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The doctor said my liver isinflamed and I have high enzymes levels Could this be because of regular use of weed? will weed show in a blood test?

Alcohol test after blood donation. Does, alcohol test by exhalation valid, 7 hours after donating blood?

Any follow up tests necessary if your GGT is keep coming high and you dont drink alcohol?

Anyone have experience with urine alcohol tests? Same as blood alcohol?

Approximately how much water should I drink to pass a drug test?

Are there any positive effects of having a few drinks daily?

Blood alcohol 129mg is that bad? Is it passed the legal limit?

Blood in bowels, is it because of alcohol?

Blood test said I had high uric acid. I was told come back after 3 months for blood test (no alcohol or red meat). Will one night out affect it much?

Can 2 cups of coffee (as a diuretic) reduce hCG enough to cause a false negative blood pt at 11 weeks?

Can a amp energy drink fail a urine test?

Can a detox drink make you clean for urine test?

Can a hair follicle test for alcohol provide proof of complete abstinence?! I had a couple of beers and a little tequila 2 months ago.

Can a person dilute blood by drinking too much water to actually make their kidney function appear better than it actually is?any more accurate tests

Can a pregnancy test still give you a right result after drinking alcohol?

Can alcohol abuse cause someone to start coughing up blood?

Can alcohol affect a 24 hour urine test?

Can alcohol cause you to spit up blood?

Can alcohol seen in blood test after 32 hours?

Can all types of alcohol set off etg/ets test? Or just ethanol alcohol?

Can antabuse (disulfiram) affect alcohol test results?

Can cool mint listerine (21.6% alcohol) cause a false bac reading in intoxalock breathalyzers?

Can drink coffee before blood test cause elevated alt?

Can drinking "smart water" or water with electrolyes that is carbonated before a full blood lipid panel/blood work alter results?

Can drinking a few glasses of water but holding it in for a few hours give you a false negative on a pregnancy test but 5 weeks along. ?

Can drinking alcohol affect a kidney blood test?

Can drinking alcohol affect a pap smear?

Can drinking alcohol after a TB skin test do any harm?

Can drinking alcohol before a brain MRI cause false results?

Can drinking alcohol before a semen analysis affect the result?

Can drinking alcohol cause blood in urine?

Can drinking carbonated water cause elevated CO2 in the blood? Elevated (31 to 33) levels for several months.

Can drinking pop cause an elevation in CRP blood test levels? How much would you have to drink and how much would it be affected?

Can drinking too much water affect a doctors pregnancy test?

Can GGT test results be effected by medication or alcohol?

Can having a glass of wine at night affect blood test the next morning?

Can hypoglycemia make me test positive for alcohol urine test? Probation said i tested positive for alcohol. I have not drank! the morning of the test, i had a seizure.Also, i'm hypoglycemic so i drank orange juice and ate a honey bun. I was having troubl

Can I do a pregnancy test while im drinkng alcohol?

Can i drink alcohol before i fast for a blood test?

Can i drink alcohol if I have a blood test tomorrow?

Can i drink alcohol the night before a cholesterol blood test?

Can i drink alcohol with a TB test in my arm?

Can i drink decaf tea before glucose level testing?

Can i drink some milk with medicines before fasting (blood) labs. I am having some fasting blood tests done today. I am told to take my medicine with milk. Is it ok to drink 1/2 cup with my medicines. *i have been told before to always drink milk with me

Can i pass a ethyl glucuronide test in under five days after drinking?

Can regular blood tests pick up on alcohol drinking?

Can taking baking soda help pass urine test for alcohol?

Can taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) affect the results of your blood alcohol content breathalyzer test.?

Can u take a hiv test on same day that u have consumed 5 glass of wine ? Will it affect results?

Can you detect alcohol in you urine from a liquor base sauce?

Can you drink alcohol before a blood test?

Can you drink alcohol while on methotrexate? And how often do you need to get blood work done while on it?

Can you let me know how many hours before my drug test should I drink the detox drink?

Can you please tell me which tranquilizer is OK to take after drinking alcohol. I have drank wine and my blood pressure increased . Please help?

Can you point me towards research or textbook material that shows that drinking alcohol before taking a liver enzymes test will elevate the enzymes?

Can you test positive for alcohol if you take a alcohol free cough syrup?

Could drinking alcohol affect the results of a pregnancy test?

Could drinking alcohol the night before a blood test raised liver enzymes?

Could drinking kombucha tea once, day before blood work was done, raised my GGT to 157 following day?

Could drinking the night before taking a blood pressure test effect the results?

Could drinking too much alcohol and throwing up four times cause creatine blood test to be elevated three days later?

Could i drink alcohol before a blood test?

Could I drink alcohol when on blood thinners?

Could i pass a drug test by drinking a lot of water?

Could routine blood test results affected by drinking alcohol the night before?

Could someone possibly drink without any negative effects on the health?

Could someones blood alcohol level be manipulated by eating?

DHEA-can it cause a +etg alcohol result?

Do creatinine pills help for dilute specimen etg? Have not drank alcohol not cheating test I drink to many fluids such as coffee and water random test

Do you think I should drink alcohol the day before a blood test?

Does alcohol affect a blood test?

Does alcohol get broken down into peptides?

Does alcohol show on cholesterol test ?

Does caffeine affect any blood tests?

Does cirrhosis effect the outcome of a breathalyzer test after consuming alcohol?

Does drinking 2 liters of water before blood tests affect the results? If so, by how much?

Does drinking alcohol affect the results of a pregnancy test? Since drinking alcohol affects the placenta which affects the hcg hormone?

Does drinking alcohol before a semen analysis ok?

Does drinking alcohol before taking a male fertility test change the result?

Does drinking alcohol cause blood in urine?

Does drinking alcohol the night before a drug test affect the testing?

Does drinking alcohol thin your blood?

Does drinking liqeuor before a yeast test effect thd outcome?

Does drinking lots of Coffee or anything else affect à blood pregnancy test ? Thank you.

Does hypoglycemia affect blood alcohol tests? or BAC?

Does phentermine incease blood alcohol levels and does it have any effect on the results of a breathalyzer?

Does red wine vinegar cause positive etg tests?

Does sugar in urine make you test positive for alcohol?

Does using furosemide have any benefit in passing an etg alcohol urine test?

Does wiping ethyl alcohol in vagina after cut cause alcohol absorption? Worried as I am 30 weeks pregnant and did this.

Drank three beers last night this morning I have a urine drug test. Will i pass?

Drinking alcohol a day before analysis, does it affect the results?

Drinking alcohol a day before analysis, does it affects the result?

Endoscopy clear, US clear. Heavy binge drinker daily for one year. Now bloods showing low hemogoblin ? Can alcohol abuse cause this ?

Feeling occasional pain in kidney. Used Accutane for 6 months. Blood test good for HCG and related. Never drank alcohol. ?

For how many hours can alcohol be detected in blood after drinking vodka?

Had a bottle of wine the night before, would this cause the reading liver test results to be high?

Had a miscarriage , what can I drink to rebuild blood?

Had alcohol last night forgot I have blood work this morning to c if I have rheumatoid arthritis/lupus. will the alcohol inhibit the tests results?

Had blood and urine test done came back pos 39percent alcohol, i haven't drank in 22 yrs. Dr thinks im an alcoholic, why'd this happen. So very upset.