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do u know the proper amt of vitamin d, calcium & iron to take during pregnancy? I've just been eating a lot of cheese/ milk hoping this helps

800 calorie diet, found out i'm anaemic, the iron pills are making me constipated and i don't want to eat meat because i'm vegan, what should I do?

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Apple looses all its vitamins and nutritional value after boiling it. True?

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Are there any foods or vitamins that someone with Marfan syndrome should eat or take?

Are there any side effects to taking vitafusion multivites (gummies for adults)..? I'm also eating healthy&drinking plenty of water+exercising more

Are there important vitamins or supplements to add to my diet while I am trying to get pregnant?

Are Vit D supplements (1000-2000 IU daily) helpful? I don't get much sun in winter. I do eat a fairly balanced diet. How is Vit D helpful?

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As long as I am taking vitamin and mineral supplements, is it healthy to fast?

Aside from drinking milk and takin calcium supplements, what other foods are rich in calcium?

Based on your food intake data must you take a vitamin/mineral supplement?

Besides healthy foods and vitamins, any other way to build immunity?

Best diet for a very picky eater? 5yo girl on mvi (multivitamin)

Biotin -in what fruit and vitamin can it naturally be found?

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Can alcoholism cause pellagra, even in individuals who eat a diet containing more than adequate amounts of niacin?

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Can multi vitamins and other supplements entirely make up for a diet which lacks nutrition?

Can nightblindness can removed by taking vitamin a rich in diet?

Can not absorb micronutrients but can macronutrients. What can cause this? No one seems to know.

Can not eating enough nutrients cause miscarriages?

Can nuts be a good source of vitamins if you are trying to conceive?

Can omega 3 vegan supplements cause rash under belly?

Can taking vitamin supplement like centrul silver raise your calcum serum dont eat dairy products drank fat free milk

Can there be no need of vitamin supplements to intake rather then your diet?

Can u please advice me which foods contain vitamin K [for bone health], secondly , which foods are high in vit d if i can't take dairy or much fish?Thanku

Can u please advice of non dairy sources of dietary calcium apart from fish or spinach, as i consume greens and still ve cal deficiency, [cant take dairy]?

Can vitamin D pills make you fat?

Can vitamin d supplements keep you awake at night?

Can vitamin supplements help keep you healthy if you choose to use meth?

Can vitamins and minerals help me to become leaner and / or taller?

Can we give amway nutritional supplements like multi vitamins, vit c, protein powder, fruits and veg concentrates regularly to children of 5 -10 yrs?

Can we say that vit b is also a good source of protein since vegetables like legumes is rich in vit b and rich in protein also.Tnx?

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Can you crush prenatal vitamins and eat them ?

Can you get all the vitamin a you need from plants? do you need to consume preformed vitamin a or are the precursors carotenoids in plants enough?

Can you get enough nutrients from a vegan diet? I'm vegetarian, but cannot imagine how to get protein if i were to take out dairy

Can you get too much vitamin a from vegetables and dairy products when pregnant?

Can you let me know how many pills of calcium should a 15 year old boy eat a day?

Can you please list the most common benefits of various vitamin supplements other than you consume in your diet?

Can you replace fruits and vegetables with vitamin supplements or is there something you lose?

Can you tell me how fibrocartilage get nutrients?

Can you tell me if i take a multi-vitamin and minerals supplement daily, is there any point in my eating a peach and apricot?

Clearing B vitamins this week through NAET. Which foods do NOT contain any B vitamin or derrivitive?? Help, I'm hungry, lol

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Do people sometimes take vitamins and not eat?

Do the grapefruit diet make you constipated and is there a vitamin i can take to help with constipation while on the diet?

Do the nutrition drinks such as: ensure and orgain give a cancer patient sufficient amount of nutrients or should they take a multivitamin?

Do you lose vitamins and minerals if you cook vegetables into a soup? Are they in the water?

Do you need to eat fat to absorb calcium and vitamin D?

Doctors, do you think I can buy protein shakes,fiber supplement and vitamins with food stamps?

Does amway's multi vitamin tablets really work? If so can I stop taking fruits and protein rich foods? Is it sufficient if i eat energy rich foods?

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Does high VitD3 & Calcium supplements interfere with absorption of Iron & Omega3 Fatty Acid from food for 57+ yr female ?

Does mineral oil laxative have calories? I am told it does not because it is not absorbed.

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Essential food supplements for pcos?

Fat soluble vit vs. Water soluble? Whats the difference between the two?