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taken Flomax (tamsulosin) for the last two years (.4) but with dilation don't need it. Just stopped 5 days ago. I was told this is a med u can just stop.

28 and diagnosed with prostate enlargement, having urinary retention.Taking one table of tamsulosin once a day .Is ok if taking saw palmetto with it?

After effects of flomax (tamsulosin) lia?

Am I okay to masterbate while taking tamsulosin?

Any BPH prostate medications other than flomax (tamsulosin)?

Are there alternative's to flomax (tamsulosin)? Something without the retrograde ejac. Side effect? My doctor said not to worry but its not very pleasant.

As i wean off of flomax (tamsulosin) for bph, how long will it take to get saw palmetto into my system? Also should I do an increased dose on the beginning?

As i wean off of flomax (tamsulosin) for bph, how long will it take to get super beta prostate into my system. Also should I do an increased dose on the beginning?

Been on .4 mg / day flomax (tamsulosin) for BPH over 2 years. I have 4 or 5 side effects. After i stop when will they subside, and could anything be permanent?

Been on .4 mg flomax (tamsulosin) for 2 years for bph. I have side effects. After i stop it, how long until they are gone? Can flomax (tamsulosin) do any permanent damage?

Been on flomax (tamsulosin) .4mg / day for BPH for 2 years. Have several side effects. When i stop flomax (tamsulosin) can my urine stream stop entirely?

Been on flomax (tamsulosin) .4mg / day for BPH for 2 years. Have several side effects. When i stop flomax (tamsulosin) can my urine stream stop entirely? If so what would i do?

Besides flomax, (tamsulosin) are any other prostate medications available in generic form?

Can cardura (doxazosin) be taken with clonidine?

Can I safely lower the dose of avodart (dutasteride) to once a week from once a day to see if my erection returns. Have been on daily dose for BPH for 5 years.

Can i take saw palmetto along with flomax, (tamsulosin) levoflaxacin, and aleve?

Can the side effects of flomax (tamsulosin) improve as the treatment is continued?

Can the use of allopurinol cause bph? How is it cured?

Can there be any permanent side effects from being on flomax (tamsulosin) for 2 years?

Can Tolterodine Tartrate and Tamsulosin Hydrochloride INN work in synergy? My GP prescribed them. I have CKD and chronic prostatitise.

Can we use neostigmin in benign prostatic hyperplasia?Or what is the newest drug for bph?

Can women take flomax (tamsulosin)?

Can you just stop taking flomax (tamsulosin) without weaning off of it?

Can you take both avoxart and flowmax at the same time?

Can you take flomax (tamsulosin) and antacids together?

Can you take proscar, doxazosin and flomax (tamsulosin) together ?

Can you tell me generic replacement for flomax (tamsulosin) medicine?

Cardura or flomax (tamsulosin) - which one is better?

Cardura or flomax (tamsulosin) - which works better and why?

Coud there be another treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) besides doxazosin and flomax (tamsulosin)?

Could i masterbate while taking tamsulosin?

Could it be okay for women to take tamsulosin/flomax for kidney stones?

Could rapaflow (silodosin) alpha-1 blockers affect urinary sphincter or just the prostate?

Cycoscospy my diagnosis was cronic prostatitis im 26 weird huh perscribed flomax (tamsulosin) should I take saw palmetto as well at the same time?

Do i need avodard (dutasteride) for life?

Doctor gave alpha blockerswith antibiotics 2 treat prostatitis. Had us & prostate is normal doc. Asked me to continue alpha-b 4 more 1 month. It's ok?

Does flomax (tamsulosin) at .4mg daily actually shrink the prostate?

Does flomax (tamsulosin) help cure prostatitis?

Does flomax (tamsulosin) help with ed?

Does flomax (tamsulosin) work well. Side effects?

Does hytrin (terazosin) for prostrate problems make you tired?

Does the beta prostate drink work?

Dutasteride 0.5 mgs. is about equal to how many milligrams of Finasteride for an enlarged prostate?

Flomax (tamsulosin hydrochloride) can cause permanent infertility?

Flomax (tamsulosin) works perfectly to control urgency, my only BPH symptom. However, it causes retrograde ejaculation. An alternative without this side-effect?

Has anyone used flomax (tamsulosin) and do the side effect bother you?

Have prostatitis.Doctor gave me xatral XL 10mg alpha blockers (alfuzosin hydrochloride) and ciprofloxacicne 500mg for 4 weeks. R these medicines ok?

How come there is a warning for not eating grapefruit with flomax (tamsulosin)?

How common is the use of capsules dutas- t for BPH second stage?

How does taking avodart (dutasteride) help bph?

How long it is safe to take dutasteride and alfuzosin?

How long to notice improvement from flomax (tamsulosin)?

How long will it take for flomax (tamsulosin) to begin helping my bph?

I accidentally took 2 doses of flomax (tamsulosin). What should I do?

I am currently on testim and viagra 100 mg can flomax (tamsulosin) affect my erection?

I am currently taking Tamsulosin. i have a small container of Rapaflo (silodosin) to try ( 7 capsules) Can I safely stop taking Tamsulosin and try the Rapaflo (silodosin)?

I am on .4mg flomax (tamsulosin) daily. What is the proper dosage for saw palmetto while stopping flomax (tamsulosin)? Do i stay on same dose after transition?

I have a high DHT level. Would a 5a-reductase inhibitor be a better choice for treating my BPH (storage, not voiding, is prob.) than an alpha blocker?

I have BPH and am taking flowmax which working fine I also use a cock ring from time to time.Could this effect my bph?

I have BPH and flomax (tamsulosin) has been working find for over 2 years. Cialis has been approved for bph, is it as good as flomax (tamsulosin) even though I don't have ed?

I have BPH and just got tumt surgery 1 week ago, i still have problems urinating. I and self cathering , I am taking alfuzosin and cialis. ?

I have chronic prostatitis at age 26 how in the world did this happen and what to do besides take my flomax (tamsulosin)?

I have to stop taking flomax (tamsulosin) and Myrbetriq for 3 days before urodynamic test. Will they work again after it or may they not be as functional?

I head that flomax and avodart taken together increase the risk of heart failure. I am on both for 5 years because of BPH. Should I be worried?

I just stopped flomax (tamsulosin) after 2 years. Is it a problem if i take super beta prostate and saw palmetto at the same time? Would this be dangerous?

I started flomax (tamsulosin) and finasteride. Now I have no ejaculate. Anything i can do about it?

I take flomax (tamsulosin) and still pee a lot. When i had to stop flomax (tamsulosin) for eye surgery, i noticed i don't pee at night! why is this?

I take flomax (tamsulosin) for frequent night urination. However, why did the condition improve only after i stopped the flomax (tamsulosin). It was d/c by my eye surgeon.

I took avodart (dutasteride) with multivitamin and aspirin. It is blood in my urine. What is the problem ?

I use flomax (tamsulosin) for bph. Some doctors on your site say to use saw palmetto - some say not to use but to use super beta prostate. Which is best and why?

I want to know if there a advantage to switch from another alpha-adrenergic blocker to rapaflo (silodosin)? Thank you!

I was checking my doctor records I'm switching urologist my prostate is 20 grams is that normal I'm on flomax 0.4mg also take topamax (topiramate) I dribble-burn?

I was prescribed flomax (tamsulosin) for a' 4 mm kidney stone. By day two I developed nasal congestion and tooth sensitivity and jaw pain. was that from flomax (tamsulosin)?

I was suffering from BPH since 1 year with no improvement by taking antibiotics.Symptoms magically improved by taking flomax (tamsulosin)? Will it cure the cause?

If avodart & flomax are cy3a4 substrates & sprycel (dasatinib) is an inhibitor, why do interaction checkers show a prob. With sprycel (dasatinib) & avodart but not w/flomax?

If flomax & avodart (dutasteride) are both cy3a4 substrates & gleevec is an inhibitor why do interaction checkers show a prob. Of gleevec w/flomax but not avodart (dutasteride)?

If I am still urinating frequently after taking an .04 daily pill of a generic substitute for flomax (tamsulosin) should I increase the dosage? Taking daily 4 yrs

If I stop Avodart (dutasteride) temporarily, how long will it take for my erections to return ?

If using hytrin (terazosin) for prostrate problems does it make you tired?

Is 12mg doxasosin acceptable for prostate.

Is cardura or flomax (tamsulosin) better and why?

Is daily cialis as effective as avodart (dutasteride) in shrinking the prostate?

Is flomax (tamsulosin) safe to use if I have asthma?

Is it ok to switch to another beta sitosterol after starting with super beta prostate? Does the brand matter? I am using flomax (tamsulosin) for bph.

Is it ok to take Finasteride (for hair loss) and Flomax (tamsulosin) (for help emptying bladder) at the same time before bed each evening?

Is it safe to stop flomax (tamsulosin) and replace it w saw palmetto g for benighn prostate enlargement.

Is the drug "flomax" for prostatitis a antibiodic?

Is there a doctor who could tell me if its safe to take proscar , doazosis and flomax (tamsulosin) together?

Is there a generic drug better than.8 mg Rapaflo (silodosin) that won't make me dizzy?

Is there a natural herb or medicine instead of taking flomax (tamsulosin) for urinary problems?

Is there any way of preventing bph?

Medication(s) to take for BPH other than Flomax, (tamsulosin) Jalyn, Finasteride, Cialis and Avdart. Please advise.

Men with bph, how long did it take before flomax (tamsulosin) became effective?

Mirabegron(betmiga) seems to not stop my frequency and urgency so much. Im on 50mg with flomax (tamsulosin) .4mg. may i need more dosage?

My doctor made me stop proscar (finasteride) and start doxazosin. I heard you should use proscar (finasteride) with doxazosin is this fact?

My doctor put me on rapaflo (silodosin) for a kidney stone, I have had retrograde ejaculation. My question is how long will that last after i stop meds ?

My two year old son took flomax (tamsulosin) what do I do?

On .4mg flomax (tamsulosin) per day for bph. Can i get myself in trouble if i don't wean from flomax (tamsulosin) to saw palmetto? Pharmacist said slowly decrease flomax (tamsulosin) 1 mo.

On flomax (tamsulosin) for bph. On saw palmetto.320mg 2x a day a week ago.Weaning off flomax (tamsulosin) every other day. Is this necessary, or could i stop peeing if stopped?

On flomax (tamsulosin).4/day. What is the process to stop flomax (tamsulosin) while i start super beta prostate? I don't want any more side effects from stopping too quickly.