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Foods with high protein for athletes?

For a 19 year old female that's 5'5 and weighs 110 pounds, what should be her daily intake on fat, sodium, carbs etc if on a 500 cal diet?

For the experts - might you build the same amount of muscle as if you were to eat just healthy food?

Hello doctors. May i ask about the food rich in protein and how many grams of protein i can east in one meal?

Hello.Is it true that if i eat any meal that contain protein and after 1 hour i drink milk that will cause iron lose in the body?

Help please! is carbohydrate required for absorption of proteins ?

Hi, how much protein should a male person who is vegetarian weighing 69Kgs at age of 20 eat per day. Plz give me some rich sources. Thank you?

Hi, I am 17 yrs old. How much protein must i intake everyday. Plz suggest me foods which are high protein sour es. I am vegetarian.

Hi..! please suggest me something to eat as a good protein. As i'm doing exercise.

How can elevate my protein levels? Plz list the names of vegetables which are high in proteins because I am pure vegetarian.

How can I avoid eating carbs and fat?

How can I be sure that I am eating enough protein?

How can I stay vegan and keep eating a high-ish calorie diet without eating carbs loads?

How can I take in more calories without overloading on sugar, fat, sodium and carbs?

How can you count your protein, fat and carbohydrate calories?

How can you keep up a healthy amount of protein in a vegan diet?

How could i get high calories whilst restricting intake of protein?

How do I keep my protein levels high to gain muscle ? What should I eat ? I'm veg.

How do I speed up metabolism. Low energy post lunch, struggle to drop lbs. Work out twice a week, eat lean meats, sea food. Guilty of carbs, and wine?

How do refried beans rate on the glycemic index?

How does changing the protein intake in your diet has on your urine?

How fast is absorbed whey protein and how fast is absorbed 1 regular meal ? Do we have accurate information?

How fatty does your meal have to be to consume accutane?

How harmful for your health is it to consume complex carbs and to not exercise?

How harmful for your health is not eating protein after a workout?

How high is the percentage of calories in a can of vegetables is in the liquid?

How low does your glucose have to be in order to eat a snack and how many carbs can the snack total?

How many calories and fat is present in brown sugar?

How many calories of carb and protein to take in daily?

How many calories should be of proteins in a high protein diet? Is water intake necessary along? How long it should be done maximum?

How many carbs a day should you intake a day for a 1500 calorie diet?

How many fats, proteins and carbs should I have in a 1, 250 calorie diet?

How many grams of carbohydrate per day are recommended to prevent ketosis in healthy individuals?

How many grams of carbs, protein, and fat should and athlete take per day?

How many grams of protein should a female, 43- be eating daily?

How many grams of sugar should healthy adult consume per day?

How much carbs and protein should I be consumig to get the best results from weigh training?

How much could you go over your daily recommended intake of protein before it stores as fat?

How much fat does meal have to be to consume accutane? Is it necessary to eat much high-fat food. I only have moderate fat meal while on accutane.

How much grams of sugar should I intake a day and still be considered healthy?

How much of each fat is the maximum amount to have in a healthy diet?

How much protein can we eat and absorb in one day? If a person worksout daily how much can he/she consume protein in 1 week? What's the max usage?

How nuts can be heart-healthy foods since they are high in fat?

How scientifically-based do you think weight watchers is? It calculates points based on protein, fat, carbs, fiber. Fruits/vegs have no points.

How severe the quality of protein from peanuts are in relative to other foods high in protein?

How to limit the amount of sugar you eat?

How true is it that people who eat a very low protein diet being more gullible?

How would you know what percentage of your diet is coming from carbohydrates?

I am 18 years and i follow healthy diet i cut out sugar and proceesed food and i limit saturated fat to15 gram i don't have a cheat day is that healty?

I am 19 yrs i have chronic pancreatitis(idiopathic), i want to increase my weight any advice for exercise.i am having fat free food no animal proteins?

I am a female age 30, and weighing a little over 180 pounds. What would be the daily intake of carbs and protein be for me?

I am a vegetarian I do not eat any refined carbs or pasta rice or bread or sugar. I workout 7 days . What is blocking weight loss?

I am an emdomorph on a kettogenic diet, the only carbs i hv in the week are 2 cheat meals per week, is this ok?

I am an endomorph and want to bulk up as clean as possible, should I follow a high protein and fat diet with one day of carb loading a week?

I am an endomorph, i follow a low carb diet & do a lot of cardio, would i still get to 10% bodyfat if i take a day off & eat junk food 1 day per week?

I am an endomorph, will i become very lean if I have around 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight & about 150g of slow digesting carbs per day?

I am into weight training and my protein intake is high.I take 1gm of protein per my body weight(187lb). Need a potent digestive enzyme?

I am on a high protein diet, can I eat small portions of bread?

I am overweight what is the best vegetables or fruits to take the fat off my body?

I am starting p90x. Should i add a low carb protein shake to the mix?

I am vegan, and i keep track of calories/fat/protein. I am noticing that I am getting 0 cholesterol. Is this unhealthy?

I am vegetarian and eat low fat balanced diet and wonder if ok to eat peanut butter for protein or better to just eat nuts instead?

I am vegetarian please suggest me a diet which includes 60%protien or what i can I take daily to have a diet including 60% proteins n less carbs, fats?

I am wondering what healthy food can I eat while drinking beer on a high protein low carb diet?

I am wondering what high calorie foods are good for you?

I do not understand when to have carbs, proteins and fats (help)?

I don't eat meat or chicken so I'm not having enough protein in my diet so I'm always hungry what can i do ?

I eat 1500cal on days i workout, do I need to eat the same amount on the days i don't workout? Or should I lower it?

I eat 150gm of nuts/day. But my total fat & calorie intake in a day are within limits.Considering this info,can I continue eating this amount of nuts?

I eat a high protein, calorie, carb dinner about 30 minutes after working out, should I still take a protein shake or is this enough protein?

I eat a relatively healthy vegetarian diet with loads of protein from http://www.Frysvegetarian.Co.Za/ yet i can't lose weight. Is it one of my meds?

I eat breakfast after 20 min cardio. What's better to eat for fat burning, oats/carbs or eggs/protein?

I eat small portions of pasta, can I still build muscle if I do this?

I had 1, 200 calories in a day and 27g fiber. Is that too much fiber for a low calorie count if that's all in a day?

I have a high lipids level in my body. Should I change my diet to mostly protein and protein shakes?

I have a super sensitivity to starchy carbs. I can't even look at bread without gaining weight. How can I tell if I have an issue with starchy carbs or just carbs in general?

I have been on a diet with protein only for the 2 weeks to reach ketosis, have diarrhea every other day, is this to be expected?

I have high potassium and what I have to eat to increase my body weight and fat ? Plz help

I have low energy. What could be the causes? I eat healthy and exercise.

I have low hemoglobin although i eat healthy food?

I have pcos and I eat low net carbs per day, high healthy fats,moderate protein and dairy and abundant veggies is it safe to continue during pregnancy?

I have proteins leaking through my urine at 340 mg/24 hrs. Should I eat or avoid protein rich food?

I have to cut down on my calories. What are some foods that are tasty and can also give me energy?

I have to eat in town daily for lunch. What foods should I look for to find a good amount of protein without a lot of fat, calories, sodium, etc..?

I read if you do low- intensity exercise a few days a week aim for 3 to 5 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight. I don't do that so how many carb?

I see an emphasis on low carb eating, even from bariatric docs here. Are fruit, yogurt, high fiber cereal not recommended for weight loss?

I want to know pls about what diet or which foods and quantity must footballplayes have to their proggrams pls..

I want to know which foods are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. I want to gain muscle and lose fat.

I want to know which foods should I eat after exercise (proteins?), to gain muscle mass. My diet is healthy, i sleep well and do the routine focus t25

I want to lose about 3 or 4 kilos, but I also want to build muscle. Would a high protein diet and low carbs be good for me?

I want to put on weight, but I have always found it hard, I have tried protein milkshakes, high calorie diet, lots of meat and carbohydrates. Advice?

I was on protein diet I was lose every week 3kg my diet plan included 5 meals a lot of vegetables , fish ,chicken,and beef 45min workout is it healthy?

I would like to increase my muscle mass, what should my daily protein/carb/fats/calories intake be? I am 22, 170lbs and 5'6

I'm a 34 years male 100kg 170 cm.I discovered to be diabetic.I stopped carbs.Eat 30%proteins and 70% fat and vegetables with total 1200kcal.Is that ok?

I'm calcium oxalate stone patient. I'm health concious so i need protein diet. Can i eat egg? Or any other protein source which is not harmful ?

I'm diabetic and high blood pressure i hardly eat meat will a veggie based whey protein be ok for me?

I'm keeping track of food via app. If shows food % protein, carbs, & fat how do I know if food has good fat, or bad or a good carb etc.??

I'm on a high protein diet, is it okay to eat small portions of bread?

I'm on a homely diet since April : Low fat, Medium Carb & veg protein. Low on Ani protein, no red meat, No fast food, greasy/fried food. High Veg, Fruits. Brisk walking. I lost 13 lbs in this tenure. Is this normal loss or I am seriously ill inside?

I'm trying to gain muscle mass. What high caloric foods should I eat besides meat?