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Any diet or food to increase stamina levels?

Any way to speed up the excretion of vitamin a from your body? Increased physical activity? Food intake?

Anyone know what is a really good, natural food that is high in fiber?

Are food supplements like Ensure or Boost considered food or medication?

Are there any foods I can eat that improve cardiovascular strength?

Are there any specific foods or products that can naturally enhance ones TSH levels? Would like to avoid a low dosage of medication if i can!

Are there certain foods that can promote melanoma growth? I have read that alcohol intake and linoleic acid may have a role?

Are there foods a man can eat that increase the chances of conception?

Are there foods that can increase anxiety?

Are vitamin supplements good for the heart to slow down its damaging effects when a person consumes a fatty meal?

As there any food increase fertility ?

Aside from high sugar foods and caffiene, can certain foods cause hyperactivity in children.?

Can a decrease of fast food consumption cause constipation?

Can a junk food diet increase your risk of depression?

Can a vitamin D level of 20 contribute to depression/the blues and fatigue? I exercise daily, eat healthy, don't eat junk food. I also have lupus.

Can any foods or activities help me increase DHT naturally?

Can cerebellum function can be improved with food, if it is, what kind of food.

Can certain foods boost testosterone naturally?

Can certain foods increase our chances of conceiving?

Can dietary fiber protect us from the harmful effects of fats?

Can eating a spicy pepper whole speed your metabolism?

Can eating certain foods stimulate the male libido?

Can eating grapes and other antioxidant rich foods really decrease your risk of getting cancer?

Can eating red meat increase the risk of diabetes or anything?

Can eating spicy food make you fat or does it increase your metabolism?

Can foods affect your pulse?

Can my diet in pregnancy have an impact on my child's food preferences?

Can there be certain diets/ foods that promote less belly fat?

Can we make drugs based on leptin for satiety?

Can you list what are the factors, medications and food that reduce breast milk production?

Can you please describe common natural supplements that are good for fat burning or metabolic increase?

Can you please guide me on foods that naturally combat stress?

Can you please tell me food intakes or medicines that affect ovulation?

Can you tell me if there's any supplements or even foods that promote good oral health, healthy teeth, etc?

Can you tell me is growth hormone deficiency caused by not eating enough of these foods?

Consuming less than 800 calories daily can leadmto gallstones? Is that true?

Could a food decrease your tsh?

Could any food items reduce appetite?

Could eating food with your medication reduce its effectiveness?

Could eating simple carbs cause testosterone to increase or to decrease ?

Could eating smaller more frequent meals speed up metabolism?

Could eating/drinking high sodium food affect your teeth?

Could you recommend foods or snacks that would freshen breath and reduce saliva production?

Could you tell me what happens if you dramatically increase the fibre in your diet?

Do certain foods increase HDL?

Do fast foods and oily foods cause build up DHT and can cause hair loss in theory or for a fact? I eat tons of fast food and begin MPB

Do taking sour foods in excess cause any impact on males's fertility ?

Does a processed food diet increase risk of vascular disease?

Does alcohol affect the nutritional value of your food?

Does being a vegetarian decrease or increase food allergies?

Does cane sugar consumption cause increase in mucus production ie; in sinus or lungs?

Does chocolate & other junk foods increase acne? M 18 yrs old & i want 2 know that is my acne only due to of hormonals or is there any other reasons?

Does diet affect fibroids? Is it possible to reduce the size by the foods we eat? Does stress cause them to grow?

Does diet affect prostate health? Are there foods to eat to decrease prostate swelling?

Does drinking "whey" increase the acidity content in my body?

Does eating butter increase fertility ?

Does eating certain foods actually raise my metabolism?

Does eating fast food Affect sexual ability?

Does eating foods that increase estrogen do any good or bad to a boy?

Does eating frequently maintain your metabolism?

Does eating full fat diary product may increase fertility ?

Does eating greasy chicken reduces alcohol effects?

Does eating junk food weekly affect sex and penis ?

Does eating wheat accelerate aging?

Does excessive exercising affect appetitie or food consumption?

Does freezer burn affect nutrient levels in foods?

Does gut bacteria make us hungry and increase appetite?

Does heating or cooking anything , reduces protein content and calorie., if i boil lentils then it protein valve decreases?

Does not eating carbohydrates induce adrenal fatigue?

Does spicy foods bost your metabolism? Is that real?How much quantity should I take in that case?

Does the chemical lactose monohydrate contribute to obesity?

Dr. Oz claims eating a diet high in starchy foods, such as potatoes, increases your chance of getting appendicitis. Is this true?

Fatty foods thicken the blood?

Food and diet rich to increase health of utreus and stimulate ovulation and reduce infertility. Plz suggest foods to induce/stimulate ovulation.

Food as medicine. What foods promote wakefulness, sleep? Thank you!

Foods to help with fertility?

Has it been determined that spicy food speeds up your metabolism?

Have simple hyperplasia. How to reduce my estrogen level quickly? What should I eat and what food to avoid? Thank you.

Hello docs...Please can you tell me if there is any type of natural food can stop my craving for food...P.S I am 19 years old girl with a weight of 73?

Hello sir, I have to increase my memory power. Please let me know about what are the foods can help to gain that? To eat everyday.

Help! need to know if there's any food diary app that tracks your nutrients and alerts you if you are low in one?

Hi, what foods should I eat for optimal brain function?

How can exercise, food additives and genetics relate to each other?

How can diet affect someone with add?

How can I boost my mood without food?

How can I make my cholesterol level come down? It's in the family (no obesity) and I do not exaggerate with fat food. I eat healthy.

How can I reduce 10-15 kgs within 3 months? Is walking everyday for half an hour and avoiding oily food food is enough?

How do fast foods and lack of exercise affect the lives of our kids?

How do I lower my sodium intake when high-salt foods are part of my family s food traditions?

How does a diet of junk food affect your body?

How does food affect your voice?

How does junk food affect the way you concentrate?

How does someone's weight impact their blood alcohol content?

How many percentage of chances is there in chocolate cyst to shrink within itself only by avoiding food that boost up estrogen in our body ?

How much mushrooms should I eat to increase my immumity?

How to decrease belly, especially if it is due to carbohydrates, any way other than cutting the carbs? Please...

How to decrease whey protein stomach bloat--avoid all wheat?

How to increase digestion because I have very poor digestion from a long time.My weight was only 48 at age of 21. What can I do?

How to increase my body growth by food if I am vegetarian?

How to increase youre metabolism using herbs and minerals and spices?