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Are motor and verbal tics the most common symptoms of tourette syndrome? Are there any others?

Are motor tics hereditary?

Are shudder attacks like having epilepsy? Or is it like having tic?

Are tourette's syndrome and OCD related in anyway?

As a child i had motor tics. Now I have a vocal tic. Never both at the same time. Is it still considered tourette's?

Can chantix cause tics in someone w tourette's? I read that it releases dopamine.

Can epilepsy be mistaken for tourettes?

Can guanfacine be used for tic disorders?

Can methylphenidate cause tourett like tics?

Can self hugging be a symptom of tourette's?

Can some one help me understand motor tics? How does the brain generate the tics?

Can someone help me with this ocd/tourette's problem? Who can I talk to?

Can tics/Tourette's affect your concussion recovery or make it worse in any way?

Can vocal tic tourette decrease in teenagers?

Can you develop facial tics by purposely twitching for to long?

Can you tell me about tourettes?

Child with multiple motor tics now whisper repeats himself 50-100 time a day. People have said this is a vocal tic. Could he have tourette's?

Concerta causing tic? What should I do?

Could a 1 year old have tourettes?

Could motor and verbal tics be the only symptoms of tourette syndrome?

Could repetitive movements with schizophrenia look like tics?

Could schizophrenia cause tics? I had tics first but then I was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia.

Do all people with ts have associated behaviors in addition to tics?

Do I have a tic disorder if I blink when tired?

Do I have chronic tic disorder or mild tourette's, or are they the same?

Do people with tics feel they have a tic?

Doctors, what is the difference between tourette's and ocd?

Does any one know if there is anything great out there that will stop motor tics?

Does bipolar disease cause tics?

Does bipolar disorder cause facial tics?

Does everyone with motor tics have tourette's?

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Facial tics in a 28 yr female, what to do?

How and when can motor tics occur and recur?

How are tics classified?

How can I be sure my repetitive eye blinking is still a symptom of my Tourette's and not tardive dyskenesia?

How can I distinguish between Tourettes syndrome and a tic disorder?

How can I explain tourette's to a six year old?

How can I manage my nervous tics?

How can I treat motor tics?

How do I stop these annoying motor tics?

How do peoples tics begin when they are developing tourette's syndrome?

How do we know if severe vocal tic tourette is genetic or not?

How do you cope with having tourettes?

How do you deal with / treat tics associated with autism?

How do you treat tics?

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How is tourettes treated?

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How to prevent tourettes's syndrome (tic disorder) which is common in children?

How to stop a tic without creating another tic?

How to tell if I have chronic motor tic disorder or tourettes?

How would I know if I have tourette syndrome tic?

I cannot stop fidgetting! could I have tourettes, chronic tics or something else?

I had some motor tics as a child, but never vocal tics simultaneously. As i got older they switched to vocal only. Mild case. Is it a chronic tic!

I have moderate tourette's disorder how can I control my vocal tic's?

I have nervous tics, they are not involuntary, i can control them if i try. What are treatments? I think it's tourettes, as I've had them for 10 years

I think I have tics and maybe turrets but i'm not sure. I have had my tics for most of my life and sometimes my vocal and motor tics change what is it?

In psychosis, what is the difference between tic and mannerism?

Is a tic different from a compulsive movement caused by ocd?

Is an arm tic a common sign of tourette's syndrome?

Is it normal for people with tourette's syndrome to have violent outbursts instead of vocal or small motor tics?

Is palilalia and multiple motor tics equivalent to tourette syndrome?

Is palilalia more often related to tourette's or autism spectrum? My child has asd and multiple motor tics started palilalia 6+ months ago.

Is there a medication out there i haven't tried to help me with my tourette's syndrome?

Is there a way to relieve my facial tics?

Is there any new researches about vocal tic touratte?

Is there any reliable way to control tics with tourette's?

Is there any treatment for tic tourette syndrom?

Is tourette syndrome and having seizures similar in any way?

Just because a person has severe facial tics, does that mean they have tourrettes as well?

My 10 yrs old, who has ADHD, has motor tics he preforms several times a day. This has been going on for two years. Is tics a mild form of tourettes?

My 9 year old has bipolar, ocd, and tourette's. Treated with .5 risperdone daily. His tics are uncontrollable. What meds/treatments would help?

My brother has tourettes and his tics are happening more often..What does that mean?

My child has had strep. Throat before, and he has tics and/or ocd. Does that mean he has pandas?

My son is 16 yold and has vocal tic tourette is there hope of cure?

Neurologists! ocd, tourette syndrome, migraines, what can I do?

Please tell me, are my many motor tics caused by my OCD and adhd?

Reasons for adult-onset facial tics? No history of medication, no history of tics nor tourette's. Started at age 22

Reverse habit therapy does it work for severe vocal tic tourette?

So i think i might have motor tics from tourettes not too sure is there any way to confirm it?

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What is dopamine? How is it linked to tourettes?

What is the cause of a tic of my lip?