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Ablendazole what is this for?

Albendazole - suitable for children with threadworm?

Anthelmintics albendazole or mebendazole are used for pinworms?

Any drug to treat the tape worm infection?

Brain tapeworm, allergic to flagyl, has Crohn's as well. Expelled live worms after 1 month albendazole, is there a better treatment? How to eradicate?

But im starting to itch from pinworms again & i just now saw eggs for the 1st time in a few days.Its been 10 days since 1st dose albenza (albendazole).Is it ok?

Can i deworm without doctor's advice?

Can i take anthelmintics (mebendazole 500mg) when I am on accutane?

Can i take ib proufin while i'm on albenza (albendazole) and be ok ?

Can i take mebendazole for 7 days concecutive....

Can i take probiotics and albenza (albendazole) at the same time while treating pinworm infection ?

Can I use flebendazola to treat possible parasites?

Can one take amoxicillin and albenda and prazi? Not all at once, but in the same day at different times?

Can pinworms become resistent to mebendezanole??

Can Reece's Pinworm medication be taken weekly instead of every 2 weeks?

Can scabies supplements ease pinworm symptoms?

Can tape worms be trated with doxycycline? Am already taking it as an anti malarial-am in se asia. Think might have tape worms, do I need other meds?

Can you get mebendazole over the counter?

Can you tell me how to tell my mam I have threadworms?

Could albendazole 200mg kill any pinworms that's may be in your nose or mouth?

Could I have pinworms if I have normal poop but my 5 year old had pinworms? Should I take the med anyway?

Could Pin-X Oral medicine works for the pinworm and tapeworm treatement?no sideeffects?explain me the way i took the medicine

Dear sir, what is difference between Flagyl and Vermox?

Deworming medecine for all worms?

Did anyone ever taken ovex or prispen during pregnancy to treat threadworms?

Differernt doses of mebendazole and albendazole.

Do pinworms/threadworms ever become tolerant pyrantel pamoate?

Do you know if there are dissolveable tablets to treat threadworm?

Do you need a prescription to get Ivermectin or mebendazole, or any other antibiotics that kill pinworms? Australia.

Does albendazole kills pinworms?

Does albendazole rid of vaginal pinworms or does it only work for the intestines?

Does albenza (albendazole) get rid of roundworms, possibly from a cat, as well as pinworms?

Does mebendezanole kill immature pinworms 2 stop the cycle. I am aware it does not kill the eggs. Just need some reassurance treatment will work??

Does pinworm medication kill immature worms too, if i ingested eggs after first treatment will the 2nd treatment kill a lll???????

Does pyrantel work for pinworms?

For how long can vertigo last if its cause by a drug to kill round worm?

For what worms is pyrantel for deworming?

Having trouble finding mebendazole at pharmacies lately for treating pinworms, is there a generic alternative which is inexpensive? Ivermectin dose?

Help please? What is the correct dosage of stromectol (ivermectin) for scabies?

Hi, I have a 16 month old who had been dealing with symptoms of pinworm. Reese was not effective. How long does albenza (albendazole) take to work?

Hi! I have pinworms, I took mebendazole 3 times (not at the same day) and I still have them. Should I use Black Walnut Hull? Is it really works?

Hi. I am 11 weeks pregnant and have somehow contracted pinworms. Can I safely take pyrantel pamoate and repeat at 2 weeks? Thanks.

How can I know if I have a tapeworm? If i so, how do you treat it?

How can I tell if I have pinworms and can I treat it myself?

How can pinworm be resistant to mebendezanole?

How do you treat a child with pinworms?

How does a person take ivermectin?

How effective is albenza (albendazole) for pinworms?

How long after albenza (albendazole) can I start taking over-the-counter pin x for reassurance i've gotten rid of pinworms?

How long after taking mebendolze worm treatment can I try for a baby?

How long after taking stromectol (ivermectin) am I contagious?

How long am i to see pinworms in my stool after second dose of albenza (albendazole). It's been two weeks? Are they dead worms? How do I know?

How long does albenza (albendazole) take to kill pinworms?

How long does it take for albenza (albendazole) to start working on a 10 year old for pinworms?

How long does it take for Vermox to kill pinworms with only 2 tablets?

How long does it take for Vermox to kill pinworms?

How long does it take your body to rid of pinworms after taking albenza (albendazole)?

How long does the stomach caused by pinworms last after taking vermox?

How long does ZENTEL take to kill the worm? my doctor prescribed me only one zentel dose.

How long is one dose of albenza (albendazole) active and work to kill worms in the body?

How long should it take mebendazole to kill threadworms (pinworms) after taking first dose?

How many days it take to get ride of pin worm after repeated albendazole 400mg for the 3rd week?

How many tablet of albendazol 400mg I should take to get rid of intestinal pinworm infection?

How many times can I take mebendazole, if I already took 3x1 dose for the prescription. (like weeks after) but I still have worm infection?

How often must i deworm?

How often we should take Albendazol?

How soon after taking albenza (albendazole) do pinworms die?

How successful is taking albendazole against pinworm?

How to know if you have a tapeworm and what testes to take and what to do?

How to treat ascaris lumbes?

How to use praziquantel 4 tapeworm?

I am 22(m).What are the treatments for pinworms?

I am planning to be father but I am suffering from thread worms in my body. Can i take albendazol tablets?

I believe I have pinworms, and I have had for years now. What should I do about them?

I found a pinworm in my 6 month old's diaper. Is there any medication I can give her?

I found out I have pinworms and i took meds for it 2 days ago, but i still have the itching, does this mean i still have them and the med didn't work?

I have a tapeworm and taking praziquantel. When will I see it ?

I have had a roundworm infection for over 3 years. I've tried herbal medicines and ivermectin and fenbendazole and can't shake them? What can I use?

I have pinworms. had albendazole(1 tablet a week) for 5 weeks now. and it's not working. same anal itching .. please what should i do?

I have thread worms in my body. May i take albendazol tablets?

I have worm/ pinworms and taking albendazole, does this work?

I have worms.I lost weight and vitamin D deficiency the last few months.I got prescribed with Albendazole.does that treat both tapeworms and flukes?

I just got pinworm meds. How long will it take for it to work and kill all worms. & what can I do to prevent it from happening again when I have a cat?

I think my doc over prescribed me albenza (albendazole) for pinworms. 2 200mg 2x day for 7 days?? It makes me really ill. I read you take it once then again in 2 wk

I took 1 albenza (albendazole) 5weeks ago 2nd 3werks ago, and reeses a week ago..I would definitely assume the worms are gone but why do I still see it in my stool?

I took Vermox and still have pinworms, i wanted to know if (food grade) dichotomous earth works in humans to kill pinworms?

I treated my daughter with Vermox 3 days ago for threadworms and she still has them?

I want to treat my wife and I for worms. How would I go about getting mebendazol or piperazine? We both eat a lot of meat and have never been treated.

I was diagnosed w/pinworm, about 10 days ago i took my first dose of albenza (albendazole). It still itches sometime but doesn't hurt to pew anymore. Is this normal?

I would like to know what is the proper dosage for taking ivermectin in plain mg. And lbs. Not kg.For nor. Scabies and does it kill eggs?

I've had worms for about 6 moths and I have been taking albenza (albendazole) for the last month for what the doc said was hookworm why can't i get rid of them ?

If I have not seen any dead/live pinworms in stool after mebendezanole dose does this mean I don't have them?

If you take pinworm medicine, and you don't have pinworms, will it cause health problem?

Ill take already mebendazole for ascaris lumbricoides but I have yet roundworm..

Is a 4 month to young to give pinworm medicine?

Is albendazole a good medicine to give my 6 yearwith thread worm?

Is albendazole necessary for pinworm?

Is albendazole suitable for children with roundworm?

Is albendazole ver the counter drug?

Is it normal to see dead worms in your poop and have diarrhea after 2nd dose of albenza (albendazole)..?