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A drug to reduce the activity of acetylcholinesterase.?

Addictive properties. Is this the case, or is nicotine itself a cancer causing agent, what to do?

Anti rejection drugs from heart transplant, can this cause personality change?

Any reason why am i resistant to ketamine?

Apart from nsaids, what are some examples of nephrotoxic drugs? Also is fluoxetine nephrotoxic?

Are antihistamines considered immunosuppressive drugs?

Are there any approved drugs to treat chronic hepatitis b?

Are there any promising drugs out there to reverse steroid myopathy? Or is the treatment just exercise

Are there non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to treat diabetic nephropathy?

Aside from ara-c, what alternative drugs are currently used for leukemia?

Best drug for lung pseudomonas for patient with pensyln, allergy?

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Can cerebral angiitis be treated effectively with anti-inflammatory drugs?

Can certain types of alcohol effect epilepsy more than others?

Can drug induced lupuus cause alopecia?

Can drug induced neuropathy be cured? e.g. Drugs like methotrexate can cause polyneuropathy of feet. Can it be cured?

Can i take my two different anti rejection drugs at the same time?

Can people take rituximab drug as a treatment of mmn disease alongside IVIg drug as the doctor described and what are the side effects ?

Can someone give me a brief definition of anti - angiogenesis drugs?

Can the anti-body drug tocilizumab also prevent osteoarthritis?

Can there be some kind of chemical formula for chemotherapy drugs?

Can we mix steroids and antiviral drugs?

Can you help me with the pharmacological toxicology of 5 flurouracil?

Can you tell me about a drug trial for toccilizumab with methotrexate had liver problems?

Can you tell me about drugs "encephabol"..what function and to treat what?

Can you tell me about drugs encephabol..what function and to treat what?

Can you tell me about drugs lists used by diabetes patients?

Can you tell me natural drugs for type-2 diadetes?

Can you tell me what juvenile drug rehabis like?

Chemotherapy - can the drugs effect those around me and what can I do to protect them?

Could anti-cancer drugs be derived from sea-sponges?

Did anyone on a drug trial for toccilizumab with methotrexate had liver problems?

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Does a person who had a bone graft have to take anti rejection drugs?

Does amphotericin have antiviral properties?

Does fatty liver affect drug efficacy or how well a patient responds to medications?

Does immunotherapy involve antitoxins?

Does TGF Beta Biomarker helps with diagnosis of what trigger cyclic thrombocytopenia in adult men with no drug and medication use ?

Expert opinions? Which drugs should be avoided in pseudocholinesterase deficiency?

Has Levaquin, or any fluoroquinolone med, ever been used as a chemotherapy drug?

Heard of drug induced autoimmune hepatitis?

Hello which of the following drugs help with suppresses heart rhythms ? A) diuretic b) steroid/anti -inflammatory

Help please! what drug classification would inhalants fall under?

Help! Is "corticosteroid" a drug classification?

Help! need to know if there's such a thing as an anti-ab antibody, or are there just anti-a and anti-b?

Hi.. What is the best drugs, pencillamin or trientine for wilson's disease?

How can antihistamine drugs affect the inflammatory immune response?

How can you treat drug induced lupus?

How could a drug inhibitor be useful in treating cancer?

How could a medication that causes vasodilation affect a patients response to iv?

How dangerous is exposure to cytotoxic drugs?

How do drugs target specific muscles? (for example bladder medications)

How do multiple drug resistant plasmids arise?

How do the various NSAIDS compare in their anticoagulant properties?

How does a procainamide challenge?

How does sandostatin (octreotide) react with medications?

How effective are immunosuppressive drugs for treating autoimmune hepatitis?

How immunosuppressive drug works in our body?

How risky is aminosentis?

How should the drug methotrexate affect the cells of the body regarding treatment of arthritis?

How to differentiate between the causative agents of uti and causative agents of diarrohea?

I am an intravenous drug user, am I more susceptible to getting endocarditis?

I have heard from a specialist that Hydroxychloriquine is a very gentle drug the weakest and safest of all drugs for Discoid Lupus that rhuematologists use. ,and is not an immunosuppressive so won't affect immune system .Very effective for DLE.True?

I'm on drug trial for toccilizumab with methotrexate, what to do about liver problems?

Im allergic to my anti epilepsy drugs. What are my other options?

Iron chelation drugs causing a rash. Are there alternative drugs?

Is CNS vasculitis treatable with medication?

Is corticosteroid a drug classification? Please advise!

Is dermatitis caused by doing drugs? Please advise!

Is diphenhydramine a type of anti inflamatory drug?

Is Dress syndrome caused by just 1 drug or is it caused by multiple drugs at once?

Is drug induced eps treatable?

Is eczema an auto immune response? If so can drugs such as methotrexate and tnf blockers aid in the treatment of extreem cases?

Is it possible for cisplatin to carry out alkylating reactions?

Is it possible to recieve another chemotherapy drug if a person has a reaction to a certain chemo drug?

Is marijuana in the body can be cured by anti coagulant?

Is method of administration a factor in drug allergy?

Is methotrexate considered an immunosuppressive? Am I more susceptible to communicative illness on this drug?

Is the low cost biosimilar drugs as effective as original biologics to treat autoimmune diseases?

Is there a drug or treatment for formication?

Is there any history on the drug simvastin and hypersensitivity pneumonitis?

Is there any relationship between chemotherapeutic agents and antimicrobial agents? Are chemotherapeutic agents in any way related to antimicrobials?

Name the etiologic agents of syphillis?

Other then ara-c, what other drugs are currently used for leukemia?

Please let me know if there is any drug that can be used as a mydriatic in old patient but should be avoided by others?

Please suggest what type of drugs are considered a non narcotic?

Please what malaria drugs are classified as corrective and preventive drugs. Please give example?

Plz names the drugs which are more prone to cause adrs...

Rehabilation possible after curing the drug resistant brain tuberculoses?

Synthetic drugs to treat diabetes?

The causitive agent of enterotoxicosis is what?

The first effective anti tuberculosis chemotherapeutic agent developed for use with humans was what?

What are anti-diabetic agents?

What are anti-thrombotic agents? Examples?

What are examples of parkinsonism drugs?

What are immunosuppressive drugs? Why they are used?

What are risks of drug resistant malaria?

What are some different types of ACE inhibitor medications?

What are some drugs that are closely related to penicillin and sulfonamides?

What are some examples of enzyme-inducing drugs?