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2.2 gm/kg what does this mean( it is about protein intake)?

35, m.Ibs-c. What kind of nutrients should be more in food carbohydrates or fats or proteins or vitamins. How to make a good diet to prevent flatulence?

36 month old toddler is underweight. Doctor said he needs higher fat foods; recommended lots of whole milk all day. What are other choices for healthy high fats for a picky eater?

After a balanced meal of healthy fats, protein, and fiberous carbs, my 1 hour glucose was 95. But after 2 hours it was 118! Is that delay worrisome?

Am 14, 345lbs, and 6'1. If I do not eat any carbohydrates and minimal amounts of sugar, will i lose weight?

And i'm 5'2. I was wondering how many calories/carbs/sugar/fat/etc. I should take in daily?

Any suggestions on which non veg food offer highest amount of protein?

Anyone know what is a healthy amount of cholesterol in one meal?

Anyone know what is a healthy diet that is high in protein?

Anyone know what is a low calorie food that fills you up?

Are calories from carbs and protein already counted in the nutrition facts on the food item?

Are eating complex carbohydrates better for weight control than simple carbohydrates like rice?

Are energy drinks, like "boost" or the Atkins diet energy drink ok for a no carb diet?

Are fat free pringles okay to eat?

Are nuts considered complex carbohydrates?

Are salads actually healthy for you? What is their generic caloric content?

Are there any foods, vitamins, supplements that burn calories or fat?

Are there simple cheeses not high in fat that I can have in moderation?

As doctor have say low fat diet is not healthy does that mean i replace low fat milk with whole milk and eat butter and whole fat cheese?

As part of a healthy diet.. Is it ok to eat a carb along with veggies and protein for dinner every night? Or 2-3 nights a week is the most?..

Assuming the food i eat is high in total fat but very low in saturated fat & i manage to burn all calories i eat.Is high fat food OK in this scenario?

Based on a 2000 calorie diet, my fat intake currently is 18% of my calories. Is that too little? Most of it is mufa, but 6 grams of it is saturated.

Best diets for gym.. Plz mention the items and quantity... Not like 100g protein!

Best indian food with high protein and carbs for body building? My weight is just 51 and heighr is 174 cm.. I want to puton weight. Please suggest me

Can a diet high in soy protein smoothies help one lose weight?

Can a ketogenic diet cause blood in stool? Would this be because of all the protein one eats?

Can a very low calorie diet allow you to maintain lean mass?

Can appendicitis cause protein losing enteropathies?

Can eating loads of wholemeal carbs cause type 2 diabetes if slim? I don't eat white carbs on a regular basis.

Can eating lots of food like protein cause high urine creatinine?

Can eating too much protein cause dehydration?

Can i eat carbs with protein if i want to slim? Thanks

Can I eliminate carbohydrates&fats almost completely from my diet by relaying on whey protein&limited amount of fruits&veggies 4 vitamin 2 lose weight?

Can I maintain a diet of only protein for a week? Is it dangerous?

Can I still build muscle if only eating carbs and very little protein, while still limiting my calorie intake?

Can rich in carbs / fats / proteins / vitamins diet (for bodybuilding) lead to testicular cancer?

Can the Atkins diet literally mean no carbs?

Can there be any difference between eating a high calorie item at one meal, or spreading the calories out?

Can you answer, is simple carbohydrates and protein with every meal a good plan for diet?

Can you explain if it's possible for someone to not enter ketosis by eating 20-30g carbs a day?

Can you give me suggestions if i eat a high protein, calorie, carb dinner about 30 minutes after working out, should I still take a protein shake?

Can you help? Is 20g of fat too much to eat for breakfast?

Can you let me know how many carbs from vegetables can I eat and still remain in ketosis?

Can you let me know how many grams of fat, carbs and protein would you recommend I have in a 2400 calorie diet?

Can you maintain muscle while restricting calories but eating enough protein?

Can you please guide me on foods that are high in protein?

Can you please guide me on foods with high in protein and fiber?

Can you please talk about which is generally healthier - food that is low in calories, sugar or fat?

Can you suggest some protein based and high fibre foods to take while under fitness training? Will you please name them? Are there any foods to avoid?

Can you tell me if i could still eat red meat on a diet if i stay low in calories?

Can you tell me if on a serious diet, how can I avoid eating carbs and fat?

Can you tell me in diabetes mellitus, what roles do carbohydrates, fats and protein metabolism play in it?

Can you tell me some healthy breakfast ideas with high protein?

Can you tell me the typical healthy foods very low in carbs, but satisfy hunger?

Can you tell me what number of calories, carbs, proteins etc?

Can you tell me what number of carbs should I be limiting myself to?

Can you tell me what number of grams of oats is sufficient for breakfast?

Can you tell me what number of grams of protein a day should a 14 year old be eating?

Concerning diets, ppl often suggest things like cutting off carbs and sugars and add lean proteins. Can you please suggest specific foods for diets?

Could Atkins diet work better if your eating more fat then protein?

Could complex carbs have the same effects as simple carbs when it comes to weight loss?

Could i drink full fat milk on a diet?

Could it be healthy to eat high fat content?

Could it be possible someone to not enter ketosis by eating 20-30g carbs a day?

Could you tell me how much fat am i burning when i exercise, compared to carbs and protein?

Could you tell me what are good high protein snacks to eat with no preparation at all?

Could you tell me what are lean proteins and complex carbohydrates exactly?

Could you tell me what happens if you eat too much protein?

Dctrs,can i take soyabeans(50gms) to maintain my daily protein intake?are they good?

Dear doctors, which vegies help my body to create more creatine to gain muscle?Actually i'm a vegetarian and don't want to eat redmeats and fishes

Diabetes: nutritionist says protein helps "cancel" out carbs and to try to eat things that have it IE: 19g carbs 14g protein. How does it work?

Diet: What can be a reasonable amount of carbs in mgs. for breakfast without over doing it in a healthy adult?

Do athletes have more injuries when they eat a low-protein diet?

Do carbs, fat and protein provide all calories or are there other sources?

Do cups matter more than net carbs on Atkins diet?

Do doctors think it's healthier to get your calories from carbohydrates or lipids?

Do you know the highest protein food?

Do you think counting carbs is a good diet and how many carbs should a 53 year old woman have daily?

Doc does boiling mixed beans in water n having them .....With an aim to achieve protein ? Does it gives protein or its nutritional value decreases?

Doc is telling me i'm high in protein, fiber, fat and cholesterol, but is it bad to overdo it on fiber or protein?

Docs can you explain what is "calories from fat" mentioned in the nutrition facts?

Docs can you explain what is a 1200 calorie ada and renal diet?

Doctor, I'm thinner so I want to be fat, so which foods have more protein ?

Doctors, how much-- protein, carbs, cholesterol, and fat should be in an average womans diet?

Doctors, what are the recomended daily amounts of fat, carbs and protein for a healthy 20 year old?

Does anybody know how many carbs, calories and sugar a body needs for a healthy nutrition plan?

Does blending food raise its glycemic index ?

Does carbohydrates like rice can make us fat ? What are the examples of food that have a low carbohydrates?

Does dietary fat (coconut oil/almond milk drink) cause insulin to spike beyond the fasting level if you have not ate for over 8 hours?

Does eating a lot of protein increase urination?

Does eating high fat but low carb foods make you lose weight but higher cholesterol levels or is ingested fats also stored as fat in our bodies?

Does excessive intake of proteins (free proteins) stored as fat ?

Does excessive protein turned to fat?

Does it matter what type of protein I eat as long as I get an adequate total amount each day?Majority of my daily protein intake is from soy protein

Does processed low-fat milk that has carbs also?

Does the Atkins diet require you to count both net carbs and dietary fiber carbs?

Does wheat increase the amount of fat that is stored in abdominal cavity? I was curious if a primarily carb diet from wheat leads to more weight gain.

Doing a low carb diet, i will use all type of fat to fuel my intense weight training.when should i eat my meat,chicken, etc. before starting to lift?

Eating food high in fat, sugars and carbs is bad for skin and causes hair loss?

Ectomorph, training for past year, very clean diet. What high carb/fat foods do your recommend? Hard to reach caloric intake some days. (3700)