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36 year-old man has 4-year history of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis treated with methotrexate mono-therapy had episode diverticulitis.....?

a doctor that want to prescribe predinsone for possible igg4/psc treatment. Are there any alternatives to predisone for liver autoimmune disorders?

+ana, - lupus tests, yet have 8/11 symptoms of lupus including severe blistering facial rash, antibiotics fail to help, ongoing <1yr, could plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) help?

+ana1:640, intermit low wbc.Exten rheum work up all neg even during flares.Bad flares >4yrs of fatigue, arthr/myalgia, pleuritic pain, photosen rashes, sicca.Rheum tried methotrexate which stopped sx.Ctd?

+ana1:640terrible flares >4yrs of fatigue, arthr/myalgia, pleuritic pain, photosen rashes, sicca.Exten rheum work up all neg even during flares.Rheum tried methotrexate which stoped sx! diagnosis w/neg work up?

+Lupus/sjogr. Inflam markers NORMAL.Get spells of confusion/fog.Can't function at work during spell.MD tried prednisone for spells.Sx resolved.Why?

1 dr told me I should have another autoimmunepanel, had1 over 2yrs ago, back fine, but I have sev fibro, he does not think it's only fibro, another panel?

13 year old son had HSP 3 yrs ago, now has perniosis with bad lesions and blisters. Tested neg for lupus & sjogrens- any other possible connection?

38 aa female. Confirmed for hla b27 and anksoling spondyl.. Unveitis since age 20, cataract at 24, ocular prosthetic at 36. Humira (adalimumab) & mtx, what's next?

49 yo femaie with history of ibs, severe gerd, htn, raynaud, severe psoriasis, behcet's, 3 recent bcc's and 2 recent scc's with new onset RA ( rf = 60), anti-cpp >250. Best tnf blocker for her?

7yrs on prednisone & methotrexate + for "resistant ra" recent elevated jo1, histone, muscle pain. How to confirm if polymyositis w/o stopping meds?

Age 70, dm for 30 yrs and ckd. Proteinuria. Recently his erythrodermic psoriasis has covered 30% areas. Dr. Is confused. Subcu methotrexate?

Although I have had many symptoms and +ana tests my rheumy seems to be reluctant to diagnos lupus. Says autoimmune yes but no specific dx.Is this norm?

Am from India, suffering from SLE, Sjogrens & B12 deficiency for past 7 years and on treatment. Recently, am having light headedness. Is it common.

Ana 1:640 only +lab. Dx: undifferconnective tissue disease(sx: immense fatigue, jt pain, sicca, photosensitivity). Can vague diagnosis cause such havoc on life?

Ana 1:640 only +lab.On meds 4 undiffer connective tissue disease(sx: immense fatigue, jt pain, sicca, photosensitivity).Why other labs all neg & have sx?

Ana 1:640x10yrs, other labs neg. Flares of rashes, fatigue, arthralgia, myalgia, dizziness.Crp & sed normal during flares!tx: plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) & low doses pred prn. Dx?

Ana 1:80 but it was 1:2560 in the past. New doc doesn't think lupus despite firm diagnosis despite 5 hospitalizations for flares. Why does ANA and other tests fluctuate? I definitely have lupus!

Ankylosing spondylitis runs through the fem's in my family, I have symptoms, but all my doctor did was printed off some info and sent me away..

Any idea why i would suddenly have been diagnosed hashimotos, uc, polycystic ovaries, duodenitis and reactive arthritis in one year? No illnesses b4

Any more risks with having lupus/sjogrens overlap syndrome than having lupus alone? Is it possible with good diet & exercise to be very healthy?

Appt in mo. For rheumatologist as pos ANA 3 mos ago, muscles weaker, drop things, very strng knee reflx, maybe mixed connective tissue disease, ra, sjogren memory bad, bro w ms. Nero? E.R.? 6 kids, xmas

Are facial pimples due to RA or methotrexate ?

Are headaches common with polymyalgia rheumatica. My Dr is trying to rule out fibromyalgia and put me on prednisone?

Are nose ulcers in lupus patients common?

Are peeling armpits a common symptom of dermatomyositis or can it be as a result of the prednisone I am taking?

Are there any new medicines for sle?

Are we any closer to finding a cure for lupus?

Arthralgia symptoms after immune complex reaction. How soon does it end?

ASA 325 daily per dr orders to thin blood. Since then, my RA doesn't bother me & I don't have to take prednisone. Would the ASA help RA? Thank you

At age 30 dxd w/narcolepsy. At 31 got Lyme and parvovirus at same time. In 4 yrs since diagnosis w/raynauds, crohns, psa, as and lupus. Could Lyme cause all?

Autoimmune diseases that can mess with brain? Like, memory and leg and muscle twitches. Not lupus. The dsdna was negative

Bad fatigue interfering with daily activities for 3 weeks.Have lupus but recent labs were normal showing no flare.I am normally very active.Causes?

Bad fatigue interfering with life for 3 weeks.Have lupus but recent labs& CBC were stable showing no flare.I'm normally very active.Frustrated.Causes?

BAD Gerd x4 months I have lupus but very mild scl-70&anticentromere neg no skin issues no raynauds, could I have Scleroderma, scared PPI wont work! ?

Battling vague illness for almost 3 months now and wondering if I should have doctors look into lymphoma with symotoms longterm trichloroethylene expo

Been having problems with pericarditis pain returning when i go down on prednisone. Had for months. Sle. Rheum treating. Should i see a cardiologist?

Been on 5 mg prednisone daily for 2 months. Md wants me to wean to 2.5 mg/day. If i get achy & fatigued during wean, is it the lupus or adrenal fxng?

Been on plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for a month now. Can plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) cause anxiety? I'm usually an anxious person by nature but this was a different feeling. Contact dr?

Broke out in rash from plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) what are my alternatives. Also have thrush i believe from rednisone.. Can lupus go untreated without organ damage?

Can 1 have lupus diagnosis only by sx, repeatedana1:640, & prednisone works? Other labs always neg.Md thinks lupus but i'm afraid he'll start 2 think i'm crazy

Can 20 mg of prednisone fix my polymyalgia? I am female and 76 yrs. Old. Two week old diagnosis by a internist.

Can a child get RA and not jra? Is there a distinction? Or is the j simply age related?

Can a reaction to inderal (propranolol) cause lupus like sle?

Can a vaccine be the start of an autoimmune disorder? HepB vaccine several years ago gave me severe skin itch for months. Now high ANA & many symptoms

Can active systemic lupus erythematosus be caused by prescription medication? Need expert opinions!

Can ANA go from definitely positive (640/1 and above) to negative because of flares in the disorder causing it or maybe a treatment?

Can fibromyalgia cause multiple bouts of aseptic meningitis? Or is there maybe something more going on then fibro and UCTD?

Can fmd and sle occur together? If so, is one possibly the cause for the other? If not, other pos. Diagnosis?

Can hashimoto make you feel going pain and fatigue and headache? Or it must be somerhing elde (lupus, Ra, etc)?

Can having dermatomyositis cause asthma symptoms? Diagnosised 2 years ago with asthma, now dm. Just looking to see if there's a connection. Thank you

Can i be on plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) life long (i have sle)and not have eye issues?Is this a drug that people stay on?Ive been on it for 5 months and its helped a lot

Can I treat my lupus my self without going to the doctors.

Can my child out grow jra? I read she can and also read she can't they jra is a life long condition but can have remission and flares

Can polymyalgic rheumatica go away or must I be on predezone forever ?

Can remicade (infliximab) treatment cause vasculitis ? My neice on remicade (infliximab) for moderate to severe crohn disease. Suddenly developed l pain leg. Tests showed vascu

Can rheumatism affect your sinuses? I have been having evening congestion that has coincided withmy RA diagnosis. If so, what is the best treatment?

Can rheumatoid arthritis cause hives? I'd so, how is it treated or minimalized? If not, and I have not related it to food, what should I look at next?

Can Sarcoidosis/Sjogrens/Raynauds/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome be managed by a GP alone OR do they need to be managed by a hospital doctor/s OR both? Thx

Can sjogrens cause sun induced aches, fatigue, rash? My rheumatologist says yes & that many connect tissue diseases can have photosensitivity.

Can stress from a job, etc affect me more because I have lupus even when my lupus is doing great? I'm so drained & foggy lately & don't' know why.

Can u get a tattoo if u have raynauds phenenom ...Scince it is autoimmune disease ., .I ghave 5 now from rys ago only diag a yr ago ?

Can u have scleroderma without raynauds? I have HORRIBLE Gerd,for past 4 months with no relief with PPI's ,I have lupus I dont want another AI disease

Can you be diagnosed with lupus with +ana homogenous pattern, inflammation shown in skin biopsy and symptoms that all point to lupus?

Can you have low immunity with lupus without being on immunosuppresents. This is what i was told todaykind of scared thinking I have lymphoma instead?

Can you please discuss the other symptoms of lupus beside the normal ones?

Can you please discuss the relationship among sle, mctd, anas, anti-rnp, myalgia, and myositis? How common is it to find these concurrent in a person?

Can you tell me if a CRP result of 0.4 mg/dl is an indication of inflammation. Trying to get a diagnoses of Crohn's. Taking Pentasa (mesalamine) at the time.

Can you tell me in the neck all with in 11 years now .. I also have cfs , asma and fibro . and I smoke , any advice on what I might do ?

Can you tell me what kinds of meds can contribute to lupus?

Child on methotrexate for jra been sick a lot lately so missed a few shots but now been having more flares and pain any suggestions on what to do?

Chrons, Psoriasis, and Hashimotos, and a very excrutiating flare of recent migraines, taken major steroids x 3 yrs - possible AVN of right hip?

Costochronditis.Is there any connection if you have herpes ANC costochronfitis?

Could breast implants flare an already exsisting autoimmune disease?

Could facial paresthesia 3-6x month lasts 1-2 days, cheeks-chin be related to the ai diseases sle, mctd, sclero or dm? I am being tested for these.

Could plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) give you a heavy feeling in the chest?

Could this be related to ai diseases such as sle, mctd, sclero, or dm? I am being tested for these. It happens 3-5x a month for 1-2 days cheeks-chin.

Could UCTD/Lupus Cause Your Body Temp Not To Regulate Properly? If so, what are possible treatments for this?

Crazy patient? Ana 1:640 x 4. Other labs neg. Exam: bad oral sicca otherwise normal.Pt c/o fatigue, dizzy, jt pain, sun rashes.Steroids resolve all.

Currently have Strep F (have had B & C), have Hashimotos, seizures, possible lupus. Why do i keep getting these? What could be an Underlying illness?

Daughter has lo %lymphs hi %gran.Rheum q6mo. Due to high ANA and other symptoms of lupus. No medication. Mom diagnosis w sle, sister sac lupus. What can cause this

Dealing w/lupus & constantly dealing w/dizzy spells lately.Getting worse &more frequent requiring higher doses of prenisone.Rheum & neuromd baffled.Rheummd is considering methotrexate.Might this help?

Derm dr diagnosed me with HSP vasculitis after lab work & 2 biopsies. I get joint pain but why do I need a rheumatologist if I been already diagnosed?

Diag psoriatic arthritis, chronic renal stones since age 14, osteoporosis, low vit d, pthand serum ca nor. Comb seem rare. Any idea why ca loss?

Diagnosed w primary sjs w no joint inflammation or RA.Symptom that's ruining my life is the severe dry eyes.using restasis w no luck.cnt work. Pls Hlp?

Diagnosed w/ graves' disease 1 month ago. Being treated w/ 10mg methimazole daily. Ok to smoke pot occasionally or does it affect treatment like cigs?

Diagnosed w/ lupus. Malar rash,photosenstvty,sicca ,mouth/nose sores,Recurring flares,leukopenia, ANA 1:640.All other labs neg.Possible w/normal labs?

Diagnosed w/ RA at 24. Started treatments right away. Now I'm 36 and in pain. Rheumatologist increased my meds. Will I become disabled early in life?

Diagnosed w/ SLE 6yrs ago.Controlled w/Plaquenil & avoiding sun. For past 2 yrs, labs (other than ANA) are currently normal. Do I no longer have SLE?

Diagnosed w/Dermatomyositis last year, then Tumid Lupus and Raynaud's. Was just diagnosed w/Dysphagia. How does that change the general prognosis?

Diagnosed with aps what symptoms should I expect? I have fms and epilepsy could they b related to aps ?

Diagnosed with carotidynia after extreme pain and high crp. What steps do I need to take to see if this is takayasu? Fatigue, even after steroids

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If multiple blood tests for lupus come back negative, should i just accept that i feel awful daily from the fibro?

Diagnosed with sle lupus! what is a average work hrs a week for a lupus patient with flare up, ie high fevers and mouth sores? How much rest is needed

Diagnosed with spondyloarthriitis. Have schamberg type spots on legs that go away with prednisone but come back when prednisone stopped. Any thoughts?

Do doctors have any idea what causes lupus fog? I get this! it's spaciness with unclear thinking. Never had this before dx! prednisone relieves it.

Do lupus patients have little energy?

Do mds know pathophysiology of lupus fatigue requiring frequent napswhen labs (other than very high ana)are currently normal?(didn't have before lupus

Do most others with lupus feel good daily except when they have a flare a few times a year or have good & bad days(pain, fatigue) in addition 2 flares?

Do most w/lupus feel normal most days of the year w/ occasional flares making them feel abnormal or do most wax & wane good/bad days & also flares?