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Can you get false negative results in food intolerance test if taking antihistamine?

2 different allergist, 2 different blood tests for foods, and different results. How does this happen? Skin testing also different. Believe skin test?

A friend's blood allergy test showed multiple food intolerances. I've read that allergy blood work is not reliable. Does she have to eliminate foods?

After intradermal allergy tests and 6 months of shots my symptoms worsened. I repeated blood allergy tests elsewhere..Negative. I stopped the shots and am now almost in a constant anaphylactic state?

Allergy was 120 allergen..and almost 100 was positive..a lot of red dots on my arms after the that normal and what med to take ?

Any new way to test for food allergies besides an elimination diet or skin test?

Anyone test for allergies to walnuts? Is it a blood test?

Are allergic tests for cats definitive? Will the test be done for all for major allergens known in cats?

Are allergies normal when it comes to pregnancy?

Are allergy tests for food sensitivites and/or allergies fairly accurate?

Are fals positives from a skin allergy tests common?

Are hydrogen breath tests (to test for lactose, fructose, and lactulose intolerances) very accurate? How accurate are they (generally speaking)?

Are negative pricks on skin testing for food usually accurate?

Are skin prick tests accurate for food allergies?

Are skin-prick allergy tests accurate/trustworthy? I still get occasional hives & worry about foods, but my allergy test showed no food reactions.

Are there any home allergy testing kits that can be bought that work just as well as allergy testing at docs?

Are there any home allergy testing kits that you can buy that work just as good as allergy testing at the doctor's office?

Are you able to take a test besides patch testing to see if you are allergic to something? can a skin biopsy tell you if you are allergic to something? Or are their any other tests that you can do?

BadFlushing reaction after eating,no commonality, throat gets weird.Mastocytosis negative,blood allergy test neg, food allergy on back neg. Help.

Be enough reason to go to the doctor for a tyramine allergy test?

Blood allergy test negative to p. chrysogenum, always told im allergic to penicillin. I even had rash with ceftriaxone. How to interpret this?

Blood or prick test for food intolerance?

Blood test for common food allergies negative does this mean there wont be any reactions to food or anaphylaxis?!

Can allergies cause throat tightness and if so what treatments would you recommend. I had a blood test done and have a high reaction to trees?

Can antibiotics therapy affect prick test's(for allergies)?

Can complete blood count (CBC) detect i have allergy food allergy or other allergy or i do other test for allergy?

Can complete blood test diagnosis i have food allergy or other allergy or i do other test for allergy my complete blood test are normal.

Can gluten-free, diary-free diet help with autism symptoms? How accurate are the food allergy tests? What allergy tests do you recommend for autism?

Can I confirm my son has an allergy since he tests negative for all IgE allergies?

Can i go for food allergy test if I am on cortisone?

Can I have an allergy skin test while on propranolol?

Can I have celiac disease even if a skin test showed negative for wheat allergy?

Can I have celiac if a skin test was negative for wheat allergy?

Can I purchase an insulin allergy/resistance testing kit?

Can I still have celiac disease if a skin test showed negative for wheat allergy?

Can i tell me how i can test if I am allergic to metamucil?

Can i trust my doctor when she says, that all my allergy tests are negative, and that i can eat everything? Without my tongue to swell? Have anxiety.

Can medication for allergies be marked on a blood test?

Can patch testing indicate food allergies?

Can skin prick testing for food allergies be 100% reliable?

Can someone explain the RAST test to me. I'm very confused on how it's supposed to inform you on an allergy. ?

Can the doctor test pool chemical allergies?

Can there be a test you can get which can tell you if you are allergic to anything?

Can there be any test to diagnose a suspected food allergy or intolerance?

Can wheat allergy test be wrong?

Can wheat allergy test comes false positive if a person have hypothroidism?

Can you have an allergy test done on a 4 month baby?

Can you have negative skin test for peanuts and pass the eating challenge and still be allergic?

Can you let me know how many years is an allergy test good for?

Can you see an allergist to test for excessive caffeine sensitivity?

Can you take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) before a blood tests for IgE antibodies to foods? My son has a test coming up and i wasn't sure if Benadryl (diphenhydramine) would affect the results

Can you tell me how accurate are allergy skin tests?

Can you tell me how could an allergy test work?

Can you tell me is the blood test for allergies the most accurate allergy test?

Can you tell me is there an allergy test for surgical steel?

Can you test for antibiotic allergies?

Can your regular doctor do allergy test on you?

Chronic hives X 9months. Have been using Splenda X over 10 years. Labs and skin test normal. IgE normal. Can I develop a sudden allergy to Splenda?

Could I have celiac if a skin test showed negative for wheat allergy?

Dear Doctors, I would like to know all the possible medical causes for multiple allergies (pollen and food) since I have been tested positive for many?

Dear Sir I got tested for httg/dgp test for gluten sensitivity and got score of 209, Can you please suggest the severity of gluten intolerance.

Dermographism, are skin allergy testing not accurate?

Diagnosed with asthma+allergic rhinitis 2years.Methacholine challenge test today:Negative.ImmunoCAP(A-IgE):Total 1114, 93.4 IgE(kU/l), good control?

Do allergy tests hurt?

Do allergy tests scar?

Do any tests indicate a severe shellfish allergy?

Do positive tests for food allergy mean I can never have that food again?

Do rast tests usually detect severe allergies?

Do sweet gum and hackberry trees have pollen? My allergy test tested positive with a 3 . Rated on 0-6 scale

Does allergist have to give you a blood test before you get allergy shots?

Does blood need to be taken for an allegry test or can all be tested by prick?

Does desensitization vaccination works for allergic asthma?I got positive skin prick tests for 4-5 allergens....

Dr ordered blood allergy tests, but i've read these tests are unreliable. if they show food allergies should i believe it? skin testing is negative.

Each time i take dairy my ENT problems and breathing worsens, [allegy test was negative] , if its a food sensitivity is that issue treatable if so how?

Earlier dr. Nayla z munmeh recommended nasal allergy tests & one to rule out immunodeficiency. What are the tests called? No immunologist in my countr

FDA has not approved food allergy tests that use a few dried blood spots for measuring IGg. Are they reliable? What's a good way to test for such?

Female age 29. Been breaking out in hives with occasional angiodema since October. Been to allergist and did skin testing but reacted to everything because I was so sensitive. Did RAST testing and everything came out class 0 except for egg white and wheat

Flushing reaction after eating foods,no commonality yet,throat weird.Mastocytosis negative,blood allergy test neg, food allergy on back neg.What is it?

Food allergy test came back negative, but doc says it doesn't test for allergy to genetically modified forms of same foods? How do I test gmo allergy?

For allergy testing is it more accurate to use 0.08 ku/l for being negative or 0.35 ku/l for rast?

Getting allergy test soon & allergist said he'd only test foods if I think a specific food there's me. Is that normal? Should I ask to test all food?

Had an allergy test which reports that I am not allergic to anything. However, my nose is always stuffy in my home and nowhere else. Was the test bad?

Has anyone ever had a blood test to screen for food allergies?

Hello. My allergist told me that based on the symptoms I've experienced due to food allergies that it's not safe for me to do a food allergy test. I'm devastated because I was hoping for the test to provide some sort of confirmation because I'm at a place

Help please? I had an allergy skin test done yesterday shocked to see peanuts come up positive! do these allergies ever go away?

Help! my blood test allergy says I am very highly allergic to dogs! but i had a high shed dog for 4 years and nothing ever happened. Must be wrong?

Help! my blood test allergy says I am very highly allergic to dogs! but i had a high shed dog for 4 years and nothing ever happened.Is results flawed?

Help! need to know if there's an allergy test for surgical steel?

How accurate are allergy tests?

How accurate are food allergy blood tests? Do they generally detect then well?

How accurate is a genova allergy panel?

How accurate is an allergy scratch test?

How accurate is patch testing for allergies?

How and where can I get an allergy test for bismuth oxychloride?

How are allergy tests done? What is involved?

How are today's allergy tests performed on children?

How best to diagnose milk allergy? Skin test or blood test?

How can I detect if I have a gluten allergy or its just IBS without testing I have no health insurance. ..Are there specific symptoms?

How can I find out for sure if I am allergic or sensitive to gluten? Is there a blood test or something like that to be totally sure? Thank you.

How can I find out if I am allergic to copper ? Is there a test that i can do?