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A 500ml bottle of cocacola is 58% of your daily sugar intake. Is this ok providing i don't have more then 42% extra sugar the rest of the day?

A certified organic himalayan honey stats 14g carb/100g & no sugar.Can honey really have no sugar?If true,replace honey2 sugar?Chk

Am diabetic I have high chol 286 triglyceride 709 cutting sugars completely will help is sugar free and sugar substitutes are ok to take ?

An apple has as much sugar as a can of regular soda. Sugar really is itself. What is a popular eaten fruit with the lowest amount of sugar?

Any health risks to taking sugar substitutes like aspartame, etc? I'm not diabetic. Just wondering if they do any harm.

Are all sugar substitutes sugar free ? Can you share some sources?

Are artificial sweeteners are good for health? i am afraid of diabetics so regularly i am using them. Wipro and sugar free gold are good brands?

Are artificial sweeteners bad for diabetics and/or do they even adversely affect blood sugar?

Are diabetics supposed to avoid sugars or calories altogether?

Are double sugars bad for us?

Are fake sugar products bad in diet soft drinks?

Are mejool dates healthier alternative to table sugar? Or is it just as bad, in terms of raising your blood sugar?

Are natural sugars (ie fructose) as bad for you as refined sugars: do they have the same effect?

Are organic maple syrup & honey fattening? Or are they healthy b/c they are natural sugars?

Are some artifical sweetners healthier/preferred over others during pregnancy? Is it better to have sugar?

Are the sugars acesulfame-potassium and sucralose safe to consume in general or as well with medication? Thanks

Are the sugars in mannitol and malitol bad for your teeth?

Are there alternatives to sugar free gum?

Be real about sugar. Whether it is many grams as "natural" sugar from a single piece of fruit or processed/unprocessed sugar it is ALL sugar. Right?

Been told champagne doesn't raise insulin after consumption, but it has sugar so how can it not?

Blood sugar is 138 and it is 9 am and just had coffee with a tsp of agave nectar.?

Borassus flabellifer or sugar palm fruit ok for diabetes?

Bought blue agave sweetener. Says it's low glycemic. Switched from splenda. Don't like stevia. Am I doing myself any favors? No diabetes, but hi risk.

Can a person with cll use sugar and/or honey?

Can aspartame an or sugar cause contibute or worsen dystonia.

Can avoiding refined sugars and eating gluten free and healthy things help prevent diabetes?

Can consuming too much sugar as in soda and candy cause anxiety and anger problems maybe?

Can eating raw yeast raise insulin levels... prescription insulin is made from yeast not the same but can it raise at all or might you do more harm than good?

Can I intake too much sugar for cleansing using apple juice at 28% of sugar, per serving of a 2 qt. Supply?

Can i use pure fruit juice/juice concentrate to sweeten dishes so as to avoid bad effect of sugar?Is the fructose,glucose in fruit better than sucrose

Can refined sugar, artificial colors and other additives affect mood?

Can serving a person with diabeties regular pepsi instead of diet at a resturant affect thier blood sugar?

Can stevia cause sugar cravings, like aspartame and sugar do?

Can strawberry and balsamic vinegar help to control blood sugar?

Can sugar found in fruits veggies and other carbs damage your teeth? I was on a juice diet and I still had a cavity.

Can sugar free chocolate be a laxative?

Can sugar free sweetner increase weights?

Can sugar from natural fruit sources (such as bananas) increase the risk of diabetes?

Can sugar intake from daily coffee create a risk for diabetes?

Can sugar-free sweet drinks hurt you in weight loss even though they don't contain sugar?

Can there be such thing as sugar free chocolate or diabetic chocolate?

Can too much sugar free gum cause diarrhea?

Can white sugar have formalin?

Can you get diabetes from natural sugars like fruits? Is it as dangerous as refined sugars?

Can you give me suggestions if i eat two sugar free mints everyday. Could they cause hair loss?

Can you still get cavities from calorie-free sugar substitute?

Can you tell me are fruit juices high in calories if they are freshly made and no sugar added?

Can you tell me docs, is chewing sugar free gum a significant source of calories?

Can you tell me is it okay to use tropicana slim sweetener which is 0 calorie if diabetic?

Can you tell me is lion date syrup is beneficial for sugar patient?

Can you tell me what to do if i want to know, will cutting sugar out of my diet help cure my acne?

Can you use body exfoliating scrubs with sugar in them if you have PCOS? Will the sugar increase your A1C?

Can you use sugar scrubs if you have diabetes?

Can your diet cause acne? Such as too much sugar? Thank you!

Could sugar free icebreakers cause cavities?

Could sugar free mints cause hair loss?

Cutting out sugar for health. Afraid of splenda and nutra sweet. What about other alternatives like stevia or agave? Any red flags or recommendations?

Diabetic and i cannot have regular sugar. Can saccharin cause any types of cancer?

Do sugar free life savers have caffine?

Do sweet potatoes contain estrogen? If yes, is it bad?

Do white peaches have lots of sugar? R they safe for diabetics?

Do yogurt covered pretzels affect blood sugar?

Do you know which is worse for you, sugar or aspartame?

Do you know which one is better for diabetic person - sugar free gold or sugar free natura?

Docs can you explain, is sugar free candy really that much better for kids?

Does a lot of sugar trigger acne ?

Does added sugar age skin?

Does added sugar like in soda lead to accelerated aging?

Does adding sugar to tea get rid of the nutriants?

Does banana have high sugar content? Is it bad for health

Does bitter melon from Southeast Asia help diabetics by lowering blood sugar?

Does daily reccomended sugar intake include sugars found in fruit? Or just refined sugars? How much? My Goal is supporting my liver to do its job.

Does diphenhydramine have sugar in it?

Does fresh sugar cane juice cause harm or cause diabetes?

Does natural sugars effect anxiety as much as white sugar? Please, need some answers?

Does saccharin have the same tooth-rotting ability of sugar?

Does sugar intake actually give energy or is it just the taste of it that people are used to?

Does sweetener zero calories contain lactose sucrose leucine crosscarmellose sodium which is diet sweetener effect on triglycerides like sugar ?

Does the consumption of sugar and sweets reduce male potency sexually?

Does the high sugar in 100% grape and carrot juice really neutralize or cancel out the nutritional value?

Does the kidney work better with less sugar or more sugar?

Does xanthan gum powder help to curb appetite?

Dont like taste of H2O plain. Use flav,carb. no caff, zero calories, no sodium. It is sweetend withAspartame. Is this bad?

During my day ill have 100g of iogo yogurt. It says per 100g it has 18mg of surclose (splenda).Can that make me gain?I don't eat anything else splenda

Food labeling question. How many grams of sugar is 1 packet?

For a man, is it true that too consuming too much sugar causes impotence?

For fasting lab work can I drink sugar free, caffeine free soda before?

For someone who has hypoglycemia and needs to lose some weight. What sugar alternatives are there? Splenda seems to aggravate my low sugar attacks.

Fresh sugar cane juice daily, is it harmful?

Heard 60 minutes. So will my cancer risk reduce if i avoid refined sugar & sweets?

Heard you should order sugarfree soda on airplanes (less sticky if kids spill). Are sugar replacements ok for kids?

Hello doctor, i need your advice. I like to drink the no sugar added juice. Is it really no sugar added? And how to really ensure the juice is actuall

Hello dr, i know mostly grapefruits contains sugar but i am using sugar free grapefruit i.e green will it helo to reduce fat?

Hello I'm diabetic. Peas are often in my food. Are they high in natural sugar?

Honey contains fat or sugars too???

How bad would be the sugar crash if I ate refined sugar during the daytime?

How can coffee with cream and aspertane ( equal brand sweetener ) affect a blood test for diabetes?

How can I get rid of sugar cravings? It's like my body needs the sugar and it's an addiction. I even eat a spoon of sugar if nothing is available!

How come are these products like lucozade and glucose and phils beer are for diabetics?

How could you tell if a bacterium fermented either: mannitol, sorbitol, adonitol or arabinose?