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Calcium & Vitamin D, what else can help with osteopenia secondary to coeliac sprue?Resistance exercise useful? Plz don't say avoid gluten I know.

"human pancreatic exocrine response to nutrients in health and disease" bmj 2005 figure 2 says lipase post-lundh meal should rise 5x. Is this correct?

@ time i was diagnosed with lupus i became very allergic to meat & dairy. Lupus dr. Says i lost enzyme to digest animal products. Any ideas?

1. Do you find it easy or difficult to determine the nutritional value of food? What are some methods to help you more easily determine the nutritional values of food?

2 weeks on low iodine diet for thyroid cancer whole body scan. Is vegan food ok during diet since it contains no dairy?

28 yrs old, 90kg/180 cm, negative viral hep.Dignosed with mild nafld, i would like to change my life style doing excersizes, can I use"whey"protein shake?

38 male, my uric acid always remain on upper limit 7. Any long term damage it can cause to kidneys? What to do to lower it more? I avoid from red meat

42yr old male, eating a lot of beans as good nutrition causes bloating, is that harmful, can it be preventable?

54 y obese male living in texas. Sun isall year round & eat healthy & vit d rich food yet my D3 level is (27) below 30 without supl. Any test needed?

62-m: what is the value of "good fat" in diet? Is is possible to overdo them? My blood chem is all within norms.

64 with fasting blood sugars of 90-100 despite diet and exercise. How much additional risk of small vessel changes compared to BS of 70-80? Thanks.

A 2014 study says Artificial sweetener contribute to obesity by altering the composition and function of bacterial populations in the gut.Your view?

A healthy [mostly plant based and whole food] diet, a daily multivitamin, and a daily chelating agent such as alpha lipoic..A good routine for 23 y\o?

A nurse recommended not eating bananas strawberries tomatoes avocados due to high potassium results Not diabetic Is this true and what else needs ck'd?

After thyroid surgery, the amount of calcium get decreased.What are the food need to include for getting this balanced?

All kinds of red & white meat are hormonally injected these days except fish so is that mean the pcos patient can take fish only?

Amino acid formula. Once something is broken down to a.A. How can you test to see if it is present? If whole DNA isn't found can it still be in there?

Any advantage of eating 4 large oranges as opposed to 1 in terms of the daily vitamin requirement?

Any new information about how much sausage & bacon one must eat before there's a rise in pancreatic cancer risk?

Anyone know what is a healthy amount of iodine a 48 year old woman suppose to have in her daily diet?

Are blood tests for allergy/IgE levels to foods considered reliable? Paranoid over certain foods and want to put fears to rest and liberalize my diet.

Are carbohydrates from rice and noodles essential for growth? I.e development of the body

Are eggs really the highest cholesterol food commonly available?

Are fig fruits useful for thyroid patients?

Are food nutrition labels accurate when it comes to caloric counts or is it close estimates?

Are hormones in the diet (meat and dairy products) causing the obesity epidemic in america?

Are the carbohydrates found in meat, particularly chicken, considered simple or complex? Or a mix of both?

Are there any foods that have some proof they help maintain younger collagen qualities as one ages?

Are there any health food store teas I should avoid if some kidney damage from hypertension at 80?

As an amator bodybuilder - I know I should intake about 2.2 g of proteins / kg - but, is it total protein (animal + plant) or just from animal origin?

Ate foods high in sat, and trans in childhood, but changed early teens, and eat healthy now.Could the diet have caused irreversible progression of ath?

Baby measured 2 days smaller on anatomy scan @ 20 weeks. How can avoid intrauterine growth restriction? Diet is not too varied but i eat healthily.

Being used to spice rich curried food over the half century of my life now with high BP 140/90 I am advised to cut down on sodium and weight. How?

But i saw a hematologist and am on hydroxy urea but i can't eat so many things that are healthy?

Calcium blood test showed 10.0. I eat very little dairy, if any dairy. Thought about supplementing. Necessary in lieu of result?

Can a flu create a elevation of c protein reactive like 19.0mg/l? My doctor said all this is normal but i read this proteins must btw 0 and 1.

Can a high creative protien have a relation to cancer or can it be coincidence I'm growing tumors and I have a crop of 15.6 docs suspect auto immune?

Can Carnitine deficiency have adult onset or become symptomatic in a normal healthy person? If so what would cause it, liver is fine. Pregnancy, diet?

Can dietary change (overjuicing veggies + supplements) - affect body regulation and cause erectile dysfunction?

Can eating a high amount of a particular kind of meat lead to a weakened immune system?

Can eating grapes change my hematacrit levels?

Can I do a test for omega 3 in my body , i mean in blood test. And how much wants the fish oil to compense my needs if i don't eat any sea food ?

Can I eat pure protein in my this age (17 years) and if I eat then what results will it have given me in future because I need tobe fit,now Im thinner?

Can i take in protein powder? As i can only have low fibre diet due to i had done a total colectomy(large intestine).

Can low calcium cause diffuse hair loss? I have lactose intolerance and eat barely any calcium rich foods- I have bone/muscle pain as well.

Can someone tell me if saturated fat is proven to have negative effects on health?

Can the inflammation, and aging of a bad diet in childhood be corrected when eating healthy as an adult? Is damage by free radicals already done?

Can there be evidence that diets based on blood type promote health?

Can too much salt in diet/fast food taken for long term harm the endothelium lining and cause endothelium dysfunction?

Can warts be a sign of unhealthy diet?

Can we treat severe protein deficiency just by adding more protein in our diet?

Can you explain "why" grains are needed in the human diet? I don't agree, especially b/c so many have issues with gluten... But i'm also not a doctor.

Can you explain what are the benefits and drawbacks of a primarly meat based diet?

Can you get deficient in cholesterol if you are vegan? Is there a disorder where the body cannot make enough cholesterol unless you ingest it?

Can you get too much of Vitamins A or C from food alone? I track my foods and often i am high over my daily requirements. Is this harmful?

Can you recommend a really good book on glycemic index/load, that has a comprehensive food list and their gi/gl values?

Can you tell me how important are dairy products and calcium to adolescent development?

Can you tell me: are unable to get cancer because of a complex sugar called hyaluronan. If i go on a hyaluronan diet, will it help prevent cancer?

Can you treat mucopolysaccharidoses by becoming a vegetarian?

Cancer cell loves sugar.R fruits not suitable as cancer patients' diet? Read sum books tat veggie n fruit diet can inhibit cancer cell.Is tat correc?

Checked diet and I eat--daily--from 180-200% of the recommended daily fiber intake. Is this bad?

Chronic halitosis despite good oral hygiene, non smoker, no strong smelling foods being consumed, healthy weight range and no other issues. Causes?

Could depression or other psychiatric condition cause a 180 reversal in palate, i.E. Cause a lifelong healthy eater to crave fatty fast foods?

Could protein powder change behaviour in the people?

Could someone give me list of disorders where having protein is bad?

Dad, 70, post brain surgery, also bleeding in stomach. Fast drop Hb level. Not low on Iron/B12. Suggest diet and avoid? Is protein drink okay?

Dad's bedridden with chronic RA and Psoriasis. Is it right for him to eat 8 eggs per day as a source of protein as the doc strictly told him to do?

Dear doctors, please tell the best exercise & food for good blood circulation in:- 1) whole body 2) especially to penis region thanks/ajit india?

Dear dr, I have a high gastric stroke every time I eat any thing. What should I do. Pls tell. Thanks. Deepti, from amritsar. Punjab?

Do medium chain tryglyceride liquid fat soluble vitamins come in pose threat to blood tryglyceride level?

Do people with dementia require a higher protein intake? Reason?

Do the risks connected with gm soybeans become greater if a person eats more of it and more often? Is it proven to be safe when consumed rarely?

Do vegans have a lot fewer cases of colon cancer than meat eaters? If so, how much fewer?

Do you know of really parasites and toxic debris in the colons of most americans due to our diets?

Doc told me they believe i'm not absorbing my food as i should. What does this mean & what should be done?

Does intake of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide help cure diseases.

Does a 30 year old type 2 DM women in India requires daily multivitamin.if so the amount of each and every element in it?

Does avoiding meat and fat for several days before a blood test for triglycerides make much difference in the results?

Does eating an egg including egg yolk per day increases my cholesterol level and cause a higher chance of mi? As different researches points different

Does eating large eggs (4 a day) cause high cholesterol? i been reading mixed research, some say yes and some say no. i need to know for sure?

Does eatings proteins such as red meat and chicken is related to presence of proteins in the urine known as proteinurea?should i avoid eating them??

Does genetically modified food cause autism? Gmo's were released in the early 90s and since then autism cases increased by 600%. Are they safe to eat?

Does gluten sensitivity increase risk of heart disease? I read that it does in a study, but it makes little sense to me, considering g.S is intestinal

Does plant protein really lack some essential amino acids? If so, wouldn't non-meat eaters die or become malnourished over time as a result?

Does semolina flour pasta lack only Lysine in terms of Essential Amino Acids? Seems like it has decent amount of the others I think.

Does the body need more calories$energy when recovering from anemia (hgb 5) after blood trans + IV iron? Eating lots more but little weight change

Does the incorporation of spices into one's diet have any effect, positive or negative, in body transformation?

Does the sodium nitrate in processed meat increase my risk of heart disease?

Does the supplement C4 a pre workout drink affect me if I I'm pre diabetic?

Does warming food in microwave destroy the vitamins or minerals? secondly does it causes any other harmful impact ie; cause cancer?thanks

Does your body necessarily require a certain amount of cholesterol, pertaining to a vegan diet?

During chemo dr said not to diet need nutrients to rebuild cells. How long after last chemo should I start a diet?

Earnest request to advise on imp veg and fruits that are nutritious and essentials for body cells to be active and bones to be strong?

Ejection fraction of gb very low. Diet stripped down to lean meats, fruits, vegs. Reflux in throat that is constant yet varies in intensity. Related?

F i t ( food intolerance test ) how much its importance for human living?

Female, 2 copies of APOE4. Where do the fatty deposits that cause Alzheimer's come from? Diet? What advice would u give for diet/activity&prevention?

Following the specific carb diet has been rumored to provide a "lack of short chain fatty acids" , but I thought nuts & fruits & vegs supplied enuf?

For hypercalcemia I have read that one should increase rather than decrease calcium. A little insight please?

For what reasons should we only take 10 - 15 percent of protein from our diet?

Friend's nephew, 15, living in osaka, just diagnosed with crohn's, told to avoid oil, fiber. Ok?