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, how long will it take for my dopamine levels to become stable on l dopa?

"If used at same time(altivan,ambien), sleep depth and duration will increase, maybe dangerously." please explain. ?

+600mg of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) GREATLY improves my quality of life. Could something be restricting bloodflow in my brain? Is there a safe alternative?

1) If a pt has suspected sepsis and needs a saline drip to avoid dehydration then are there any potential problems in adding antibiotics (ceftriaxone 1g) at the same time to achieve a dual purpose? 2) Roughly how long does a slow drip IV of 1g take?

15yo son on Abilify (aripiprazole) 5mg for 3wks and trileptil 15g bid for 2 weeks. Considering short course thus far, how best to titrate off? Want to stop these!

3 days on warfarin 1mg for my father for AF INR not on target should i wait for its action or increase the dose and is it renal safe compaired2 others?

74 yr old good health-increasing Terazosin 10mg to 15--can I alternate 10 one or two days then 15 two or three days--as needed? render ineffective?

9 months ago, I had an intravitreal injection shot for my eye. That has all settled down; however I now have an average of IOP of 38.5mm HG. Meds are taken to maintain. Have you had any patients similar to me where IOP eventually lowered after so lon?

A eplieptic pt using carbamzepine400mg B.D..but still having attack.plz prescribe any other drug with carbamazepine..age is 28yr married girl..

About blood thinning medication--is dose reduced if I am very sensitive to baby aspirin even?

Acetazolamide duration of action?

Acetazolamide duration of action.?

Administration of insulin is essential for survival. Insulin therapy must be continued indefinitely and does not usually impair normal dail?

After abnormal EEG (spikes&slowing) i was prescribed lamictal but didn't receive a diagnosis of anything. Does the script seem premature? Is it ok to take?

After taking antipsychotics, whenever I exercise my heart rate stays elevated for many hours after stopping. Does have to do with dopamine blocking?

Am on 25mg of atenolol. Most days my BP is just 120/80 and lesser like 115 or 117/77, must i take the 25mg daily on those days or reduce to 12.5mg ?

Antidepressant:when long treatment success&gradually discontinued, neurotransmitters amount return imbalance?Please explain, with best regards.

Any data-based tips on the optimal and maximal rate of methadone taper, especially when the taper is not the patient's choice?

Any OTC stimulant stronger than caffeine? Imuran (azathioprine) leaves me with 0 energy all day, but I need to get through my finals at school. my dr is unreachable.

Are low doses of prescribed vicodin over a long period of time (1-2 5/500 pills per week for 3-4 years) harmful to the heart in any way?

Are steroids really that bad if used knowledgeabley and not abused with high doses or extended periods of time.

Are there any medications out there to speed up the metabolism process of SRNI's and help the withdrawal symptoms decimate? So far on 7.5mg zoplicone.

Are there any medicines 4 dizziness or imbalance in elderly? What can be done to increase strength & energy in elderly? Plz give exact medicine names

Are there any p450 enzymes that act upon things like acetaminophen and nsaids? I'm really into pharmacology and pharmicokinetics.. And take them.

Are there any permanent risks in taking clonazepam at a .5mg dose several times a month for vertigo, over several months. Periodically being the key?

Are there any side effects of taking a warm bath immediately after a chemotherapy patient takes one? Any danger of absorbing the chemo?

Are there interactions between Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) (40mg) and caffeine (150mg)? Specifically, is caffeine expected to impact bioavailability or fatigue levels?

Are there long term complications of having a TSH of 0.04? I am unhappy at this level, but this is recommended.

Are there negative side effects to taking large doses of slow release vitamin C to avoid colds?

Are there new meds available for alcohol relapse victims - I weigh 33o lbs and the typical librium dose is not?

As a patient of rTMS, can I drink at all during the maintenance phase? That is, aside from the usual cautions against alcohol

At 67, to boost energy levels, should I be taking ubiquinol if I have no heart problem? If yes, then is the dosage of 100 mg daily sufficient?

At what different strengths can imdur comes. Is there any immediate release imdur avaible & at what strength.

Azithromycin for acne. Chances of developing Long qt? Is it dose dependent? Reversible? How about Tinnitus? Can it happen at 250mg, 3 times a week?

Been on 20 mg of Prozac for 5 years is it safe to be on for rest f my life I am 66 yrs old?

Been taking adderral XR for 7+ years. 30 mg in a.M. 20 in afternoon. Can the effects wear off overtime? Can a person be prescribe 60 mg?

Behavioral health question. Could starting Lamotragine Rx 6 weeks ago cause me increased body temp & impulsivity? I've slowly titrated up to 100mg.

Can a 17 year old make take cdp choline for post concussion syndrome? Can it help alleviate the symptoms and possible shorten the recovery time? Safe?

Can a person taking radiation meds hold a newborn?

Can a person who takes Imitrex (sumatriptan) for migraines build a tolerance to the drug?  having to eventually increase dose or change medications?

Can a single dose of tylenol (acetaminophen) (say 500mg) cause liver damage independently? Do even such low doses pose a risk in a healthy person w no other meds?

Can a thiazide's side effect, like some rise in glucose levels, remain after the medication is no longer taken? Or, is it unlikely?

Can B12 dosing start detoxification in the body and make one weak and headachy?

Can breastfeeding help decrease or alleviate a newborn's symptom severity from withdrawals associated w/ 3rd trimester, high-dose RX Xanax (alprazolam) exposure?

Can chronic Lithium toxicity (6+ months) at levels as high as 2.4 as well as renal impairment cause breathing problems? Why? It is it long lasting?

Can daily ingestion of 600-1200 mg of aspirin cause any side effects? 62 yr old woman uses 125ct 325mg aspirin every month

Can deprilax® XR 75x2 be taken only once q 24h? Like every night to reducing daily sleepiness. Best regards for your invaluable guidance.

Can deprilax® xr(venlafaxine) 75x2 be taken only once q 24h? Like every night to reducing daily sleepiness. Best regards for your invaluable guidance

Can donepezil & memantine be avoided until symptoms become worse as they may not function later or minimum dose of 5mg each be taken to prevent?

Can having low glutathione levels, e.G. From excessive physical training, amplify side effects from prescription drugs?

Can Horizant extended release be used for post Lyme disease?

Can huge opiate tolerance significantly increase complications when being put under for surgery?Hes been taking FAR ABOVE rx levels for 10plus years

Can I safely can take occasional dose (500mg) of acetaminophen,without worrying about increased NAPQI formation due Trileptal CYP enzyme induction?

Can i take a low dose muscle relaxant while using nicotine lozenges?

Can i take lipo 6 (weight loss drug) and lamotrigine 100mg (anti epictical) together?Is there any intractions?

Can lamictal cause impaired cardiac function..i read this in a medical manual..i take 100 mg along with 600 tegretol have 2 stents and am now worried?

Can long term opiate use cause depression? I've taken tapentadol 150 (2x /day) and opana 5m (1/day) for ~3 yrs, and have been depressed 9 mos. Doc says they may have changed my brain chemistry?

Can modafinil let person acess maximum brain?Does it uplift mood?How much dose is recommended for begginers?How to know if it doesn't suit?

Can one become addicted to or dependant upon zrytec? Can zyrtec (cetirizine) lose its efficacy with prolonged use, if so please provide an alternative. Thanks!

Can requip (ropinirole) XR be broken down in the stomach and not be absorbed into the blood stream because of the slowed muscles with Parkinson's desease ?

Can statin be used for short term(e.g. 3-6 months)?Do not want to take it long term.LDL-166,HDL-37, triglyceride-162,total-239

Can stopping a 3 year mirtazipine regimen effected my ability to get high on opiates?

Can take lamictal 100 mg one dose daily instead of 2 divided doses? Seizures completely controlled. This dosing schedule better for night shift job.

Can taking Xanax (alprazolam) for a short period low dose (once a day for one week, 1.0) cause brain/nerve damage in body?

Can the hypertensive clonidine (0.1 mg.) be prescribed on a one time basis to decrease/handle performance stress prior to a public speaking event?

Can u donate bone marrow if u take midrin or tylenol (acetaminophen) often?Or klonopin,neurontin,wellbutrin,synthroid,vit d 50,000 IU wkly,or seroquel occasionally?

Can u take tramadol indefinitely? I take 75-100mg daily for 5 yrs now& never built tolerance. Helps w/energy + makes me happy. What r longterm negativ

Can Ventolin (Albuterol) extended release 8mg tablets cause drowsiness/lethargy especially towards the end of the drugs half life (8+ hours)?

Can vyvance be affected by a low pH in the stomach? If so, what should I avoid taking when i dose that could affect the kinetics?

Can we buy armor thyroid without prescription?Need to shift to a higher dose.Doctor's visit net month!current medication almost over.

Can withdrawal from long term co codamol use (2 years of between 4-6 500/8 tablets daily) cause prickly/crawling sensations ?

Can withdrawal symptoms from co codamol fluctuate while I am reducing dose ? I'm down to half a 500/8 tablet per day. (burning/prickling symptoms. )

Can you build tolerance to a pde5 inhibitor?How to reverse it/avoid it?What can I take to make it more effective?Will a detox help reverse tolerance?

Can you build up a tolerance to topiramate? It seemed to work (25mg) at first but now it seems to be losing effect. It's been about 2.5 weeks.

Can you tell me how lowering drugs that reduce alertness aid in preventing pneumonia?

Can you tell me if metaprolol loses its potency after a couple of years?

CanLabetalol ORAL permanently tonedown HYPERadrenergicSympatheticSystem or required long-term? Is IV labetalol much better crossing Blod-Brain-Barier?

Cd4 count dropped from 485 to 198. I have been on arvs for 2yrs. What are the chances of recovery? How do I raise it quicker? How long will it take?

Changing to decutan after taking 220cap of Accutane, will it affect the outcome ? Should I change the daily dose too ?

Could Lithium prevent or hinder healing of gastritis? If so, would a delayed release version be more appropriate? Or could other precautions be taken

Could long term co codamol use ( 2 years of between 4-6 500/8 tablets daily) cause pain sensitivity to increase ?

Dear sir, some student is low in reading and lessoning, dose it belongs to their stomach.

Dehydrated, fever 100.2 lithium inc. to 1200mg 4 days ago. toxic before on this dose 1.4. RN Retrying therapy. Is fever concerning?

Delayed sleep syndrome, 29 female, PhD student, taking melatonin 300mcg at 8PM daily for last 3months, its working but any long term use side effects?

Dentist took X-ray of tooth plus 3D same side. Said low dose machine. Had vest pulled up as high as possible. Radiation risk?

Do vitamin b complex & B12 energize or relax a person? ...I've heard both! and how would this effect dosing times (upon waking vs close to bedtime)?

Do you recommend that individuals (8 year old boy) taking strattera (atomoxetine) have occasional blood tests to check liver functioning?

Doctor changed Actrapid R to Mixtard 30 HM, which I believe is a medium acting insulin. What changes might I expect? Should I be careful abt anything?

Does a person's weight influence the dosage of daily aspirin?

Does amoxicillin increase the effects of the sun or does one need to be more protective of a child who is taking it?

Does an individuals body weight account for determining a beginning dose of xanax (alprazolam)?

Does coq10 contribute to adding energy level if taken for long time let's say about 6-7th months?

Does dividing subcutaneous 12.5 mg methotrexate dose into am and pm dose lose its effectiveness? Can it help reduce that terrible brain fatigue?

Does eating a meal alter the effects of abilify (aripiprazole)? Such as the 3-5 hour peak plasma levels, half-life, receptor binding, efficacy, kinetics? Curious...

Does fluoxetine give you energy or is it just a myth? Or does it vary? Would it give you more energy if you took more? Hypothetically of course.

Does mirtazapine only become dangerous if u have prolonged qt to start with my last qt was 434 prior to starting?

Does moderate weightlifting (lifting 70 -- 80 percent of my normal weights) have any effect on rabies vaccine I am currently taking?

Does prescription strength acid reflux medication take away calcium from your body?Some patients are stating that their teeth become brittle, i'm worry

Does prozac (fluoxetine) help heal the brain(like wound healing!!) from depression, or does it only work as a temporary mask? (when prescribed for 6 + months.)

Does Seroquel (quetiapine) (25 - 50 milligrams) or using diphenhydramine significantly affect muscle growth in a negative way?