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A dr prescribed sumoxil drops for my 1 yr old. Bt the pharmacy told me that it is no longer available in the market. What alternatives does this have?

A OTC drug named as revital is being sold in our country, I mean india. The drug has gensing extract in it, can u please tell me about what gensing is?

Actually i'm from malaysia. I want to look for probiotic supplements high in bifidus factor that are available in malaysia. Can anyone help me? Thanks

Any good commercially available halloween treats for child with celiac disease?

Anybody know when nasacort (triamcinolone) aq will be on the shelfs for OTC sales? Website says spring, but walmart has shelf reserved. Anybody know specific date?

Anyone know what is a reliable distributor to order prescriptions from in canada?

Aphthasol (amlexanox) was discontinued, any idea why and any advises where it can be purchased from?

Approx how many years will it take for a experimental cancer drug(ima901) beginning from phase-3 to clinically available in market for patients use?

Are there any drug and alcohol treatment centers available at no cost?

Are Bepotastine and Mequitazine available OTC? If not, would a doctor prescribe them for chronic urticaria upon request?

Are melatonin supplements available in greece without a prescription?

Are most vaccines easily available?

Are online pharmacies where the drugs come from mumbai and are half the price of elsewhere safe?

Are shoes of asics good for flat feet coz this international brand is only available in india & skechers too are available?

Are the medications in barbados as safe and effective as in the usa?

Are there any reliable anti-anxiety supplements available?

Are there any widely available aftershaves that contain androstenol's? Answer please!

Are there available medicines that could dissolve fibroids?

Are there medications available for hydrocephalus?

Benadryl is not available in my country. (Hungary). I would like to find similar sedative medicines that help me relax and fall asleep. What are the alternative options?

Besides procainamide what substitutions are available?

Best brand for tetracycline tablets ( for tropical sprue) available in india and its required dosage??

Can anyone suggest Beano kind of Antigas pills in India?

Can cosmetics from asia sold in france contain lead? Or should I wait and buy them back in the usa?

Can dermazinc spray be ordered in canada?

Can i come to america for a treatment not available in my country ?

Can i find pedialyte in europe pharmacies? Is there any other alternative please? Thanks

Can I get cheap iressa (gefitinib)?

Can I take oral antihistamine with me on international trip in unopened box?

Can I use a commercial spgt kits available in the market for someone diagnosed with fish blood?

Can online prescriptions from doctors in external countries be used to obtain prescription drugs from a local pharmacy?

Can someone tell me if orudis kt is available?

Can there be any doctors in india who would prescribe me somatropin?

Can u tell me the name of poison which is easily available in market can cause death and not detectable.....

Can you please tell me any pharmacy that can deliver non prescription dialyvite or prorenal multivitamin in UK. ?

Can you provide an update: teva, xenon receives us fda orphan drug status for pain rx, tv-45070 (for erythromelalgia). When available? An ointment?

Can you tell me how I could buy novantrone (chemotherapy drug) online, or from other sources in north america?

Can you tell me how I could order an OTC medication I purchased in spain for delivery to my home in california?

Can you tell me how I could order dermazinc spray in canada?

Can you tell me of an indomethacin topical formulation available in the market preferably in gel form?

Can you tell me the names of health care institutions or pharmacies known for compounding voriconazole 1% eye drops solution ?

Colon dr wrote me diltiazem gel in petroleum base 2% but pharmacies never heard of this drug. Is this available or need to be compounded?Any feedback

Could you explain what is new medicine for schizophrenia available on the market today?

Could you give me the generic names for varilix & pronix(or prolix) vaccines given in india?

Could you tell me if (brand name) lortab 10/325 is now available?

Could you tell me what are all the current illegal drugs available in north america?

Dear doctor, i suffering peyronie's disease last 1& 1/2 year. Is verapamil gel effective & is this gel available in india. Thanks.?

Dear Nath, I was taking testosterone deficiency treatment in Singapore. I was undergoing this treatment for about 5 years in Singapore. I had moved to USA recently and before moving to USA, my Singapore doctor prescribed me to take Nebido injection one v

Do endarterectomies work and are they availablein uk?

Do pharmacies carry endocets?

Do you know if insulin tablets are available in india?

Do you know if there are any of the popular widely used anti-anxiety meds available over the counter?

Do you need a prescript to buy insulin needles here in north america?

Doctor suggested for glitaris 15 mg. Now the drug is not available in retail in india. What is the replacement?

Doctors, i have heard that male contraceptive injection is available which is to be injected annually. Is it available and what are its pros and cons.

Doctors, what are the best ankle supports available in the market?

Does a us prescription valid in Australia?

Does Kenacomb cream contain cortisone in every country it is sold in? Egypt for example? I was told it didn't by a pharmacist and it was ok 4 nappy ra

Does Pex-2 from India contain 2 mg of benzodiazepine?

Does sumoxil drops have an alternative? Because a pharmacist told me it is no longer available in the market.

For what reason has adocoryl in orabase mouth gel been discontinued in europe but not usa<australia new zealand etc?

Gabapentin is OTC in south africa. Along with other meds that are restricted elsewhere. Any idea why?

Has the lyrica patent expired? Is it available as generic now? I see online advertising for "pregabid" which apparently contains pregabalin.

Hello sir ........ Is glutathione pills is safe...For skin whitning ..? If not then please suggest me any drug which is available in india

Hello, are you available at the moment?

Hello, I´m located in Mexico City, my doctor here in Mexico prescribed me a medicine that is not sold here, can you help me having an online call and ?

Hi , I'm looking ointment wartec here in my country , however I can not find to treat hpv , I wonder if there are some ointment to be indicated in the?

Hi docs, is it true that pulmonary surfactants are available commercially?

Hi, Please help me in knowing the name for a substitute of the drug Invokana. This medicine is available only in some countries yet!! Thanks...

How can a MS sufferer living in a country where MS drugs are not available get treatment?

How can I buy cancer drug xalcori in us using prescription from germany? Patient is in germany and can’t come to us. I can make verified translation.

How do I change the state for the pharmacy Selection?

How long will it take for an artificial pancreas to be publicly available?

How will I be notified if a kidney is available?

How would get used to being a civilian again after combat?

I am originaly from europe. There I use vibrocil nasal drops and i know they are not sold in us. Is there a similar ingredient alternative solution?

I contacted by gyn to request a prescription for primutal (n) to delay my period and they were unaware of this. I am in the usa, is this available to me?

I counsalted a doctor in thailand he prescribed Eletriptan(Relpax).this is not available in my country bangladesh.what other medicine can I try?

I had got pantodac in india which my doc had prescribed. Is the same tablet available in the usa? I live here at present and recently ran out of them

I had the vaccine years ago and it was fantastic. Is it available now, maybe in a different form?

I have a friend who was treated in france with a medication named gestrinone. Is this available in the united states, and how does this work on endometriosis?

I have a U.S prescription for fertility medication and want to save money and buy in Europe. if I see a doc in Europe will they prescribe?

I heard about home phenylalanine meter for PKU patients. Could you please advise if that is available commercially? What's the name of that product?TY

I live in texas is it now illegal for a doctor too give a patient a handwritten prescription to take to the pharmacy?

I live in UK, been given Domperidone 10mg for stomach nausea, read online it is banned in USA by FDA in your opinions is it a dangerous drug?

I need advice but there arent any doctors available near me and this is cheaper?

I need to find out whether doctors in the united states are using velcade (bortezomib).?

I urgently need morning after pil but i'm in dubai where it is not available. What oral contraceptives effective and safe to take that are available?

I want to be fair..Well i used so many products available in market but i don't think that is working. So can u suggest me plz?

I want to treat my family for tapeworms etc. What medicine should I look for at the local pharmacy that would be used for this?

I wanted to know is cipro (ciprofloxacin) XR available in india? How do I find out?

I wonder why lumbar disc transplant is not available in the states just like germany?

I'm rene jaimes, not understanding what the drug compounding pharmacy where i pick it up please can you explain asap thanks?

If diagnosed in europe or canada. could i use these diagnostic results in the United States for medication or diagnostics?

In 1970s daraprim (pyrimethamine) was available in india.What's alternative now?

In france we prescribe vitamin for every infant. Do you in usa ?

In my country i used to have bowel movement every morning.after residing in USA(2 weeks already) i have it once in 2 days.will it be regulated?

Indonesia and south east asia mom's prefer formula milk for their toddler. And you can find so many brand in the market. Is this common in the state.?

Is alprostadil cream available online?

Is amoxicillin sold over-the-counter in other countries?