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'm finding it difficult to eat anything - is this because of the high blood sugar?

110 sugar fasting no family history exercise daily not over weight not eating too much sweet things what i am doing wrong?

2hours after eating peach cobbler why is my blood sugar still 171?

3 hours after dinner (chicken and white rice, but not a ton of rice) my blood sugar was 106. Is this normal/ok? I am not diabetic.

41 yr old female, healthy weight and moderately active. postprandial insulin level is 66. Glucose is normal. Eating a low carb, low sugar diet but feel shaky and hungry after eating. What to do?

A hour after eating steak, brocoli and corn, blood sugar level was 168, is that high or diabetic range? 24 years old

After losing blood what foods can I eat that are high in iron?

After reducing sugar and increasing fiber in my diet, i now crave sugar in the evening. How to stop the cravings?

Almost every night before sleep I eat papaya or apple. Does it will effecting my heath or my blood sugar?

Am18 weeks pregnant.My gct test result is 141mg.Am i diabetic? Which are the fruits with high sugar content? I like oranges.Are they contain high sugar?

Any good diabetic recipes or tips on how to keep blood sugar levels down?

Are sugars straight from fruits bad for phase 3 of the hCG diet?

Are there any foods that raise your blood sugar but don't make you gain weight?

Are there some fruits that have a high enough fiber content, so that the fruit sugar carbs don't get quickly digested (trying to avoid a sugar high)?

Blood sugar 150, 30 minutes after a sugary meal. Is that normal?

Blood sugar drops below 3.0-4.0 mmol/l every time after eating healthy foods. Only way to keep it at 6 is eat at least 150-200g of carbs.Non-diabetic?

Brwon sugar increase fat in the body or not???How much quantity should a person take of the brown sugar everyday.

Can a large intake of sugar at any one time can cause ulcerations?

Can a person with low blood sugar successfully stay on the raw food diet? If so how can this be done.

Can consuming too much simple carbohydrates lead to fatigue?

Can drinking pop cause elevated CRP? I have read refined foods and sugars can cause inflammation in the body?

Can eating banana raise your sugar level?

Can eating chapathi only (as a dietary food) good for blood sugar patients? Is rice bad for blood sugar?

Can eating sugar increase arthritic pain?

Can eating too much sugar cause diarrhea over several days when your body isn't used to any sugar cause diarrhea?

Can fasting and drinking plenty of water lower blood sugar?

Can going a long period with consumption of high blood sugars cause you to lose weight?

Can high or low sugar content foods induce panic feelings?

Can hot cheetos raise glucose levels fast?

Can i add glucose with my protein shake if i have hypoglycemia? Will it cause the sugar or insulin spikes and crashes that cause lightheadedness etc?

Can i eat fruits if my sugar level is 160mg/dl?

Can I eat lots of sugarfree candy and still have low blood sugar if diabetic?

Can I eat sweets and still keep my blood glucose on target?

Can i go on a juice fast or should I just stick with a low calorie diet?

Can junk food cause blood clot ?

Can large amounts of diet coke spike blood sugar?

Can only fresh fruit smoothie spike my blood sugar?

Can slow carb diet cause blood in stool?

Can the amount of sugar (in grams) of a food determine a food's glucose level?

Can the liver convert fructose to glucose and then send the sugar to the muscles?

Can there be a low sugar diet i could go on that would help with my frequent headaches?

Can you experience low blood sugar and not be diabetic? Happenin the mornings if don't eat enough night before, drink alcohol, or exercise intensely?

Can you experience low blood sugar in the mornings without being hypoglycaemic or diabetic if you dont eat enough the night before?

Can you experience low blood sugar without being diabetic? Happens in morning if dont eat enough night before, drink alcohol or excessive exercise.

Can you explain me my allergie test from blood. Is says that I have antibodies for milk, sugar, flour, eggs. But i eat that every day without symptoms?

Can you get diabetes from a two week sugar binge? And how many grams of sugar consumed over a two week period could cause diabetes?

Can you please explain why grape is bad to eat when you have blood sugar condition?

Can you please help me out with a diet that will help keep sugar under control?

Can you suggest how to lower my blood sugar after eating a bunch of candy?

Can you tell me if I have high blood sugar, what foods should I avoid?

Can you tell me what is the best foods for metabolic fasting?

Can you wake up with symptoms of low blood sugar from not eating enough or drinking alcohol the night before without having diabetes or hypoglycemia?

Carbohydrates to keep you awake and provide you with enough antioxidants, and protein to manage your sugar levels?

Central cyanosis and sudden drop in glucose level after eating fruit or anything with sugar in.could this be hereditary fructose intolerance?

Could consuming low glycemic index sugar lead to diabetes?

Could it be healthy for diabetics to have unexplained sugar highs?

Could one trigger preeclampsia from poor eating habits? Such as a lot of salt or sugar

Could pinworm infection have anything to do with amount of sugar in our diet?

Could the diabetology decreases the hba1c for a patient who is having high hba1c from years?(she doesn't eat sweets,white bread & her weight is good)

Could there be a diet that focuses on blood sugar?

Could you tell me what are good foods for blood sugar regulation besides oatmeal?

Dieting & working out with not enough rest day cause hyperinsulintima and hypoglycemia?

Do carbohydrates turn itself into sugar after being eaten and digested in the body?

Do I have diabetes if i keep craving sugar and my energy drops?

Do you think I should eat more carbs before to avoid low blood glucose levels?

Does a fat, slim 18 year old female need to monitor the amount of free sugars/ added sugars she eats? If so how much per day?

Does a high a sugar diet during childhood cause diabetes down the road. I am healthy now, but worried of all the sugar i consumed.

Does a high sugar diet cause problems later on?As a kid i ate a lot of high sugar cereal and juice, but never overweight, but stopped. Problem later on?

Does being extremely hungry have something to do with not having enough sugar/fat in the blood?

Does belly fat cause blood sugar problems?

Does diabetes complications come from plainly just eating to much or just the high sugar itself?

Does diet soda or sweet and low increase your blood sugar?

Does diet soda or sweet and low raise blood sugar?

Does eating a lot of brown rice everyday lead to a high blood sugar reading?

Does eating bitter things lower blood glucose?

Does eating food that promotes blood circulation help in preventing diabetes?

Does eating fruits increase blood sugar level in diabetece patients. What fruits can be eaten regularly for a diabetece patient to substitute rice?

Does eating glucose sugar lead to aging?

Does eating red skin potatoes spike blood sugar?

Does eating romaine noodles be healthy for blood sugar?

Does honey have the same effects on the body as sugar does? I know when you eat sugar, fructose to overloads the liver & results in fat storage.

Does non sugary carbs (bread, potato, rice) turn into the same kind of substance that table sugar turns into, once digested into blood stream?

Does salt cause high blood pressure? I have a large appetite and eat lots of savoury foods which have salt but not much sugar and am in good shape.

Does soaking almonds in water for a night and having/eating them early in the morning control sugar levels?

Does sweet n low actually not have any calories in it?

Drink lots of fruit can be bad for increasing the level of glucose?

Fasting blood sugar 181.8, hba1c > 7%, taking all vitamins, exercise 6 hrs/week, eat no sugar, eat high fibre, drink water, juice, wt. 67kilo, ht 5'5"?

For type 1 diabetics, when your sugar is low and you eat candy, does that sugar get processed and make u potentially gain weight like a non-diabetic?

For years i've eaten junk food, sugar, fat, etc. Yet my blood work has always been good. I'm 61now & i've changed my ways but has the damage been done?

Glucerna snack shake is that good for low sugar and do it make you go to the bathroom?

Glucostatic theory and why individuals experience a "crash" after eating a meal high in sugar?

Had mild hypoglycemia, no diabetes. 6 months postpartum, now sugar constantly dropping range of 70-42. Eat a clean diet, drink water. Why the big drop?

Have been having low blood sugar episodes. Mainly 60-69 happening after a meal or after not eating much then drink can of cola normal or a worry?

Have hypocly..Was tested for islet tumors, don't have any. Don't eat sugar or high carbs, sugar still drops to 60's some am's. Why? Do eat proteins

Heard sugar & simple carbs turn into same thing once digested. why then do i feel sick after eating much sugar, but not after eating much wheat/rice?

Help, what to eat to lower blood sugar?

Herbs/foods/drinks/spices to help lower blood sugar?

Hi doctor would drink of red wine increase my glucose, in order words increase the sugar in my body?

Hi I want to know if the sugars and carbs found in fruits are bad for people who have diabetes. All fruits have sugar and will it increase sugar level?

High glycemic index(GI) foods that have high effect on blood sugar level -will eating such foods make you feel hungry sooner compared to low GI foods?