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I have albuterol liquid for the nebulizer but it is expired for about a 1yr or 2 is it safe to use still?

I have albuterol sulfate can i still use it if it has been expired for four month?

I have asthma and copd, I use a nebulizer for treatment along with the albuterol sulfate solution. Is there a better solution to use to help me?

I have asthma but never use my pump, even though i was prescripted one. Is that okay?

I have emphysema and am using dulera (formoterol and mometasone) by itself it there another medication i can use with it besides my rescue inhaler?

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I need to know WHY it's not good to use a nicotine patch if you have asthma. I only use Flovent and sometimes emergency inhaler in morning. So WHY?

I use a nebulizer with my albuteral and now i. Have a cough what can I do for it?

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