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ANY relief for intense eczema? No RX cream works. Tried many alternatives. Suspect med is causing escasberation. Dr. won't take me off offending rx

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Every medicine for my stomach burning I have tried doesn't work I have tried over counter an proscriptions. Nexum helps some but its to expensive help?

For mild hemorrhoid, what other effective prescription or OTC medicines you recommend for your patients that are not steroid based medicine. Thanks

Had an headache for three weeks with no help with the over-the-counter medicines please help. What should I do?

Help! need to know if there's any OTC medicine that is similar or works like fluconazole?

Help! need to know if there's OTC medicine like fluconazole?

Hi, what would u recommend to treat pinworm in adults? Now that vermox is no longer available, what is the most effective drug of choice? Either Over the counter or rx?

Hi! Pretty sure I have a yeast infection. No health insurance to get prescription medication. Will OTC medicines do the trick/which one? Pill > Cream

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How long do I continue with the mediocre over-the-counter treatment for lice? Why don't doctors want to prescribe ovide? I

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How to obtain an OTC medication i used in spain this year?

I cannot use dextromethorphan due to other medication i take. Is there any prescription orover the counter cough suippressant i can take?

I have bad swelling when taking OTC or prescription anti- inflammitories. What could be used instead? Ideas?

I have common colds, cough and TMJ dysfunction. there are different over-the-counter and prescription drugs that i should take, is it safe?

I have eczema and was prescribed medication and cream can you recommend any thing else to me such as food or other medication?

I have had diarrhea for 4 days. I have tried over-the-counter medicine with no results, what else should I do?

I have toenail fungus and there are no laser treatments available in my area and i don't want to take an oral med. What is the best OTC option?

I have very persistent acne. Tried prescription and over the counter meds and creams. What now?

I think I have pinworms. Is there any harm in using OTC treatment without a formal diagnosis?

I think my 9 yr old daughter has pinworms. Do i need to take her to pediatrician or can I give her OTC medication?

I was prescribed some antihistamines and over-the-counter decongestants.. is it serious?

I was told that over the counter drugs are not recommended to treat baby cold.why is this?

I was wondering what are some over-the-counter meds containing analegics benzocaine?

If I have a hemirroid should I see a doctor or can I treat with otc?

If I have pinworms, should I also treat my 2-year old with OTC meds, even if she doesn't show symptoms?

If you don't have any medications, to avoid Throat infection. What can you buy (at the pharmacy) or do?

Im here in ksa, its been a week now im suffering from hemorrhoids, can you please help what should I do and what OTC medications I should use? Thank you

In which developed countries is pinworm medicine over-the-counter?

Is it possible to by oxytocin over the counter?

Is melatonin a prescription or over-the-counter medication?

Is prescription medicine for pinworms better than over-the-counter medicine?

Is there a drug sold over the counter that can help treat a Genitle infection ?

Is there a over-the-counter amoxicillin in the usa or a drug over the counter. That does the same thing?

Is there a over-the-counter amoxicillin in the usa or a drug over the counter. That does the same thing?

Is there a over-the-counter treatment for ringworm so I don't have to pay my doctor for a rx?

Is there a prescription ear drop or cream that can treat/cure labrynthitis ? My doc prescribed meclizine and xanax (alprazolam). Any natural remedies?

Is there a such thing as prescription allergy medication?

Is there an approved OTC allergy medication for my 18month daughter?

Is there an OTC metronidazole oral alternative ?

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Is there any allergy medication over-the-counter that's worth buying?

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