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my brothers CD4 is 146 yet he is HIV Negeative. The test have been conducted in four different labs and hospitals on more than 6 occassions?

- How can I read my 24hr HOLTER test results? - Can the HOLTER results be accurate while I'm taking 60 mg of diltiazem 3 times a day?

11 days ago abscess tooth, penicillin for 7 days and root canal. Had done lab test week before for glucose &was 7.4. Could abscess raise b/g test?

1200 IgE level. Causes? Recommended tests? Treatment? Questions I should ask my doctor?

2 years ago all tests say I didn't have a stroke. Administered tpa (alteplase) and improved. Why did I respond to a drug for something tests say I didn't have?

3 OBands in CSF. Serum negative. 4 OBands positve for Mayo Clinic standards?Lumbar puncture was done 3 months after major symptoms.More damage needed?

4 year old has speech delay, we did blood tests and Vitamin D was 14, B12 was 1200 and IgE was 192, every other tests normal, can these cause delay?

After 4 years would it be worth it to run blood tests again that led to fibromyalgia diagnosis? Could something may have been undetectable then?

After PCOS diagnosis, what is the standard procedure? Do all doctors prescribe metformin without any tests?

Alternative medicine? For high-tech test results like anticcp?

Among all the machines available as a diagnostic tool, what could take the place of the cardiac treadmill screening test or one via injection?

Anti microsomal antibody result is >600 in test any serious problem?

Any advice? What tests are used to detect aortic stenosis, and when are they prescribed?

Anyone know what is a partial thromboplastin time blood test in easy to understand terms?

Anything out there fda approved to detect all human infectious diseases? How many test would be needed to achieve this request? 16srna and viruses?

Are blood tests of any use in determining the difference between gout and cellulitis?

Are repeat D dimers (days or weeks) clinically useful? I.E. any reason to run one again and expect a different result?

Are there any limits on the number of x-rays given during an HSG test?

Are there any studies to confirm or debunk the efficacy of urine and/ or hair testing for heavy metals?

Are there any tests that a doctor could carry out to determine if someone is an alcoholic?

Are there diff versions of G6PD deficiency? If so how these differences are established? By blood test may be?

Are there non invasive diabetes testing monitors ?

Are there specific tests for arthritis the doctor can do such as blood/x-ray, etc. if I suspect I may have it in just my knees?

Are urine neurotransmitter tests accurate? Seems like from published literature any positives result from placebo effect.

Are you saying an IgE of zero means imunodeficiency? Are there any additional testing recommendations.

At 2 mos. after exposure, assuming everything is done properly, how many % is the accuracy rate of results yielded from hiv anti-body test kit vs pcr?

At this point, how valuable is genetic testing for TRD, really? Quick scan of the internet yielded competing answers (from yes to no to inconclusive)

At this point, how valuable is genetic testing for TRD, really? Quick scan of the internet yielded competing answers (from yes to no to inconclusive).

Because of negative mannitol test & heavy dysnea, Dr. ordered methacholine challenge, but my dna shows pseudocholinesterase deficiency. Safe test?

Before I head down this path, what are implications of fertility testing in terms of diagnostic ability and invasiveness of follow-up tests?

Best guess percentage wise: are nst's better at confirming angina or ruling it out. I think the test is more accurate one way or the other?

Biopsy labs sayed delayed dr never labeled jars 2 what ea tissue is i told dr office they said not true now still no results what do I do ?

BNP and nt-ProBNP - Are these test normally ordered together or only one test is needed when when appropriate? Which test is more commonly used?

Can "gastroscopy" detect any type of viruse?

Can 2 MRI tests/lumbar puncture last year cause hair loss now? Tests neg, health ok now. Can radiation from the tests be reason for delayed hair loss?

Can a dermatoscope be used to detect melanoma? Is it 100% accurate?

Can a simple test tell if I am at risk for fractures?

Can bad breath be caused by h.Pylori? And what type of doctor usually tests for this disease? A g.P. ? And is this test expensive? Pls assist. Thank u

Can brucella anti bodeis present for treated person after 10 years of treating and get positive result test ?

Can growth factor-1 have anything in it that will make me fail a drug test?

Can I have dysport on the same day of a medical termination ( with anti d shot ) ? I am blood type o negative

Can MRI results differ depending on pain level at the time?

Can serum CA 125 be useful to diagnose endometriosis?

Can those heel prick tests show if your kid has congenital hypothyroidism?

Can u control your skin conductivity or cardioactivity or your respitation response to be able to passed a polygraph test please ?

Can you diagnose whether someone has PID based on blood test, such as ESR, CRP, and CA125? Do they always rise without exception when someone has PID?

Can you please suggest, what are test conducted for checking immune system strenght. Is that Immunoglobulin test?.

Can you tell me how doctor/surgeons take tissue samples from fetus to test for a particular disease?

Can you tell me in an immunodiffusion test to diagnose histoplasmosis, patient's serum is placed in a well in an agar plate?

Can you tell me in what manner in which the isoenzymes of ldh can be used as diagnostic tools?

Canu predict gender through baking soda test before a scan?

Child's AST elevated twice (43 and 58). Abdominal U/s, other labs and X-ray normal. What is best way to investigate reason further? What other tests?

Colonoscopy & liquid that's needed before test , causes me big side effects &now its needed again, please can u advice of alternative tests if any availabl?

Could a five year old have a peak flow test the test used to diagnose ashma?

Could hiv+ positive children be required to reveal their status?

Could use your help docs! my doctors office called me and said their was a abnormality with my hormone, what could that mean?

Could you explain what is a caries risk assessment test?

Could you please advise about exact medical laboratory term for homo-cysteine with methionine loading test? Thank you.

Cva june '13. All the tests done were completely normal. Can you have a stroke and completely normal test results? Still have some weakness.

Defocogram test results states a rectal intessuption. What does this mean? is there a treatment?

Do gastroenterologists feel affended when patients suggest a certain test to be done? Taking a active role in the indivdual's healthcare!

Do labs other than the CDC do buffy coat analysis for Leishmaniasis? Does the buffy coat include a pcr to determine what type or is that separate.

Do radiologists perform any tests that can detect any short term drug usage?

Do you think everyone should have a full body exam at least once a year and tests for cancer or would this be too expensive ?

Docs, what's a good parasite kit that you've suggested to your patients?

Does a fetus with hydrocele need special tests or treatment?

Does a typical CBC blood test provide early detection information about existance or non existance of lukemia (God Forbids) ?

Does advanced test oboost work?

Does interthecal baclofen pump need to be removed/turned off in the event of pregnancy. Have had positive test dose results for spastic diplegia cp.

Does medication like methotrexate, affect on the outcome of ANA profile blood test to show the control (co) strong positive? ?

Does Paraneoplastic antibody syndrome blood test through Mayo Clinic is reliable enough?

Does taking b12 a week before an intrinsic factor blood test cause a false reading? Would it affect a b12 test too?

Done male hormones, urology scan and other screening test, doctors ruled out psychology causes, all normal, still having impotence?

Expert opinions? Which diagnostic test result identifies the patient as being at risk for sepsis?

Fetal medicine docs. With a negative verify and sequnom result for downs test would u still recommend amnio for 1in20 risk from routine screen blood?

Few cases of iritis. Was ref to rheumatologist; had x-rays & bloodwork. 2 tests not covered: ACE and vitamin d. Are these crucial to have done?

For a long term vitamin B12 deficiency, Which x Ray or test can detect nervous tissue damage.?

For functional medicine commercial nutrient/metabolite panels, are blood-based tests more accurate than urine ones? Just want to be sure before shelling out $1000 for one of these tests.

For what purpose are torch tests conducted?

Gastric bypass patient. Is there any other way to test for gestational diabetes besides the current standard test? The glucose liquid makes me sick.

H pylori antigen in blood is positive what is the next step to confirm diagnosis in 74 yr and what treatment regimen is safe in CKD GFR 42 &duration?

Had APAS lab done. All results are normal except DRVVT which is 50.5. Knowledge & insight as to what this means would be valuable. Hx: migraines &2MC.

Has anyone used ELF or Fibrotest? How useful is it, does it correlate well with fibrosis?plz don't confuse with fibroscan or fib-4 scores, thanks

Have trigeminal neuralgia, dr recommend blood test for b12 level is this necessary?

Hello dr i did a screening test for safety of baby the test was negative but they writ that it will have a risk 1/25 that baby has smith-lemli-optiz ?

Hello, please, provide your thoughts on alcat tests and other tests of this kind. Thanks in advance, peter?

Hello, what is chemistry ER II test is used for and to detect what exactly?

Hello! What is the most informative method to detect STI? My doctor in Russia use Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry.What do you think about that?

Hematologist's! Nattokinase, Would long term use result in false negative D dimers? Due to nattokinase effects on FDP. May be a theoretical response, which is fine. Thanks

Hey im 22. And i was needing to know if my hypogonadism is reversible or not, based on my test results. ?

Hi Doc, Can TB/Bronchitis be uniquely detected through a Chest X-Ray? Or is this test not enough to clearly detect the problem? Regards, Pranav

Hi, I am looking for an informed answer regarding the use of nattokinase and its effect on a D dimer. Could the use of nattokinase provide a false negative d dimer due to its affect on fdp?

Hi, Is the D Dimer test when combined with low probability really reliable? I know of the research suggesting between 96-99% npv but in a clinical setting is what you have experienced? Thanks

Hi, Is there any test/machine now available which requires no pricking to test diabetes. If yes can I know what it is called. Thanks?

Hi, I have done 3 HIV self tests by using the French certified auto test VIH. These were done months apart and about 3 years post exposure . All were ?

Hi, I'm basically wondering what exactly in a CBC would prompt further testing for leukemia. I had abnormal labs but too many to list specifically.

Hi. Are there any special instructions prior 2 submitting a random urine sample to r/o acute intermittent porphyria? Besides being symptomatic. Thanks

Hi.I was just diagnosed witn non-insulin dependant d.My doctor ordered c-peptide test.I would like to know when and why is this test ordered for? Thx:

How accurate are blood tests in determining invasive candidiasis? Would it be recommended to have more than one test to be sure?

How accurate are the home uranalysis test? I bought one called rapid response which test the 10 paramaters. I'm prone to u t i's