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A doc has prescribed 6x500 azythromicin for strep A. as a med student inever heard of such a dosage. Please advise should I seek a2nd opinionopinion. ?

Answers on HealthTap are not intended for individual diagnosis, treatment or prescription. ?

Answers on healthtap are not intended for individual diagnosis, treatment or prescription. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call 911?

Any doctor prescribe gnrh in ny? Can someone help me to locate a obgyn in ny who prescribe gnrh in ny?

Are emergency room and general practice doctors qualified to prescribe psychiatric medications?

Are anti-aging clinics licensed and monitored in anyway?

Are doctors allowed to prescribe you placebo pills without your knowledge?

Are nurse practioners allowed to prescribe acne medication?

Are people ever denied treatment for Suboxone when they are referee there by there physician?

Are psychiatrist legally allowed to prescribe flexerill?

Are the dosages of B12 injections available over-the-counter in medical spas lower than that prescribed by pcp?

Are there any legal drugs that do what marijuana does in palliative care?

Are there any restrictions to what type of meds this service can prescribe?

Are there legal drugs that do what marijuana does in palliative care?

Are there official recommendations for treating bullying?

Are there official recommendations for treating gynecomastia?

Are you able to prescribe tramadol through this website for sciatica?

Are you able to see patients and do med management online?

Buspirone given as a physicians prescription for 2x's daily. I will do this. As a point aside, would this medication work on a "as needed" basis?

By law, how often is a physician supposed to see their patient while prescribing them narcotics (morphine, fentanyl etc..) in California?

Can a pharmacist get fired if they refuse to give certain kinds of medications to their patients?

Can a 16 yr old get a drug prescribed to her without parents knowing?

Can a community psychatric nurse stop medication if a patient refuses treatment and they are on a shared care performer?

Can a community psychatric nurse stop medication if their patient refuses treatment and they are on a shared care performer?

Can a CRNA prescribe medications or open up their own practice?

Can a doctor dismisses me from his practice with no reasons given?He's had me on three different narcotics for 12yrs.Now no dr.Will write me these, why

Can a doctor from Healthtap put me on an anti-depressant therapy?

Can a doctor legally prescribe a placebo?

Can a doctor prescrib something and tell the patient it's for something else? My elderly aunt has been prescribed an anti-depressant, but the doctor told her it was pain medicine. She has rejected anti-depressants in the past and still does. The doctor

Can a doctor prescribe meds to a patient if he doesn't believe he/she really has an illness to placate them?

Can a doctor prescribe narcotics to a mental ill person?

Can a family dr prescribe trenbolene?

Can a psychologist who has a ph.D prescribe medicine in some states in the u.S.?

Can any doctor prescribe Misoprostol and Mifepristone? Or do you have to go to a specialized clinic?

Can any doctor prescribe Suboxone for opioid dependence treatment or do you have to go to a special clinic or doctor?

Can anybody buy medicines from medical shop without consulting the doctors? Is this legal who are selling medicines without confirmation of the dr.

Can anyone refer me to a doctor who prescribes antabuse (disulfiram) in ottawa, canada?

Can bromazepam or clonazepam be prescribed online by doctors from healthtap if I am a paying member?

Can doctors of nursing practice prescribe medications?

Can general practitioners write prescriptions for antidepressants?

Can I be diagnosed and prescribed medication for ADHD via prime?

Can I be prescribed marinol if im a minor (under 18) in florida?

Can I order taladafil online or should I ask my doc to prescribe it for me? Why would my doc prescribe cialii instead of taladafil if they are thesame

Can I request a specific medication, such as hydrocodone, from a doctor?

Can it be that a general physician prescribe antipsychotics?

Can licensed social workers perscribe medication?

Can methadone be prescribed by the family physician md?

Can my doctor change my medical prescription for diazepam because he says the treatment is addictive and he/she does not believe in it?

Can my doctor send me my medications to the uk from connecticut? Or am i safer bringing all of my medications with me in my suitcase?

Can my Family Med doc prescribe a narcotic? I have ADD/ADHD and was taking Ateril , but now self employed so no insurance. Can he prescribe?

Can my maintenance meds be prescribed by health tap to express scripts? or will tele med issue scripts for blood psi meds?.

Can nurse practioners (aarn's) prescribe medication?

Can nurse practitioners prescribe medications?

Can pharmacists dispense medical advice or just information?

Can physicians only prescribe controlled-substances if they work in a hospital?

Can the doctors here order test and prescribe medicine?

Can the va prescribe a.D.D medication?

Can you perscribe medicine online?

Can you prescribe any medicine for my to be 16 year old sister?

Can you prescribe for mental conditions?

Can you prescribe meds if needed through this service without having to have a in person appointment?

Can you provide me with common of the ADHD medications available right now?

Can you write an rx for Viagra (sildenafil) on here if the private consult is used and the medicine is needed?

Could a doctor prescribe stimulant drugs without requiring diagnosis first?

Could a doctor tell if you are not filling some of the medications they have written?

Could a general doctor prescribe me psyche meds?

Could a psychologist refuse to provide therapy/counsel to a patient if he refuses to take a drug?

Could all medicines prescribed to you go on shared medical records forever?

Could anyone prescribe Firmagon (degarelix) to someone in Australia. Dont ask why. Just prescribe please. Thanks. Urgent.

Could general practitioners prescribe Accutane in canada?

Could i order mirapex (pramipexole) online without a prescription?

Could medical assistants give a Narcan (naloxone) injection?

Could one of the doctors on this app please prescribe me acne pills. I'd be appreciated. ?

Could you give me a list of medication that i can buy online to treat my fear of social situations and reluctance to enter them?

Could you tell me what is the rationale for requiring a prescription for a cpap?

Do all doctors know how to tell which drug combinations are safe or not. If so, is that taught in medical school?

Do dentists have access to prescription history? My dentist was deciding a med to prescription me and mentioned rxs i took in the past that had 0 to do with my treatment.

Do doctors have to keep colleagues drug use confidential?

Do doctors/pharmacists/pain clinics or fda or other agency find out if patient are abusing rxs?

Do hospitals report you to the authorities if you were admitted because of illegal drug usage?

Do I need a doctor to prescribe or order pt?

Do I need a prescription for anti-gas medicine under United healthcare community plan?

Do licensed clinical social workers prescribe med?

Do many people have a drug screening done occupational medicine services or clinics?

Do the doctors at health tap prescribe medication?

Do the health tap doctors prescribe meds for ADHD if needed?

Do you know that this complete treatment programs is good for addiction patients of percocet medication?

Do you think a doctor would prescribe me a narcotic over the phone?

Do you think I should report my friend for giving prescription medication to friends?

Doctor perscribed that I go for rehabilitation using magnetotherapy. What is that?

Doctor prescribed that I go for rehabilitation using magnetotherapy, what is this for?

Does a doctor have some type of obligation to make sure a patient understands the reason of prescribing a drug like benzo or antidepressant and agrees?

Does a physician (MD) have to know most of the medication and the types of medicines to prescribe to the patient?

Does anyone have any info about borrowing medication?

Does anyone know of any prescription drug assistance programs?

Does the hospital have to tell a potential employer about a certain prescription drug i'm taking i go to a methadone clinic, i don't do drugs or anything illeagle i just want to know when the hospital finds methadone in my system as long as I have a note

Explain about telemedicine use on reservations?

Explain please telemedicine and equipments used for telemedicine?

Generally speaking. With this service, can you prescribe antibiotics to be purchased in Finland?

Has anyone had to have a drug screening done by job occupational medicine?