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2.6 creatinine ! How worried I should be ? Life style changes & diet changes? Thnx!

Are gastroparesis and endometriosis related? Why are these 2 often diagnosed together? What lifestyle/dietary changes can be made to cope with them?

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Are there dietary changes I should make after menopause? I haven't had many symptoms of menopause, but am wondering if there are any changes I should make in my diet to make sure i stay healthy through this process? .

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Are there lifestyle changes that really make getting high potassium less likely?

Are there simple things/changes in daily lifestyle i can do to help me lose weight>?

Are you able to address thyroid problems with diet? I have gained some weight with no diet change and have been following an anti inflammatory diet

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Can a change in diet give you diarrhea?

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Can heart problems be controlled completely simply by changing your foods and habits?

Can power of eyesight be decreased with the help of carrots and making changes in diet plan? If it can,how?

Can the cretanine level of 1.5 be lowered with medicine, lifestyle changes, diet changes with anything.Please help. Thanks?

Can thyroid issues be caused by a sedentary lifestyle?

Can you advise for healthier lifestyle change .. vegan?

Can you naturally help regulate your menstrual cycle? Like changes in diet, incorporate or avoid certain food?

Can you tell me two medical conditions related to unbalanced diets?

Cancer of the breast is a universal thing, or related to western diet and lifestyle?

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Could a diet/lifestyle change cause menstruation problems?

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Could use your help docs! my family eats very unhealthy, how can I change this lifestyle?

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Do I need to change my diet?

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Drastic cholesterol change in a month, what to do?

Having lupus and changing your diet how ? And can I still have kids ? How do I maintain it

Having PCOS, IBS and IBD, (besides limiting stress), are there any lifestyle choices (ex: habits, foods, diet changes, etc) that should be avoided?

Hi,What are symptoms to look out for IBS.Is there any way to control it.Any diet or lifestyle change that make it better.What is the treatment for it!

How can diet changes help me stave off intestinal problems from ibs?

How can exercise change my life for the better?

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How can I completely change my unhealthy diet?

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How does cancer develop despite a healthy lifestyle?

How important is eliminating sugar when trying to reduce LDL through dietary changes?

How much of a reduction in A1C levels is considered good in 3 months of a diet change?

How much time is required for the brain to return to a normal chemical balance when changing to healthy food diet?

How must I change my lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease?

How should I adjust to the life style change after heart surgery?

How stable are triglycerides and other lipids over time? Changed some eating habits, will effect be shown quickly or over time?

How to stop bloating without changing diet?

How will they treat me for stroke if lifestyle changes arent enough?

I change my diet to reduce the chance of getting colon polyps?

I have been fat all my life. How can I start to change this?

I have frequent migraines. I follow a regular sleep and diet pattern and do not smoke. What more could one do regarding lifestyle to help it?

I just turned 50 and need to make major lifestyle changes. Can you give me advice regarding exercise, diet and supplementation? I need to lose 50 lbs.

I was told im predabetic, what can I do to change that, and what's a good diet for me and my family?

I'm missing my normal salt intake which i had earlier with my usual curries. Can this diet change effect on the insulin activity?

If I stopped smoking and change my diet should my kidney disease reverse?

If someone has ecg-what lifestyle changes would they have to make?

If you cannot 100% prevent cancer. Why should you change your diet and lifestyle?

If you have HGH BP at young age. How to alter by food habits and lifestyle?

Increased frequency of urination, noting onset about a week ago, with no diet/lifestyle changes, and no other symptoms. Fluid intake has not changed.

Is diabetes reversible with lifestyle changes?

Is it common for a type 2 diabetic to have a change in bm's and diet changes?

Is it necessary to make drastic dietary changes for ibs?

Is it possible to maintain a normal lifestyle without ovaries?

Is migraine a signal of unhealthy diet or health?

Is their any treatment to help ibs-c besides diet or life style changes?

Is there a way to reduce the frequency of lipofuscin? Change of diet? Medication?

Is there any lifestyle changes that can stave off lupus?

Is there anything I can do at home for myself to help with endometriosis if there is anything? Change of diet? Possibly less soda?

Is there anyway to stay off diabetes drugs permanently? I've made serious changes to diet and exercise. What tests do I need now and ongoing?

Just diagnosed with diabetes. What are some lifestyle changes I should make?

Life style changes for gastroesophegal refluxd disease !?

Lost 8kg in a year without exercise or changing eating habits, leads a sedentary lifestyle. The only change was leaving school. Should I worry?

My husband has cardiomyopathy, how should we change is diet?

My husband has type 2 diabetes, wouldnt change diet so now on medication. Any sneaky ways to feed him healthier?

My Vitamin D levels are low (less than 8). What dietary and lifestyle changes should I make to improve?

Please explain what are some ways to help change your diet?

Please help docs! is obesity mostly down to a choice of lifestyle?

Please help me change my life, I need to lose 30 lbs. Never heavy before?

Please suggest natural reliefvfor esophagus motility disorder?e.g.exercise, diet, lifestyle change?

Recent increase in heartburn. No change in weight, diet, exercise, sleeping habits. Never a problem before. Whhhhhhhy?

Recommend diet to treat hypomenarrohea as diet change is one of its cause ..

Should i change diet for better appearance/health? What kind of foods help with this?

Should i change my diet for the fall season? If so, how?

Should I change my diet or lifestyle because of radiation therapy?