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Im having terrible knee pain that I can't sleep at night, been having it for some time now. Done tests & all results were fine. Pls help?

Spirometry standing1stTest took Brown Inhaler for 2mth before 3 week break stop before test . 2nd test sitting, Nurse said you met the criteria??

.i smoched a day she told me her parents died with AIDS.i got antibody -antiget test after 12 weeks which came out still i worried?

1 last question.My lab 4th gen hiv test came back in less than 2 hours. In report it said 9:48 start time 11:33 finish time.Can they come back so fast?

12 days past frzn blast trnsfr 1st blood test has hCG level of 38. Dr said its positive but low - go back in 2 days for 2nd test. Should i be hopeful?

12 mths ago B12 was 155ng/L recent test result 145ng/L dont take B12 supplements so as to get true reading do i need B12 injections soon?

12yr son extreme fatigue n bad calf pain. Waiting on mono test but ck level came back high. Related to mono or diff. Concern? Asked Asked urine. Y

19 weeks pregnat blood came back negative but they can see babys bone in nose does it always mean down syndrome?

1stof my last cycle 07/20/15 I went to the doc &my blood tested positive for pregnancy but they couldnt find the baby on the O/S. Should I b worry?

2 year old tested pos. for TB (11 mm). Only reason she was tested is went to Aruba in Dec. Neg x-ray. Should we retest before starting her on meds? Hate to start her on meds if this is a false pos

21 female ,had an occult blood test 3 times and IBD tests which all came back negative ,i have BM changes for 10 months doc said im fine. concerned?

24 weeks pregnant, done gct ( glucose challenge test) today & my result is 147.3 the normal mentioned was 100-140. Should i worry about the result? Help

29/male. Feel fine. ANA Test done for hearing loss..results 1:160 and ESR normal. What could this be? So scared!!

3 year old Daughter has been sick for 2 days. I just did a home utility test on he, I'm worried I waited to long. What is risk for sepsis?

31+ weeks pregnant affected by hook affect/cryptic preg.Neg scans docs wont listen. So anxious help?

33rd wk pregnant, had maternit21 plus test earlier, which came -ve, but my doc never mention about CF test or neural tube defect, sud i be worried nw?

35 yr old female. Slated for VSG on 8-19. 7 yr old niece just diagnosed with mono. Will I have to postpone surgery? Can a test be done to see if I hav

3out of the last 4 years called back for diag.Mammo. Should i be concerned?

4 years ago tested neg for ms with mri and spinal tap. Have a lot of ms symptoms. Whats the chances if it being pos now after 4 yrs?

41 female my cardiologist did a reg stress test results were good. bloodekg all good said Iam fine. how does dr know if u need additional tests?

41 female smokerwhy wouldnt my cardio dr do more than a regular stress test since it is not 100% accurate to rule out cad, even though test was fine?

43 HIV positive a lab test results of cd3 70.7 CD4 31.4 %positive l cd8 37.6 %positive what that mean should I be concern trying to get pregnant?

5yrs ago got stuck by needle used for skin test. Aftr 3mos test result came back neg for hepb. Is my risk very high for hep b?Pls help. So scared!

63 days post mc I'm still testing positive should I be concerned. My family Dr. did one blood test April 15th and it was at 25. I do have pregnant now?

A growth on my cervix watering dischage got a test done Dr give me flagyl and to another Dr I was given tarivid and some drugs,now prioud no flow is ?

A male friend had a paternity test and results showed x and y on him and only 1 x on baby girl, is that normal?

A needle pricked on the road accidently 1.5 mnths ago. What blood tests shld be done? N what HIV tests and other tests needed to be done? Please name

A1c n creatinine serum tested 5.7, 1.37. Dr. Wants to wait 6 mo n repeat test. Could it be something besides diabetes? Can it be a false? Diet is good

According to WHO, no further HIV antibody test necessary after 3 mth cos u will always test -ve after 3mth if no future exposure, why some say 6mth?

AFP blood test done at 16 weeks pregnant. Is 1.55 mom considered normal?

After a year and a half approx. did the HPV test again and it came back negative! Which means my body is cleared from it? Is that possible?I'm normal?

After contracting mono how long is the average time to show up on blood test I've heard that after 3 mounth it wouldnt show anything?

After my 2nd blood test came back that my liver enzymes came back elevated now my doctor wants a ultra sound done do I have to be worried?

After my rai over 2 years ago it seems as if all my symptoms have came back with even more. Is this possible?

After partial pregnancy (d c). Why the do biopsy test? Thanks for your answers.

After thhirty years of suffering from B12 deficancy my mums test show that it is over the requiired amount therfore her doctor has withdrew her injec?

All my paraneoplastic antibody panel came back negative. This is a good thing right?

All my Symptoms on here are currant!! thyroid blood test came back 1.39 is this normal?? And what could be wrong with me?? And what tests/treatment??

ALP 126 at 4, 8, and 12 weeks postpartum. liver tests normal. Dr thinks it could be due to breastfeeding and isn't worried. Should I get 2nd opinion?

Although the test results have yet to come back if i omit gluten my muscle pain goes away- is this a clinical positive for celiac?

Always have had blood in urine, since I was a child. Went to doctor even had Testing done and everything showed up fine. Will this affect my pregnancy?

Am 18wks pregnant, had my quad screening test on my 16wks& it was negative. Is that an assuring sign that my baby doesn't have dawn syndrome?

Am 31yrs old, was 15wks when did my quad screening&it came back negative, saying its 1:131 for ds, 1:630 for maternal age.What does that mean?

Ana test came back positive. Doctor tested me b/c i reported ongoing burning pain in legs, occasional chest pain and fatigue. What does this mean?

Antiphospholipid result came 10 (In result normal is below 7)i had a miscarriage 5 months before at 5 th week,now taking aspirirn 81mg.need to worry?

Are pregnancy tests definitely accurate in the weeks following lmp? I keep seeing reports on net of people never getting a positive on hpt.

Aside from my question before Ive taken multi home pregnancy tests n they've all come back indecisive/read error. So should I take a blood test?

At 3-4 dpo, can hCG levels be 500ml/iu? Some say no way, others say yes. If yes, how? (this would mean a urine test would be positive).

At 6w2d i took a cb weeks estimator and it shows 2-3. I've seen a gs & ys at us at 5w4d. R these hpt reliable & accurate and should I be concerned?

Ater 4 wks which test better for HIV RNA or 4th generation some say either or and some say otherwise why n what our ur thoughts and beliefs?

Athlete. 112 lbs. Took 50000iu/day vitamin d for 3 months but 25-oh d blood test still normal. How is this possible? Is it bc i move alot/use up more

Aug. 22 got test results + for chlamydia(gave 1dose of meds) Sept.25 retested but it was 3rd day of period. Test results (-). Should I trust results?

Bad symptoms of gall bladder trouble 3 weeks. All tests so far neg. Doc says if next test (catscan) neg, he is sending me to looney bin. Help!?

Been puking everyday for 3 months now 5 times a day. done every test came back normal. it hurts in middle stomach. no gallbladder. what other test ?

Been test positive for ghonorea only other test neg testicle swollen got 400g fixme how long should I wait before cured if fixme is working?

Before you get tested for things at the dr. They draw your blood. If that all comes back normal. Does that mean there's nothing wrong with you? Or

Bhcg positive and urine was negative.I didn't whipe front to back like told with alcohol whipe instead back to front couldthat have affected uhcg test?

Blood Drawn Tuesday morning. Doc ordered several tests for fatigue and abd pain, all came back except for the CBC w/Diff & Platelet. Why delay??

Blood drawn yesterday 2 vials had to have a lot of tests run dr called back today and said couldnt run all of test bc specimen was bad can this happen?

Blood results are back! not sure what it all means. Should I call the doctor for another appointment?

Blood test came back with creatinine at 4.72 how bad is that ? Thank you

Blood test positive for tb. Symtoms free. Should i take meds.?

Blood test results back yesterday. Doc says it shows very low levels of pregnancy hormones, need to get another 1 next week. What courses that result?

Blood test today and it is now 10 am and I had about 4 beers at 9pm last night. Am I ok now? or should I wait so results are not affected? 270lbs 6'3"

Blood tests confirmed it...Im pregnant!, but what now?..Should i still be worried about anything? How will i know if ill carry full term and all ok?

Blood tests in neurology for back pain. Came back normal.. Would the blood work indicate or point towards if I had a spine Tumor?

Blood tests revealed that my platlets were low i had one 4weeks later and got a phone call they came back fine but i still feel tired all the time?

Blood tests this Thurs. at 12. Exercise 3 x's a week including 2 hours on Wed. 9 til 11. Could this affect my CEA (tumor marker) or other tests ?

Blood work came back & my thyroid is at 15. What does that mean? Also I'm gonna need CT neck scan. Dr. Felt lump. What could this mean?

Blood work came back fine 2 urine test 1st with protine & WBC 2nd with just WBC no infection in either have a 3rd on waiting on it but what can it be?

Blood work came back negative but can't see bone in fetus nose 19 weeks does it always mean down syndrme?

Blood work for pregnancy came back at a 1 after days from my peak what dose this mean?

Blood work was normal, EKG came back they said there was a little abnormality on it. W/ blood coming back normal could I still have heart issues?

Borderline smear.Clear results 6months later, fell pregnant and had to miss next check up.Is it likely to still be clear next checkup after baby born?

Burning in lungs and heavy cough from two years, i consulted doctor and he suggested to do some test and gone through all test based on tests doctor?

Burning sensation inside&outside my stomach any ideas on why could this be happening also was hpylori positive just got retested still waiting results?

Calprotectin result come back as 70 which they said is a bit high is it a result I should worry about or look more in to ?

Can 1st trimester testing come back high chance for downs?

Can a hospital tell you that you're HIV positive an then tell use it was a mistake in bloods is this possable answer this question please?

Can a mc murry's test be pos one day(after injury) then neg 3-4wks later...and why? the injury wouldn't resolve that quick, would it?

Can a tube pregnancy show negative results?Menes starts on every 14th .On 12/01/13 , i took 1 dose next choice.On 12/05 at hops did tests- results nega

Can an ear nose throat doc know about thyroid? Fam doc is sending me. he doesnt know who else to send me Endo sent me to fam doc aftr bld test r norm

Can an us be misread? I have l ovary pn for about 2 months and it is getting worse. The us result came back 'unremarkable'

Can convergence insufficiency be the cause of my daughter's nystagmus? it only presents when looking near and all her tests have came back normal.

Can hospital make a mistake wit a HIV test?

Can hymen get torn by STD testing?I got contradcting answers.1 doc says a samp from cervix is necessary n 1 more doc says blood n urine test is enough

Can i be positive that im not pregnant if blood taken 9 1/2 weeks after last contact is neg and vaginal ultrasound 10 weeks after contact shows nothin?

Can i give TSH blood test when I have fever and common cold? Or should I wait till i recover? What difference will my TSH show if taken a test now?

Can i have an EMG and MRI test if i recently got a tattoo 2 weeks ago?

Can i still have pancreatis if my enyzemes all came back normal?

Can labs give you mistakes I went to clinic for pap and on automatic system I had postitive for hsv2 and on paper negative should I go for blood work?

Can my TB skin test reading indicate any possibility of getting hiv? (19mm, chest X-ray 1 month prior to test showed no tb) I have in total 3 times intercourse with russian prostitutes (2 times with the same one and 1 time with a different one) and i used

Can someone still have celiacs diseases if blood work came back negative?

Can steroid injections for bad back affect a pregnancy test result?

Can the birth control pill have an affect on results of the hs-crp blood test? (slightly elevated). Some say yes, some say no. Confused...

Can too much urine or too little urine affect pregnancy tst? had 3 all negative..didn't really count 5 at clinic also...shld i try more

Can u still be ok if your EKG came back w/ little abnormality?

Can you advise me on going to check my results from last weeks vaginal exam, he came back saying I had a bacterial infectionodd I wasn't prescribed something?

Can you get c diff more then once? Confirmed and treated 7 months ago... Confirmed gone by 2 more stool samples that both came back negative...

Can you get gas in upper back ? They done every test they said nothing is wrong ......