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20 month old has verba, social, and communication delays. Could this be signs of autism and how to differentiate ASD from aa development delay ?

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Child 6 in sep has real aspects of development delay learning difficulties and delay in language by 2 years and development just over 4 years help?

Could a child diagnosed with global developmental delay have autism?

Could a facial injury in 2 y.O be the only reason for speech delay? His CT showed no damage. Has had genetic testing. Only delay is expressive language. Receptive is age-appropriate.

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Could you explain what is delayed motor development?

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Evaluating a 30 month old child language development. What else should I consider in my report?

Explain about delayed motor development.?

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Hello docs, is delayed milestones a psychological disorder?

Help please! could child abuse delay speech?

Hi can you tell me if a language delay is significant when a child is 5 years 7 months but between 3 and 4 years in overall assesment thankyou?

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Idevelopmental delay and learning difficulties across the board and language delay , my child is 6 and 22 months behind should school take it serious ?

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Milestone for 0-18 months in personality development?

My 7 month old has focal seizures, axial hypotonia and developmental delays. What could this be? Our neuro isn't sure.

My daugther is 25 months. Her gross motor is at 18 months level and speech at 19 months. Is she considered GDD ?

My son 32mo old was diagnosed with global development delay and autism spectrum, will he grow out of it? Or will it be permanent?

My son aged 4 years is a case of delayed development, delayed speech, hyperactive. What is all this?

My son is 32 mo old. Was diagnosed with global development delay, and autism spectrum, will it be permanent, or will he grow out if it?

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