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An NFL player reversed his Type 2 diabetes following strict dietary modifications. That's possible?? I thought Type 2 was NOT reversible.

Any diet recommendations for gout?

Any non-medical treatments for glaucoma, like a low salt diet, etc ?

Any recomended fruits for gout patients?

Any recommended diets for patients with cyclic vomiting syndrome?

Any special diet recommended for itp?

Anyone have any dietary suggestions for a 10 year old with gastritis?

Are there any diet restrictions for chicken pox patients?

Are there any dietary restrictions that I need to follow if I have an ulcer?

Are there any diets for people with hypopituitarism?

Are there any more risks with having lupus and sjogrens together vs just having one or other?Possible with good diet & exercise to be very healthy?

Are there any risks associated with a vegan diet?

Are there any safe liquid diets for Crohn's disease?

Are there any specific diets for someone with albuminuria?

Are there any specific diets that a lupus patient should follow?

Are there dietary recommendations for Hashimoto?

Are there diets that can stop the progression of Crohn's disease and stop me from needing more surgery?

Are there special diets that are helpful to people with ulcerative colitis?

Are there special recipes and dietary guidelines for people who have had a partial colectomy?

As a diabete advice , on diets and medication?

Autism,due to nutrision,cure for it ,diet,how to deal with it ,symptoms?

Been diagnosed with gastritis. Stress is a cause but can a low gluten diet help?

Besides green leafy vegetables what else is good to have in your diet to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Best treatment or diet for sibo sufferers?

Blood type diet health?

Brat diet used for gastroesophageal disease?

Can a different diet help my fibrofog?

Can a gluten-free diet help reduce signs and symptoms of polymyositis?

Can a gluten-free diet treat autism?

Can a healthy diet help prevent fibrocystic breast disease?

Can a ketogenic diet cause heartburn, and if so what can I take to help balance pH levels to minimise heartburn on this specific type of diet?

Can a Mediterranean diet lower my risk of Alzheimer's?

Can a person diet without medication?

Can a person with thyroid disease use the diet that dr. Oz recommend?

Can any kind of diet correct blindness?

Can diet help control paget's disease?

Can eating a gluten-free diet help prevent or delay the onset of Celiac disease?

Can eczema be controlled by my diet?

Can following a diabetic diet help people with pcos?

Can following a diabetic diet plan if i'm not diabetic be beneficial in any way?

Can food like ornish diet reverse heart disease or pritkin diet ?

Can hypercalcemia be treated from diet alone?

Can I better my coronary artery disease by adopting a healthy diet?

Can I have a balnaced diet to solve secondary amenoherra ?

Can i reverse my osteoperosis through diet with no drugs?

Can including too much sugar in your diet cause cancer? What are your expert opinions?

Can ketogenic diet use to treat glycogen storage disease type 1?

Can my bloodtype affect my diet ?

Can psoriasis be controlled with diet?

Can pulmonary hypertension be improved by adopting a healthy diet

Can specific nutrition / diet help people on methotrexate?

Can there be a special diet for people with lupus?

Can treatments for autism like gluten-free diets really work?

Can u please recommend a diet or product that helps lose weight 4 acute mild chf/type 2 diabetes dats not too restrictive & not 2 slow?

Can vegan diet solve Graves' disease?

Can you please explain why a diet high in fiber is recommended for a patient with diabetes?

Can you recommend a diet strategy for weight loss for me? I have celiac disease, have had my gallbladder out, and am borderline diabetic.

Can you tell me a good diet for pneumonia?

Can you tell me diet plans for diabetes type 2 & uric acid?

Can you tell me how is mernieres disease caused by a high salt diet?

Celiac disease, severe ibs, diabetes 1, gained weight after being diagnosed, has been on gluten-free diet every other year because it worsens ibs?

Could diet (Dr Fuhrman etc) cure autoimmune disease?

Could diets such as Paleo, dr. Fuhrmans, antihistamine diet etc. help control, reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases like Sjogrens and Lupus?

Could diets such as Paleo, dr. Fuhrmans, antihistamine diet etc. reverse autoimmune diseases like Sjogrens and Lupus?

Could following Dr Weil's or Dr Joel Fuhrman's diet reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease? What are pros/cons of each diet?

Could gluten intolerance be huge factor is autoimmune diseases? I developed ctd despite eating healthy & regular exercise.Should i eliminate gluten?

Could i be setting myself up for cancer and other health problems for breaking my celiac diet?

Could my hypertension improve if i switched to a vegan diet? Is it possible for hypertension to improve or be cured by switching to a vegan diet? .

Could my hypertension improve if i switched to a vegan diet? Is it possible for hypertension to improve or be cured by switching to a vegan diet? .

Could the specific carbohydrate diet (scd) cure my ulcerated colitis or will it just suppress the symptoms?

Could you suggest me a good diet for an 63 year old woman with gout and diabetes?

Did anyone achieved remission from RA or other autoimmune diseases through diet, exercise, supplementation alone?

Diet for cll sufferers ?

Diet for heart patient?

Diet for hematomacrosis ?

Do dietary restrictions exist in all cultures?

Do I need a special diet with porphyria?

Do I need to be on a special diet if I have hepatitis?

Do I really have to eat a diet high in fibre if I suffer from diverticular disease?

Do you believe dr ornish that you can reverse heart disease if you change your diet and lifestyle?

Do you think that a persons diet has a negative effect on fibromyalgia patients? And do you think having a bad diet can be a potential cause?

Docs, what's a good diet for pneumonia?

Does anyone have a diet for 12 year old with tyramine problems?

Does anyone have experience with the ketogenic diet for epilepsy? If so do medications become more potent on the diet?

Does fructose malabsorption in adults have treatment besides a diet without fructuse?

Does the Specific Carbohydrate Diet work for Ulcerative Colitis? If yes, why does it seem to work?

Does too much caffeine in the diet daily cause pancreatitis?

For chronic pancreatitis sufferers, what is the best diet to follow?

Good diet for 45 male dieabetic?

Have liver chirrosis and diabetes. Is diet for good control of diabetes adequate for chirrosis control? Struggling to know how to eat to manage both.

Have you had success following diet based on their blood type?

Healthy diets and exercise for patients with lymphatic diseases?

Help please? What is omega3 and how is it related with diet?

Help, what to eat for a (gout & highbloodpressure) patient?

Hi. Would people with anemia and thalassemia experience more fatigue during diets that people without it? For example a ketogenic diet?

Honest opinion on anti-inflammatory diet, I.e. paleo diet, as a lifestyle choice as well as alternative treatment for autoinflammatory disease.

How can the ketegonic diet help people with epilepsy?

How can a healthy diet affect the onset of a chronic illness? Give two examples

How can a healthy diet affect the onset of chronic illnesses?