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Can you have too much fiber? Is it bad to have too much fiber?

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Could you have too much fiber?

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Does dairy cause constipation? I've been told it does because it has no fiber. But I have also read fiber can cause constipation.

Does having more than 25 g of fibre daily cause constipation?

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Dr said to take either Metamucil or fibercon as a fiber supplement. What is the difference? Which is better fiber supplement.

Help I have diverticulitus and need a high fiber daily diet. What would you recommend?

Help please? What is more filling.. Protein or fiber?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is dietary fibre and where is it found?

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How are soluble and insoluble fiber different?

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I added more fiber in my diet . Now i poop 2 to 3 times a day and they float . I'm i doing something wrong ?

I find out i need more fiber in my dite? how much fiber do need in a day? what foods have fiber in it

I just had a partial nephrectomy. And now I have anal fissure, what is the best fiber to use? What is better soluble or insoluble fiber?

I know how imp fiber is for diet but just curious, would you still poop without any or a lot of fiber intake?

I know that oatmeal has plenty of fiber. How about muesli?

I need more fiber but the fiber filled piece of food has a lot of carbs in it. what to do?

I see on cereal labels that some have added "fiber", but the "fiber" names sound artificial. Is the so called "fiber" safe? Is it helpful?

I was wondering what are the differences between soluble fiber and insoluble fiber and their benefits?

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Need advice on what is the the best way to get your daily fibre intake?

Normal to have bowel movement twice daily on high fiber diet?

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