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17 weeks pregnant is it safe to go kart race?

Actually i had a surgery before 3years on my stomach, now am trying to reduce my belly part by using sauna belt is that safe to use that on a stitches?

After c section, can I use hoola hoop for exercise?

Anyone know of exercises I can do together with my baby?

Are blankets on planes safe to use?

Are drinking fountains in old parks safe to use?

Are mammograms really completely safe?

Are skinny wraps safe to use?

Are tampons safe to use? Are there any associated risks?

Are trampolines safe with kids?

Are, butt implants are safe to get ? & is it safe to get them done in the city?

Arre the exersize hulla hoops safe to use?

At age is it safe to start swimming?

At what age are bunk beds safe?

At what age is it safe to swim alone?

Can a 6 month old baby should start practice walking? Is safe already?

Can anyone operate a derma roller? I heard that you can purchase your own derma roller. Is it safe for just anyone to use on themselves? .

Can anyone operate a derma roller? I heard that you can purchase your own derma roller. Is it safe for just anyone to use on themselves? .

Can I use ann-cherry latex corset if I have gallstone 28 mm And during breastfeeding? Is it safe

Can i wax my pubs? Is it safe?

Can you tell me if u have a heart prolapses is it safe to use depoprovera?

Can you tell me is it safe to put a band aid in your butt?

Clif energy bars safe during pregnancy?

Does probody slim & shape massager system work? What is the best way to use it?

Elbow bursitis - safe to use kettlebells?

Exercising after a colonoscopy is safe?

Have a cold but need to do exercise! is it still safe?

Hello yes I just wanna know is it safe to heat up mayonnaise?

Hello,i want to ask that i perform vajrasana yoga is there any harm in that i read somewhere that its not good for knees so what precaution taken?

Hi, Im 21,Is it safe for girls to lift weights because i've heard of some myths that are against that.

Hi, doc! Just trying to ask , what is adviseable usage of a sauna belt? Do you think it's safe?

Hi. I am looking for rapid weightloss ideas. I need something that is safe to use whilst breastfeeding?

Hi.. I gave birth with C-section about 2 months ago when its safe to start belly exercises?'

How can I get a safe pedicure at the mall?

How can I keep my 15-month-old safe in traffic?

How can I keep my 18-month-old safe in traffic?

How can I keep my 2-year-old safe in traffic?

How can I make the car safe for my 12-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 15-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 18-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 2-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 2-year-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 4-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 6-month-old?

How can I make the car safe for my 9-month-old?

How much walking is safe in pregnency at 2nd trimister?

How safe is the Brazilian butt lift? Is it long lasting ? And safe for someone who might be very unhealthy ? What age do you recommend to get it done?

How safe/ unsafe is the cynegenic program?

I am a 23 yr indian girl with mild otomycosis.. I want to swim..How can I do that and how safe would that be?

I am a teenage girl.Can I use a treadmill? If yes what is the safe speed to use it?

I am not sure if I am pregnant or not. Is it safe to join swiming classes? I don't know how to swim.

I bought a halloween costume and it has the prop 65 warning. Is it safe to wear this if I am trying to conceive. How dangerous are these products?

I exercise 7 days a week is safe?

I had a fontan operation 7 years ago and i'm wondering whether it will be safe for me to take tai kwon do classes? What would the harm be?

I had a oopharectomy a week ago. What type of exercises can I do that would be safe?

I had an abortion a week ago. I was only 5 weeks along. Is it safe to use a tampon or swim now?

I have Spina Bifida are neoprene sauna suits safe for me?

I jack off everynight is it safe?

I just found out I am pregnant, is it safe to exercise still?

I might be pregnant is it safe to do hip hops abs?

I need to lose 40 lbs..Is surgey safe?

I take xrays at work but im behind a sheild is it safe for the baby. What is and what's not safe?

I use foracort 200 rota caps twice a day. Will it increase my bodyweight?

I want to get a vitrectomy. How safe is it?

I want to know if it's safe for me to workout everyday?

I want to lose 30 pounds in a month. And i've done it before because im a cage fighter. I want to know the best way to do it and is it safe?

I was dared to take natural male enhancements, is this safe and what are the safer ones or better ones? I am 19 years old and athletic

I was wondering are ivory caps safe?

I was wondering are jumping jacks safe while preganant?

I was wondering are tanning beds safe with hip prosthesis?

I will soon be fuse l3-S1. I LOVE rollerblading, but should I give this up or could it be safe for me again some day?

I's it safe to do spinal stretches everyday?

I've heard that slings aren't safe, but I really love the idea of wearing my baby. What should I do?

I’ve heard about using HGH for performance enhancement? Is it safe? Is this a good idea?

Is a seatbelt safe for little lady with osteoporosis?

Is acupuncture safe for teenagers?

Is backpacking around europe more or less safe than when my parents did it in the 70s?

Is calf augmentation safe and convinient?

Is calf augmentation safe and easy to do?

Is calf augmentation safe?

Is chiropractor safe on me as I have OSTEIPOROSIS. One doctor said it was as long as they use gentle force??

Is doing windsor Pilates safe for someone who is pregnant?

Is elite test 360 and ripped muscle x safe to use?

Is exercise waist band safe to use when working out?

Is intercouse safe during first tremister?

Is it safe after 3,5 weeks after orchiectomy to hit sauna?

Is it safe for a girl to use laptop by keeping it on her lap for long tym?

Is it safe for a healthy 81 year old woman to get a hip replacement?

Is it safe for a man with an already bad heart to have cardio version performed?

Is it safe for kids to jump on a trampoline?

Is it safe for me to do gym classes while pregnant?

Is it safe for me to fight after receiving a boxing fracture 6 weeks ago?

Is it safe for me to lift my other children while pregnant?

Is it safe for me to use a bodyblade exerciser. I am a 65 year old male and I have a hiatus hernia?

Is it safe for me to walk as exercise my first month . I also love crawfish is it safe to eat in your first trimester ?been worried about miscarriag

Is it safe for my son who has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to use a trampoline?

Is it safe for someone to swim if they have asthma?

Is it safe to be induced at 36weeks3days.?

Is it safe to cycle after a discectomy?

Is it safe to dance when you have bronchitis?