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To reduce fat wheat is important to us . Also eating meat is more beneficial or eating green vegetables to reduce fat and weight?

Trying to lose 15lbs. Cardio 30 min/day; weights 20 min/day. Healthy diet. If i don't eat adequate carbs/protein/fat/fiber can't sleep at night. Why?

Using myfitnesspal and I averaged out that I take 400-500mg of cholesterol per day eating lot of for muscle gain but only healthy food (salads,salmon,tuna,nuts,fruits) is the my cholesterol level good or should I decrease?

Vegetarian with type 2 diabetes looking for non-soy protein to eat with carbs?

Want to do gm (general motors) diet for fat loss , so need to ask that can I take any protein shakes during that diet ?

Was wondering how much sugar and sodium should I be consuming a day based on a 1, 200 calorie diet?

What amount of carbs and protein should I consume after a 30-minute resistance exercise session?

What approaches work best to intake protein?

What are a variety of foods that I can eat that are high in protein?

What are foods that are easy to cook and high in protein?

What are good non-cook protein sources? Healthy of course

What are good protein and carbohydrate diets to gain more power and size?

What are good protein/vitamin/nutrient rich things to eat before strenuous activity at high altitude?

What are some food that I can eat that's high in protein and fat but low in carbs? I always come up short in protein and I use calorie trackers.

What are some food to eat for healthy fat that want raise your colustrol?

What are some great suggestions on learning how to eat healthy, such as carbohydrate intake and more?

What are some healthy protein meals for someone with allergies?

What are some low calorie foods that are filling?

What are some low fat vegan snacks or quick recipies?

What are some small healthy meals to eat throughout the day to boost your metabolism?

What are the amounts of servings allowed to be eaten during keto diet?

What are the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteins provide when included in a balanced diet?

What are the consequences of not eating protein?

What are the protein rich foods to be consumed by a vegetarian? What quantity is permitted? I exercise regularly(question is with regard to hair loss)

What calorie amount should you limit your fats and sweets to each day?

What can happen if you don't eat protein?

What can happen if you eat too much protein?

What can i eat to have high energy? without getting fat?

What can I eat to up my intake of carbs? I'm filling protein and fats just fine but carbs are tough to find without going over in another category

What can my calorie, carbohydrate, protein intake be?

What can you do to measure how much protein is in your food?

What could happen if i consume 0 carbs in my diet?

What do sugar cravings constantly mean? 70 lb wgt loss in 16 mos.I avoid carbs & fats. High protein vege fruit diet now.Advice?

What do you suggest if my nutritionist says I need to eat 240 g of carbohydrates per day to lose weight and control my glucose.?

What does a healthy diet should consist of and how can I increase my bmr?

What does it mean if i eat high-protein food before workout?

What does the body do with excess protein? If you eat a balanced diet and can get enough protein from these meals, what good are protein shakes?

What enzymes help digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins?

What food acts as a good source of protein but is low on carbs and generally low on calories?

What food to eat for energy pre workout?

What foods cantain contractile proteins? What kind of a diet (what kinds of proteins) should a Parkinson's patient have?

What foods have a high protein content compared to the amount of calories they contain?

What foodstuffs contain zero calories?

What happens if I have excess protein in my diet?

What is a "normal" amount for a 16 month old to eat? Does he know when he is full or do I need to limit his food intake?

What is a drink that is high in carbs, low-protein? This drink is to help with the metabolic system.

What is a good amount of calories, sugar, fiber, and carbs for granola? I like eating it as a snack for fiber.

What is a good protein to carb ratio for a male in his 20's?

What is a good way to calculate calories with amount of carbohydrate, proteins, etc given?

What is a high protein snack that i can eat at school?

What is a low carbohydrate diet in terms of servings of food groups?

What is a reasonable goal for dietary fiber intake for a 1400-1700 calorie diet?

What is a sensible amount of carbs to consume on a low to moderate carbohydrate diet?

What is a soluble carbohydrate? Aren't they all soluable?

What is an example of a healthy breakfast with protein?

What is considered best: to drink protein or to eat foods that have high amounts of it?

What is full fat diary example ?

What is ideal protein intake daily for one with CKD. Help?

What is more important for diabetics, strict adherence to total calories intake or avoiding prohibited food?

What is the calorie count and glycemic index of inositol?

What is the daily intake of fibre, carb, fat, sodium, and protein for a 19 year old female who's 5'5 and weighs about 110?

What is the efficient way of eating for muscle growth?Meals per day? Water intake? Essentials elements to eat?

What is the highest food with carbs that is good foor our body?

What is the lowest amount of calories i can eat in a day and remain healthy?

What is the maximum amount of raisins i can eat everyday without it being unhealthy.

What is the maximum amount of protein absorbed by the body if a eat a meal in which it contains 50 grams of protein?

What is the min and max amount of carb, saturated fat, sugar and protein one should consume if they are trying to lose weight?

What is the minimum amount of calories I should consume per day to remain healthy?

What is the minimum amount of fat required in a heart healthy diet?

What is the minimum and maximum daily amount of carbohydrates needed to be consumed in a low-carb diet?

What is the minimum protein that I should eat per day?

What is the most amount of protein I can safely eat in one day?

What is the nutritional difference between proteins, lipids and carbohydrates?

What is the proper ratio of carb protein and fats to eat for a runner?

What is the purpose of consuming fat in our diet and how much serving should we consume for a day?

What is the ratio of fats carbs and proteins am i supposed to eat?

What is the recommended daily dietary intake of protein, fats and carbohydrates in grams for an adult?

What kind of shakes should you drink during the intervention period of the protein power diet?

What matters more calories or fats and sugars?

What quantity of protein is sufficient for healthy and fast growth of hair?

What should be my daily protein intake? I work out three times a week and run the rest of the days

What should I have with ryvita for a healthy low calorie snack?

What should the daily intake of carbs, fibre, protein, sodium, and fat be for a 19 year old female who is 5'5 and weighs about 110 pounds?

What should the nutritional value of a healthy breakfast be?

What to do if I am a 19 year old female. right now I aim for 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 20% protein. I'm trying to optimize my health, are these ratios good?

What to do if I do not understand when to have carbs, proteins and fats (help)?

What to do if I eat a lot of healthy food my calorie intake is (1200) but will my skin sag?

What to do if I have high protein diet to burn stored body fat?

What would be the least amount of fat you can eat in a healthy diet?

What's a way to determine how much protein i need in my diet?

What's a way to determine how much protein, fat or carbs my food has?

What's more important to watch..... Calorie intake or fat gram intake?

Whatare the foods that have high calories?

When after eating a high protein meal should you wait to workout?

When exercising to gain healthy weight, is dietary protein from grains, meats, and nuts equally good protein?

When i don't fullfill my daily protein intake, can I drink my gold standard whey to help reach the intake?

When looking at a food product label for the amount of fat and calories, what should you be concerned with more?

Which diets are rich in protein and how can I improve my metabolism?

Which foods can I include in my vegetarian high protein diet worth 2500 Cal?

Which is best food for loosing weight? 100 gm carb or100 gm beef?