now?

Been taking wellbutrin (bupropion) 150mg about 5 months i wanted off it so last 2 weeks ive been taken every other day did good,he told me i can try stopping?

Been taking Zyprexa (olanzapine) 2.5mg for about a month. Just gone down to 1.25mg. Doctor said I can stop them now, will I get withdrawals from stopping?

Been using 3mg of clonazepam a day for 2 months, should I stop?

Bystolic (nebivolol) drug sheet says taper over 1 to 2 weeks and not to stop off abruptly. Please elaborate on a scenario if you are taking 5 mg now. Thanks.

Can ?You stop arrhythmias without medication?

Can alcohol stop Chemo Working ?

Can anyone tell me what happens if I stop taking quinapril?

Can anything bad happen if you suddenly stop taking cipramil tablets?

Can I just stop taking alendronate tablets on my own or do I need to taper down?

Can I completely stop taking 25mg atenolol being used for anxiety?

Can i ever stop taking my BP meds?

Can i get epilepsy if i stop taking my cipralex?

Can I have withdraw from stopping usage of pilocarpine hydrochloride pills ?

Can i safely discontinue the pill whenever i want?

Can I safely stop taking 200 mg Trazodone abruptly if I only took it for 5 days?

Can I stop sertraline after just one day?

Can i stop taking actonel (risedronate) after being on it for 4 years? What would happen?

Can i stop taking effient and start taking baby asprin?

Can I stop taking lexapro after 1 day of taking 10 mg? I started yesterday but I don't want to continue should I slowly stop or can I completely stop?

Can i stop taking medicine after controling ldl?

Can I stop taking meloxicam?

Can I stop taking noritryptiline if I started Celebrex (celecoxib) 200 mg. daily?

Can I stop taking Sotalol tonight, and start Metoprolol tomorrow, or do I need to taper off slowly?

Can I stop tamsulosin without tapering? I have been taking it for five years and wish to stop.

Can i stop toperol after taking it for 10 years?

Can klonipin (clonazepem) will stop working?

Can my anti-depressant stop working?

Can taking lamictal just be stopped or is there a procedure for gradually reducing the dosage?

Can taking tramadol stop alcoholism?

Can u stop taking escitalopram after 5 days?

Can you just stop taking targinect?

Can you stop taking propranolol after 6 days?

Can you tell me about cholesterol need information on how to stop taking the drug rozavel?

Can you tell me how I could stop anxiety from taking over my life?

Can you tell me if i could just stop taking seroquel (quetiapine) altogether?

Can you tell me if i could stop taking my antidepressant after 2 days?

Can you tell me if it's dangerous to have diarrhea continuously for 15+ days after stopping my meds?

Can you tell me when should I stop taking echinacea?

Can't stop throwing up after taking hydrocodone what do I do??!?

Could any of u docs tell me if i stopped taking lorazepam after 8 years abruptly what might the consecensious would be ?

Could you tell me what happens if i abruptly stop taking prednisone?

Could you tell me what happens if i stop taking levothyroxine & anemia tablets?

Could you tell me what happens if you have a drug addiction and you suddenly stop taking drugs?

Currently I am taking fluoxetine 20 mg & trifluoperazine 2.5 mg (taking medicines past 6 months) if i stop meds cold turkey what are dangers?

Currently taking bystolic (nebivolol) 5mg switched dr's & he doesn't want me to take it anymore how safe to quit this med??

Currently taking crestor (rosuvastatin) 20mg and wish to stop; can I simply cease to take the meds?

Do I need to stop taking drugs to be healthy?

Do I need to stop taking my antidepressants if I start taking vicodin for chronic pain?

Do I need to tell my doctor I quit taking aderrall? I seem ok off it.

Do I need to tell my doctor if I stop taking pyridostigmine?

Do piracetam's effects on platelets stop after discontinuation? How long after discontinuation does it take to stop?

Does the restlessness of sertraline go away when you stop taking them?

Dr. & I considering stopping Amlodipine. Can I just stop, or is weaning needed? I

Dr. & I contemplating stopping Amlodipine...because of sensitivity. Have been taking Amlodipine for a year now. Must I wean off, or can I just stop?

Have been taking amitriptyline 10mg for 4 months can I just stop taking them or do I have to wean myself off them?

Have been taking zyprexa (olanzapine) for about two months, am now down to 0.62mg, doctor said I can stop anytime, if I stop now would I have withdrawal symptoms?

Have to stop taking bromocriptine. Too expensive?

Help please. When i stop taking zyban, (bupropion) what should I expect?

Hi - I have been taking 25mg of sertraline for 3 days then 50mg of sertraline for 6 days. How should I taper off to eventually stop taking it?

Hi docs, would anything bad happen if you suddenly stop taking cipramil tablets?

Hi. I have been prescribed Xenex XL but haven't started taking it yet. Can you please tell me may I start taking the drug the day after drinking?

Hi.How to know when I have to stop taking risperidon, escitalopram and biperiden? Im taking this meds for 2 months now.

How can i discontinue 2 years of taking risperidone? How fast should i stop taking it? Needing a second opinion.

How can I quit taking triameterene?

How can I stop excessive sweat in winters.I have been taking fluoxitine hydrochloride and clomipramine for 5 years.

How can I stop lorazepam?

How can I stop my cold without taking drug.

How can I stop my medication for anti-depression gradually?

How can I stop needing antidepressants? I have been on them for 2 years and I don't want to need them anymore. I don't take them recreationally.

How can I stop taking bromocriptine?

How can I stop taking clonazepam?

How can I stop taking pristique?

How can I stop taking zoloft (sertraline)? Im on 50mg have been using it for 9 months?

How can you stop taking amphetamines and still function?

How can you stop taking lorazepam after 2.5 months?

How common is hairloss when taking topiramate ? I'm taking 100mg.

How do I stop taking daily sustained release 80mg propranolol? I've been taking it for about 3 weeks for anxiety but they make me too fatigued

How do I stop taking lyrica, (pregabalin)tried just stopping 300mg., didn't go too well,had sweats,chills anxiety,how do I stop this drug?

How do i stop taking meloxicam?

How do I stop taking the drug rozavel?

How do I stop taking valium?

How do I stop using khat? Is there any medication that will help me wean off?

How do you stop arrhythmia with medication?

How do you stop diarrhoea when taking antidepressant?

How does medication stop my bph?

How fast can I stop taking 1mg of clonazepam if I have been taking it for 1year for anxiety?

How is the best way to quit from Xanax (alprazolam) medication currently taking 1mg before bedtime for 5 months now , II like to stop?

How long after stopping depakote can i try to conceive?

How long after taking my last dose of clonidine can I start taking verapamil?

How long do the effects of citalopram (celexa) last after you stop taking it?

How long does Topamax (topiramate) stay in your system after stopping use? Currently tapering and will stop taking it completely on the 30th,starting dose was150mg