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I'm underweight i want to gain healthy weight i have to take high proteins diet my question is how many almonds can i eat per day in grams or numbers?

I'm wondering if I do not take insulin, and eat only meat with no carbs, is my body utilizing the protein?

I'm wondering why are complex carbs okay to eat when dieting?

I've been curing my cravings with large consumptions of nuts and fruits which surpasses my calorie intake. Is this okay?

I've been eating aton of vegetables and some fat. Low carb also. I lost inches but not weight why is that?

If I am now concerned about animal protein and meat as part of my diet?

If i eat a steak, how long does it take to (digest it to protein, fat...etc)?

If I eat high protein low carb meals for months, can there be any permanent damage?

If I eat mostly saturated fat for month (bacon, cream), on a very low carb diet w/ lots of veggies, what should happen to me ? testing blood & weight

If i eat walnuts and almonds daily, will they increase my cholesterol levels, I am a overweight, however, I do cardio and weight training everyday?

If i go on a high protein diet consisting of meat, eggs, veggies n protein shakes will i lose weight?

If I have to many whole wheat carbs will i gain belly fat?

If i transition into a lower carb diet and increase my protein intake, will i lose muscle mass?

If i went on a high protein-low fat diet to add some muscle mas, what should I eat and not eat?

If looking for nutrition of products should I look at the calories fat or carbohydrates?

If you eat too much sugar in one sitting, is there any amount of exercise you can do to avoid it turning into stored fat (that day)?

If you were not eating enough calories and ate very low amount of protein as well- could that contribute to any hair loss over time?

Im 5'2" and 240 lbs. On a diet (no exercise). Is 1230 calories (mostly protein, fruits n veggies) a day too low to lose weight?

Im an endomorph & im on a high protein diet, 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight, 100-150g of good carbs & minimum fats, is this a gd diet plan?

Im healthy but 15lbs above normal. How much % protein and %fat and %carb... is the best meal plan? my source of protein is fish and chicken no skin

In what ways are complex carbs fattening when they are low in calories?

Is a 1500 calorie diet healthy and sustainable if vegetables, fruit, lean protein and in processed carbohydrates are consumed?

Is a low carb diet for insulin resistance/losing weight okay? Im focusing on protein, healthy fats and, if any, its healthy carbs (I dont eat bread).

Is a vegetarian diet considered high-carb, even if you avoid simple carbs and eat plenty of veggie protein? If so, is it bad for you?

Is a very high protein diet (35-50% total calories) dangerous for a weightlifter eating an unprocessed, produce dense diet?

Is carbonated water with added vitamins a healthy low calorie choice?

Is cdc, aha, ada best source for high protein low calorie recipes?

Is diet sprite with zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar bad for you?

Is eating a weight/muscle gaining diet bad for a 17 year olds heart? Lots of protein and carbs (cholesterol)

Is eating agar agar a good way to increase your fibre intake?

Is eating fresh water fish wiser than eating salt water fish becoz of its low sodium content, when u want 2 increase protein intake for bodybuilding?

Is fat free pringles okay to eat?

Is fructose included in daily sugar intake? If so why it's recommended to eat 2-3 portions of fruit a day if they have more sugar than we should eat?

Is it a good idea to eat tofu before bed to slow protein release?

Is it best to eat frequent snacks or less frequent larger meals to reduce body fat?

Is it better to be counting carbs or fat intake to stay healthy?

Is it better to be counting carbs or sugar intake to stay healthy?

Is it considered unhealthy and even dangerous to not eat any carbohydrates at all?

Is it fine if I split my macronutrients 40% fat,35% carbs and 25%proteins? I'm an endomorph and I want to lose fat.I workout everyday at least 1 hour

Is it harmful to be on a straight protein diet?

Is it my routine can reduce my weight if i just only eat rice+fish+vegetble at noon and just drink low fat milk+oat at night?Im so confusing...

Is it okay to eat 2 boiled eggs at breakfast everyday for protein and to reduce body fat?

Is it okay to eat a lot of protien food but no or low fat and sugar ? While bodybuilding and losing fat weight ?

Is it okay to eat canned tuna after a workout in order to get protein? It only has 50 calories 5 fat calories and 11grams of protein. Is 11g enough?

Is it possible to have a zero fat diet in this day and age and still be healthy?

Is it possible to lose weight by walking using only treadmill for 1 hour daily , with healthy diet & avoid fried items, high fat & carbohydrates?

Is it really necessary to combine protein,carbohydrates and fats at every meal?

Is it safe to eat a low calorie diet and exercise 3-4 hours a day?

Is it true that almonds are healthy when one serving contains 25% of your daily fat intake?

Is it true that carbohydrates make you fat not calories?

Is it true that eating Protein and vegetables will help me with losing extra Lbs?

Is it true that low fat yogurt and porridge with low fat milk is a healthy breakfast?

Is it true that low-protein diets are suitable for weight loss because fat and carbohydrate can supply the missing nitrogen?

Is it true that we should not combine foods which contain protein and starch in a meal?

Is it true, consuming carbs only after exercising (not before) provide a better insulin sensitivity and glycogen synthesis than if consumed before?

Is it unhealthy to eat 1 avocado a day? Is it a high consumption of fat?

Is meat good for men health ? ? i dont eat it . what should be other way of protein intake ?

Is protein intake any different if you have type 1 diabetes?I s it fine if I eat 170g protein (I'm 17 y/o and my weight is 168lbs and height is 6.1)

Is protein only diet with minimal carbs harmful?

Is resistant starch healthy?

Is sausage be ok to eat if you're on a high protein diet every once in a while?

Is sperm a good source of protein for us to eat regularly ?

Is that healthy life style 40% of calories from fat 40% from carb and 20% from protein or that is danger ?

Is there a limit as to how many Atkins products one can eat in a day?

Is whey protein is good for fat loss if we include it once dialy it's increase protein output n cause loss of fat because I can't eat meats I'm vegge ?

Looking for dietitian advice does protein cereal really curb hunger on diet? Given the ingredients such high protein, fiber and whole grains.

Looking for high protein vegan foods. What percent of tofu (regular square blocks, medium or hard type) is protein, fat, and carbohydrate?

Low-carbohydrate diet means no bread, right?

Must I increase protein in my diet if I exercise more?

My diet is 35% fat (from chicken, turkey, fish &nuts), 35% carbs and 30% protein I do strength training & cardio 4 days/wk. Weight gain probable?

My doctor said I should eat a lot of vegetable, small amount of starch and drink lots of water. How can I maintain my weight and not lose on this diet.

My HDL is around 35. I have an excellent diet with lots of fruits and vegetables with 3-5 ozs a day of lean animal protein. How can I raise my hdl?

My mom has low protein; please suggest some vegetables and fruit diets for gud no of protein ; her age is 37 yrs....

My nutritionist says I need to eat 240 g of carbohydrates per day to lose weight and control my glucose. What kind of foods should I eat to meet this goal?

My weight has decreased by 15 pounds in the last 1.5 years, and I'm not on a specific diet. I have a small breakfast and a plate of food with soup for lunch and dinner, eat a moderate amount of vegetables, meat/protein and carbs. I've been trying to ?

No carb diets, are they unhealthy if so why ? And what's the lowest amount of carbohydrates a person can eat per day for optimal weight loss ?

Nuts/trial mix is my main snack to replace junk snack.Would 100gm nuts/day(600+ cal) cause weight gain assuming my other foods are reasonably healthy?

On a 1300 weight loss diet how many carbs, proteins and and fats should be eaten per day?

On diet and eat less calories, end up not able to sleep bc of low blood sugar. eat balanced nutritious meals. What am I doing wrong? How can I avoid ?

On low cal diet. What are some safe protein shakes I should try?

Over last 2 months, no sugar, alcohol, coffee, limited carbs, diary, small portions. Increased exercise to 30 minutes per day. No weight loss yet. Why?

Please describe a good balance for carbs and protein in a healthy diet?

Please describe vegetables that are high in protein?

Please help, how much more effective is your exercise if you eat protein?

Please list the top ten foods with high protein and carbohydrates?

Please suggest what food has the highest amount of protein in it?

Please suggest what foods are high in calories and protein?

Please suggest what foods are low in carbs and good cardio exercises for stripping fat?

Please suggest what foods can I eat if i'm trying to stick to low carbs, low fat in order to lose weight?

Please suggest what foods contain high proteins that aren't very fatty?

Please suggest what foods have a lot of protein in and very little fat?

Please, i need some 200-calorie balanced breakfast ideas, with proteins, fibers, healthy fats and a few carbs. The cheaper the better! thank you! ?

Pls give me example of processed diet and what it means?

Recommended daily calorie, fat, carb, protien, sugar, sodium intake?

Should i continue consuming around 3000 calories of clean low fat high protein foods for the muscle gain?

Should I count calories from protein or count only cals from carbs and fats? (I want to loss fat and build muscles)

Should you count carbs, calories or fat to stay healthy?

Some food are less in carbohydrate and high in calories. Some others high in calories and less of carbohydrates. For weight loss what to choose?

Tell me the diet which includes maximum protien and calories?

The more sugar or carbohydrates I eat the lower my heart rate. I usually only eat veggies, protein and some fruits. Why would this happen?