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@dr.Pappas i realize that taking meth was a big mistake and i don't want to do it again but are there any ways that i can help detox my system h2o?

24f-have on methadone program for 4 months.Been addict to opiotes for 10 yr. Trying to live healthier what are the bust vitamine&amino acids to take?

A 105 pound girl who has not abused substance for a month, snorted cocaine, and needs to know how long the chemical her job looks for in cocaine will be in her urine. Will she be okay in 48 hours? She had a relapse and is actively seeking treatment

A close member of my family is a recovering addict of meth, i think she may be relapsing. What should I do?

A friend of mine is a long term methamphetamine user. How does she rehab at home? (She's more willing to do this then inpatient treatment.)

A friend of mine wants to get treatment for addiction, he is thinking of suboxone. What all does this entail?

A jerk. I'm not some hardcore drug addict, i just enjoy opiates sometimes. Is that an issue?

Afraid of falling back into my drug addiction, please help?

After 14 years of substance abuse is there in all sincerity a chance I can overcome paranoia as I only feel safe in the bedroom?

All the abilities and coping skills that didnt develop properly becouse of my substance abusing, will I get them if remaining sober for a looong time?

Am looking for a herbal pain killer for an addict abusing pain meds/opiates. (person will be starting a 3 mth domiciliary rehab program)?

Any docs believe prescribing adderall/other prescription amphetamine effective/acceptable sub to prevent relapse, aid in withdrawal symptoms for meth addiction?

Anyone know good treatments for alcohol addiction for a 19 year old boy?

Are pacifiers good or bad for a 6wk old? Does it encourage dependency? When should it be discontinued?

Are pain management doctors held accountable if a patient becomes addicted to use of a drug?

Are people who are trying to recover from a drug addiction usually violent?

Are people who are trying to recover from a drug addiction usually violent? Frightened of my boyfriend.

Are the nowadays any medications made from heroin?

Are there rehab clinics that can deal with prescription drug addiction and panic disorder in one place?

Are there things in my control that make drug addiction more likely?

Are there treatment options for cocaine addiction?

Are there ways to treat narcolepsy for a recovering alcoholic and drug addict? I am both, and taking amphetamines is not an option.

As most heroin users have tried couldnabis, is couldnabis a gateway to even harder and more deadly drugs?

Based on non stimulants not working my doctor is wanting to put me on vyavanse. Hes aware of past opiate abuse. Will this med help drugabuse impulses?

Been binge drinking for 2 months after quitting for five years 8-10 veers a day and 15-20 on some days I want to quit. withdraws going to be a issue?

Being a IV heroin addict I used methamphetimine to cure withdrawal symptoms. it worked but I don't get high off the meth. Able to eat and sleep. Why?

Besides abstinence, what options can help me with heroin addiction?

Binge drinker 9+yrs,6 mos on most recent. Weaned off, having physical withdrawals,work nights &can't attend AA. Is there a# I can call during the day?

Can a hormonal side effect of sobriety from alcohol & opiates cause amenorrhea? Can the stress from getting sober make my brain stop sending hormones?

Can an goodys powder addiction cause you problems in breathing, I have been addicted for several years ?

Can anyone answer why ibogaine is not available to cure methadone and heroin addiction instantly by resetting the body?

Can being addicted to opiates particularly heroin cause hair loss. And will it eventually grow back?.

Can Cipralex lower Dopamine , I'd love to hear "yes" cause I've had a VERY bad addiction behavior..

Can hepatits b be caused by chronic alcohol abuse, and is there a cure for it? I am a recovering alcoholic, sober for 12 years.No history of heavy drug use, no needles whatsoever.Quite a past in the sex department, although only 3 partners in sobriety(12

Can I do anything for a person that is addicted to drugs but they won't go to rehab?

Can I just get meds to quit meth and cannabis without having to go into rehab or treatment?

Can i talk to my sisters doctor about her addiction to pain pills?

Can i tell me how i can kick/ or get off heroine without rehab?

Can illegal drug abuse lead to killer diseases in the long run? Will the government pay for care?

Can MRSA infection be faked by a drug addict to obtain pain pills?

Can psychological addiction be cured? If so, how? Or will the need to use be there forever?

Can smoking cigarettes and abusing alcohol look like bipolar disorder? I was diagnosed with bipolar after i started using. Now i quit and need info.

Can someone overcome drug addiction at home without going to rehab?

Can someone overcome repeat drug addiction without going to rehab?

Can someone who had drug addictions request to have their body donated to science?

Can the past abuse of opioids and painkillers affect a pregnancy one year or more after rehabilitation?

Can you answer, is an addiction of drinking nyquil night medicine an issue?

Can you become mentally i'll from street drugs?

Can you explain if it's possible for an addict to learn how to use in moderation?

Can you suggest how to get away from everything without drugs, alcohol, or suicide?

Can you tell me easy ways to cope with my mom whos dying from MS and how to stay off harder drugs then weed?

Can you tell me if a drug addict, alcoholic, smoker was in a comer for 12 months - would he crave on waking up?

Can you tell me in the long run will Atkins work for a non-carb addict?

Can you tell me of any quick advice on how to start ending an addiction?

Can you tell me of libido enhancers specifically for people on a methadone program?

Can you tell me what is drug addiction and how can someone get cured from it?

Certain celebrities have checked themselves into rehab for sex addiction. Is it real? Does rehab work?

Cheap alcohol rehab for friend in ny?

Considering adopting a baby exposed to cocaine, heroin and methadone. What are the worst case scenarios from these exposures, besides withdrawals?

Could a drug addict get help if he/she doesn't want to be helped?

Could antidepressants be addictive/do people abuse office visits to get them?

Could atheists join and benefit from the "12 steps" alcohol treatment?

Could codeine give the same happy feeling as morphine and heroin; jonathan gornall journalist said it is a?

Could I be too old to go to an aa meeting?

Could I get some advice regarding alcohol detoxification support?

Could it be my ADDICTION TO SPORTS that trigger my RVH? I know since long time that I have bronchitis & arrhytmia. Should I limit myself? But I won't!

Could it happen that a pain pill addict recover without help?

Could my pain management doctor refuse to prescribe for me unless i quit smoking?

Could someone get hepatitis by sitting on the toilet after a heroin addict?

Could whirlpool baths be really necessary to overcome drug addiction?

Could you possibly relapse in al-anon?

Could you tell me if someone you care about is abusing pills, how do you confront them?

Do ADHD meds help someone who has an inclination for substance abuse be able to have stronger will power?

Do doctors think it's ever too late to get a person help with drug addiction?

Do frats encourage or just condone partying?

Do health consequences result from liquid morphine addiction? If so, what happens?

Do med assisted therapy drugs like Suboxone & Methadone continue to hinder dopamine production in the opiate abused brain?

Do people work smart recovery and narcotics anonymous at the same time?

Do you believe that drug addiction is filling a void for a lot of people? How do they overcome it?

Do you confront a teen if you suspect he is using drugs?

Do you know if there are places like rehab for verbal abuse?

Do you know if there are success stories in staying sober after rehab?

Do you know the holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery?

Doctors, can my pain management doctor refuse to prescribe for me unless I quit smoking?

Does a alcoholic suffering from depression and an alcoholic was in rehab later in life(40's) have a chemical imbalance and need meds?

Does addiction recovery planning exist?

Does anyone have a problem with tolerance to aderrall, and needing more and more with time?

Does anyone know how long I have to stay in college for in order to be a drug abuse counselor?

Does anyone recommend an inpatient center that has a stop smoking program?

Does long term methadone maintenance cause male infertility? My boyfriend has been on MMT for 8 years and we want kids in the future.

Ex drug addict drugs and bad choices left my teeth ruined,trying to save up for implants or something to fix my mouth,any advice about options i have?

Five months clean about to start outpatient.Drug abuse program what should I expect?

Following prescriptions for neck injury/migraines, a relativehas become addicted to prescription painkillers. What is thebest course of action to end addiction?

For Suboxone treatment to be effective for opiate cravings, what's the ideal treatment time. When treatment is over will cravings be easier to control?

For teens with alcohol abuse, will they admit you into the psych ward or can they just send you home after you sober up?

For what reasons do we label anything that is new an "addiction"?

Girlfriend becoming isolated takes 3-4 500vicodin permanently chronic pain daily 6 beers cigarettes not communicating with friends nor me, what to do?

Going to europe in two weeks. Can I get treatment there for opiate withdrawal?

Good afternoon Sir, I am Chris from Nigeria, i have a problem and i need help. My problem is that i am addicted to drugs and i can't quit, so i need help from a doctor. Thanks You. Regards Chris?

Had my first cigarette and wanting more. Can the addictiveness kick in this quick?