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3 year old son does hand flapping when excited.

5y/o hands shake only when using fine motor skills (writing, assembling LEGOs etc) Are these intention tremors? What should I do about them? Nothing?

7 y/o w/ asd and tic d/o. Flicks fingers (doen't do at his eyes), flicks self and others. How can we tell if this is a tic or stimming?

Are motor skill problems in children caused by something like cp?

Are there any treatments for fine motor impairment?

Autism and hand flapping?

Autism causes hand flapping?

Autistic spectrum 8yr old girl shows myclonic jerking upper body only while awake on video eeg. Same as stereotpyies, autistic stim or flapping?

Can "hand flapping" be from something besides autism?

Can a child have autism if they don't express repetitive movements?

Can boxing lessons help develop hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills?

Can glue ear affect your fine and gross motor skills?

Can hand flapping be a symptom of anything besides autism?

Can second hand smoke be related to learning disabilities?

Can there be anything that can cause clumsiness?

Can you tell me examples of fine motor skills for toddler?

Can you tell me how I could stop autistic type hand flapping/motor movements?

Common causes of a clumsy gait?

Could neurofeedback help with aspergers. specifically motor skills and hand eye coordination?

Could you tell me if someone is just really clumsy is that a sign of dyspraxia?

Do adults with asperger's/autism "coo" and "flap" among other involuntary noises?

Do left-handed people have good hand eye coordination?

Do people on the autistic spectrum have trouble smiling and showing facial emotions?

Do people with asperger's or autism do hand flapping?

Do people with ADHD have hand flapping?

Do people with ADHD have the symptom of hand flapping?

Does every baby that flaps his hands have autism or some other brain problem?

Does neurasthenia cause difficulty with handwriting? Please, need some answers?

Does the hand grasp affected in Erb's palsy?

Dr what are motor problm?

Facial numbness and speech slurred more hand motor skills lost i.e writing, using a spatula,ect. Is there a degenerative disorder that can cause this?

For surgery is it essential to have special dexterity or hand coordination abillities? Do you recommend any exercises?

Hand flapping and crossing eyes. Part of trisomy?

Hand flapping continue in autistic adults?

Hand flapping in adults?

Hello. I have asperger's syndrome and cerebral palsy. I need help with my motor skills. What are some places to learn more motor skills?

How are fine motor skills affected by autism?

How are fine motor skills affected by intelligence?

How are motor sensory and perceptual skills developed?

How can I help my child develop gross and fine motor skills?

How can we help our son increase his large motor skills?

How do gross and fine motor skills develop from age 0-3 years?

How do gross and fine motor skills improve throughout a child's development?

How do video games affect fine motor skills?

How does hand-eye coordination work?

I have been developing facial tics and making loud vocalizations the last three months. What might this be from?

I have very poor fine motor skills: my hand writing is terrible, im awkward with my hands and its very frustrating. Is there a medical cause for this?

I'm lefthand dominant in writing, but righthanded when holding other object or activities. Im 21 y/o. Can i learn to be righthanded in writing?

Is hand flapping in 6 month old any cause of concern?

Is hand flapping/kicking legs and hitting out when over-excited normal for an adult without autistic spectrum disorder?

Is it possible that have glue ear affect your fine and gross motor skills?

Is moving your toes and hands with ADHD voluntary?

Is second hand smoke related to learning disabilities in a preemie?

Is snapping of the fingers, focusing on objects with eyes, following simple motor commands, and agitation part of a minimally conscious state?

Is there any way to train your hand to work again after having a stroke?

Is this normal for trisomy 21. Hand flapping?

My 11 month old is walking, babbling, and smiling/making eye contact. My only concern is that he doesn't do hand gestures. Is this an autism concern?

My daughter needs help with fine motor skills. Is this a sign or symptom of a learning disability?

My two year old hand flaps, but does not have any other signs of autism. What could be happening?

Please advise if it's normal that i'm autistic and still know what most facial expressions mean?

Please tell me will neurofeedback help with aspergers like motor skills and hand eye coordination?

Toddler speech delay and arm flapping autistic or not?

What are fine and gross motor skills?

What are normal gross and fine motor skills for a 3-year-old?

What are normal gross and fine motor skills for toddlers?

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What are some gross and fine motor skill benchmarks for infants?

What are the symptoms of developmental delay of precise movements (fine motor movements)?

What can autistic people do to hide their hand flapping?

What can I could to improve fine motor skills, muscle tone in cerebral palsy?

What can I do to increase my hand-eye coordination?

What causes lip smacking only when a person speaks or when they are concentrating on something?

What could be a physical cause for being clumsy out of the blue?

What disabilities do people face with one arm in public?

What disabilities do people face with one hand in public?

What is the best sensory activities/products for children with autism?

What is the best treatment for impair hand eye coordination?

What is the definition or description of: Hand flapping?

What is the facial appearance like in people with broca's aphasia?

What is the medical definition of gross and fine motor skills?

What is the name of that disease where you lose all your motor skills and their hand shakes uncontrollably?

What is the treatment for gluten ataxia if I am still having coordination problems with fine motor skills like chopping vegetables?

What neurological factor can cause someone's writing to be like a scribble?

What's expression hopping?

Why do I have to have an aide to bath me? I am 86 with no motor difficulties?

Why does an autistic child headbangs, rocking, twirling, spinning and hand flapping?

Will neurofeedback help with aspergers. Specifically motor skills and hand eye coordination?