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heard of diet called "shape reclaimed". u take drops ea day in water & there is hormones from sheep in it? Is u r on low carb diet also

im a bodybuilder, low carb diet makes me angry, i want high carb low fat diet instead (high proteins). will a low fat diet affect my testosterone?

on a low salt and low carb die what is the best food to ear thanks can you eat peanutbutter?

130 lbs. Starting diet for muscle growth of 140-160g carbs, 160-180g protein, 40-60g fat. High protein but not low carb, right? Any health concerns?

24 years diagnosed. A1c at/near 7.2. V. Low carb diet. How do I lose weight without constantly dropping low when exercising?

30lbs overweight have been see a dr hCG inj 800cal diet lost 5lbs in 3 weeks incr protein 1200cal low fat low carb and exercise have not lost 6 weeks ?

30yrs, weigh 74kgs. I jog an average 3kms per day. My diet is a mix of junk and fresh foods. Am i safe from lifestyle diseases? High bp, diabetes etc

34 weeks pregnant, dr said BP is in borderline 130/80 & told to reduce the salt intake.Already gct positive so limited sugar intake please advifruit&diet.

44 diagnosed a year ago with type 2 , changed diet to very low carbs, A1c at 6.6, but concerned that it is not low enough. Metaformin 1000mg. ?

6 months ago vit. D level 18, I was not eating well. Now eating well and seeing dr. Today level is 23.5, can it continue to raise with diet and sun?

8 am cortisol low, renin high, vitamin D low, still overweight even when I eat low in sugar and carbs and walk daily. What else might it be?

9 y/o obese- high triglycerides, low HDL and ALT of 49. Doc recommended diet/exercise. Any other tests needed? Any activity restrictions required?

A person on a fad diet experiences muscle cramps. Did low cal or diuretic cause it?

A1c of 7 just got...hi fbg but low ppl diet and exercise .must I have med or can I lose weight and lchf? would 1 metformin curb high am readings.?

About to start take 2.5mg of zyprexa (olanzapine). What kinds of food to eat to avoid increased weight, glucose and lipid levels? Planning strict diet and exercise

According to my doctor, currently i'm at pre-diabetic stage. So what changes should I make in my food intake? My cholesterol is high too.

Accutane and low carb vegetarian diet ( hight fat) - what do you think?!

Advice? Would low carb high fat/protein diet clog my arteries?

ALT is 63, AST normal range. I am obese, high triglycerides, bad eating, and pretty sedentary. Diet and exercise to get levels down? Any supplements you would recommend in addition? I hear the liver is resilient, responds well to lifestyle changes.

And would you be more healthy by eating a very high protein diet?

Any benefits to a high protein / no carb diet? Any risks?

Any good low fat meals for a family of 3, including a 2yo?

Any good way to start on a low sodium diet?

Any good way to stay away from foods with a high glycemic index?

Any suggestions on what foods to eat on a low carb diet?

Any suggestions on which is the best fruit or vegetable in order to increase blood level in a diabetic female?

Any truth to the claim that consuming more fat, include trans fat, and little/no sugar will bring blood glucose level to normal range? Exercise too.

Anyone know what is a healthy low carb diet for me?

Anyone know what is a list of low carb foods?

Anyone know what is a low carbohydrate diet?

Are "low glycemic" diets equally as effective as "low carb" diets?

Are calorie restrictions or low carb diets effective?

Are carbohydrates bad for you? Why do people always talk about low-carb diets?

Are low calorie sports drinks acceptable, or is the sugar also vital to my recovery?

Are low carb diets good for obese people to try?

Are low carb high fat diets bad? You can lose lots of weight, but is a long term approach not good for your health?

Are low carb high fat diets safe?

Are low non-fasting triglyceride levels (46 mg/dL) concerning if my diet is actually very normal (quite a lot of carbs, full-fat dairy)?

Are nuts high in protein?

Are potatoes good for a low calorie diet?

Are there any alternatives to peanut butter for someone who is on a low potassium renal diet?

Are there any cheeses that will not compromise a low-fat diet?

Are there any health risks of a zero carbohydrate diet?

Are there any health risks to the Alli fat blocker?

Are there natural ways to lower a woman's high testosterone level? Any types of foods to avoid with pcos? Any types to consume more of?

Are there side effects when switching rapidly from an unhealthy fatty diet to an extremely heart healthy diet?

Are triglycerides of 224 a major concern? Have been dieting, lost 30 lbs, am on low carb diet. What should I change?

Aside from fruits, what else can I eat that has very low sodium?

Assuming my added sugar in a day is about 37 gms, how much fruits can I safely eat so that my total sugar intake is not high? Not diabetic, 30 Male.

At what point in time would an anorexic regain her period? BMI at 18.2. Originally weight at 18.7. Is low carb, high fat and protein diet beneficial?

Benefits and dangers of low carb high fat ketogenic diets?

Besides exercise diet fish oil vitamin b and bananas what else can lower blood pressure. I am 25 years old 165 pounds 6 foot....Pre hypertension. ....

Blood pressure is always high around 150/??. I workout, eat healthy but always overeat. I'm overweight but have lost 25 lbs. What can I do?

Bread raises blood sugar level. If you balance it w/meats (protein + fat) will this stunt the release of insulin, thus keeping BS level lower?

But just have some sort of lean body with some muscle. So ought i go on a high protein diet?

Can you eat eggs on a high colostrol diet ?

Can you eat unsalted top white crackers on a low carb diet?

Can a healthy diet cause a high phosphorus level of 5? If not what could?

Can a high carb - low fat diet cause water retention even though on a caloric deficit? its weird i gained 6 pounds in the first 3 days!!!!

Can a high carb low fat diet work for weight loss?

Can a high carbohydrates diet increase a person with insulin resistance chances of getting diabetes?

Can a high fat diet cause seborrheic dermatitis?

Can a high fiber diet protect against appendicitis?

Can a high protein diet affect my IUD (mirena) efficiency? And viceversa? (my health is ok)

Can a low calorie diet affect your period?

Can a low carb diet cause higher urine ph?

Can a low carb diet cause more acidic urine?

Can a low carb diet cause you to lose muscle?

Can a low carb diet help lose Wright?

Can a low carb diet lower the amount of good bacteria in your gut?

Can a low glycemic diet help hypothyroid disease?

Can a person who is within a healthy weight range have high cholesterol?

Can a strict VLCD diet such as the Cambridge Diet be responsible for low haemocrit levels?

Can a whey protein shake replace a meal when on a low carb, low calorie, high protein diet?

Can any doc tell me what's the best milk for you that contains less sugar and is low fat?

Can anybody suggest me how to lower down cortisol levels? I am taking enough healthy diet, still no results despite hard on gym

Can benefiber be used as part of a low glycemic diet?

Can bodybuilding diet (high protein 2g/kg / high calories over 3000kcal/day) be harmful if applied for years?

Can clif builder's bars cause diabetes even though they have low glycemic index and 22g sugar?

Can diet and exercise reduce iron in the blood?

Can diet halp prealbumin increase as well as keep the cellulitis away?

Can diet over a short period cause upward spike in cholesterol?

Can diet pills and fat burners lower your blood sugar?

Can diet soda cause high microalbumin?

Can eating a diet high in fat increase my risk for diabetes?

Can eating a high fiber diet reduce symptoms of vascular conditions?

Can eating a high protein diet affect urine odour?

Can eating a low calorie diet effect your period?

Can eating granola bars raise my estrogen levels?

Can having high testosterone by eating foods that give you high testosterone be bad for you?

Can high protein low carb diets have an ill effect on neurofibromatosis ?

Can I do the hCG diet while on lamotrgine will it be bad for me?

Can i eat lentile if i suffer from heptits a or it is high protein?

Can I go on a low carb and low fat diet while also taking accutane?

Can I weight train? My blood pressure was high, I stopped caffeine, eat raw veggies... Some docs day yes, some no. I am almost off med by diet.

Can it be no problem to have weetabix on a low carb diet?

Can it take time for testosterone to increase if you've changed your diet with no sugar?

Can lack of protein in your diet make BP go up?

Can low carb diet use your muscle or fat for energy?

Can low carb high fat/protein diet clog my arteries?