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Abnormal results after breathing test the drs sending me to pulmonary specialist what are they looking for? I have been breathing difficulties

After being administered ventolin during pulmonary function testing, my oxygen saturation rose from 94 to 98. Could that be meaningful?

After having a pulmonary function testing & spiro breathing test done, nothing showing obstruction. I'm constantly short of breathe. What's next step?

Are a Urea Breath Test & a breath test for SIBO the same thing or not?

Asthma methacholine challenge. Is there side-effects from the test?

At what age can you test for asthma and what is the procedure for testing?

Breathlessness on exertion since 2 yrs till now many times xray pft echo done normal m worrying abt pulmonary fibrosis do I need more test if pft norm

Can a astma inhaler affect the result of a pregrancy test?

Can a BNP blood test determine if you have CHF or COPD?

Can a lung function test show if I have exercise induced asthma?

Can a normal pulmonary function test (spirometry test) rule out COPD and emphysema?

Can a person with exercise induce asthama have normal pft is there any test to confirm it?

Can benzos reduce scores on peak flow meter tests? Had spirometery test which were lower but did not change with asthma medication. Thanks

Can bronchoprovocation tests only check for asthma?

Can bronchoprovocation tests only check for asthma?

Can fatigue from not eating due to pregnancy affect mip and mep on a pulmonary function test?

Can i fail a brochial challenge test if i don't have asthma and my breathing is fine?

Can i have a Urea Breath Test and a SIBO Breath Test at the same time, or on the same day?

Can I still have dysautonomia if my QSART and breathing test were normal?

Can i take an allergy pill before a pulmonary lung function test?

Can i tell me how i can pass a pulmonary function test?

Can i tell me how i can pass the pulmonary function test?

Can my asthma be severe even with normal pulmonary function tests? Can my asthma give an elevated temperature?

Can pulmonary function test for COPD be completed n given results within a day? How accurate is the test to diagnose copd?

Can pulmonary function test tell if I have asthma or any other respiratory diseases?

Can there be a non neuromuscular cause to slightly low mip and mep. Other part of pft was normal?

Can you have false low readings on mip and mep pulminary function tests?

Can you take Ibuprofen before a methacholine challenge breathing test? Or will it affect the results?

Can you tell me is it possible for an asthmatic to obtain 100% lung function?

Can you tell me what can you do in a pulmonary functions test?

Could a pulmonary function test rule out emphysema 100%?

Could the breathing exercises, performed during pulmonary function test, be done routinely?

Could you have early emphysema with a normal ("unremarkable")pulmonary function test?

Dear dr, my fvc %pred is 80. Spirometry interpretation is normal. But doc says I have mild restrictive ventilatory defect. Shouldnt it be normal? Ty!

Dear dr, my spirometry test show fvc %pred 80. Interpretation: normal. But my doctor wrote mild restrictive ventilatory defect. Need some advice. Tks!

Did methocholine challenge and only dropped 12%. Dr says negative for asthma. How accurate is test? Did pft as well and was normal.

Do primary care doctors have the ability to do pulmonary function tests in their office?

Does BNP or NT-proBNP test done to evaluate shortness of breath?

Does sputum tests show COPD?

Does this mean mild COPD if a spirometry test shows mild obstruction?

Dr order pulm. Ventilation/perfusion scan for tachardyia and sob. Have normal chest x-ray, ekg, pulmonary test and blood work. Odds it's an embolism?

Dr said that I needed a 12% improvement on methacholine test for asthma diagnosis. Is this number arbitrary? Can I still have asthma if negative?

Dr tony my spirometry was 120% is this accurate ?

Episodic difficulty with inhale; also chronic rhinitis. Dr doesn't suspect asthma but wishes to rule it out with methacholine test. Effective test?

Had pulmonary function test done with impression "Mild Restrictive Defect" and "Reduced Diffusion".What could these mean?Hyperreact. by methacholine

Have been on prednisone x 2 months. Down to 12.5 mg/day & just had pulmonary function testing.No one told me to stop.Could that have effected results?

Have CHF. Most recent BNP is 14.1. Is this a good result?

Having breathing problem on minimal exertion not able to do daily activities test done 2decho, pft xray=normal, what to do now ?

Having breathing problem on minimal exertion not able to do daily activities test done 2decho, pft xray=normal, what to do now ?Do i need CT scan

How accurate are pulmonary function tests done at a pulmonologists office? What can they detect?

How accurate is a pulmonary function test thats testing for Asthma? Mine came back normal. Could I still possibly have asthma?

How accurate is a spirometry test in diagnosing asthma?

How accurate is the methacholine challenge test for asthma?

How affective is the methacholine test for asthma?

How are tests for asthma performed on a child?

How bad does it mean when spirometry results only show the number 300 ml (vital capacity)? What is the average normal value for spirometry test?

How can a doctor test for asthma?

How can u possibly have a VQ scan 75+ prob PE, all symptoms, high d-dimmer and Ct 2 months later say no? PFT good, No lung disease, low DLCO 50%?

How common is it for someone to need a pulmonary function test?

How do you define and diagnose pulmonary function?

How do dr's in the hospital test for mold in the lungs?

How do they test for COPD diagnosis?

How do you do pulmonary function tests?

How does having COPD affect a VQ scan?

How does spirometry aid in the pulmonary disorder diagnosis?

How effective is an eagle pulmolab pft machine?

How much do pulmonary function tests costs?

How reliable is the methacholine challenge test for asthma?

I am having discomfort in my lungs following a pulmonary function test. Could this be a problem?

I am overseas and have a diagnosis of COPD and pulmonary fibrosis by two doctors in the same clinic withct scan, X-ray and spirometry. Should I take a secondopinion in the us?

I am wheezing for 3 days when I inhale, with chest tightness. test results show no asthma. I tested ANA positive, could this be from an autoimmune dis?

I did a pulmonary function test my fv1 was 74% could I be diagnosed with copd?

I did a pulmonary function test what does it mean when my gas exchange levels are only 50%?

I don't know if I have asthma. My doctor said i do, but i never use ventolin unless i'm near a cat or allergen. The pulmonary function test confirmed.

I had a pulmonary function test. I was curious and wondering can someone be accidentally diagnosed with asthma?

I had a stress test and my o2 remained at 99% throughout the test. Does that rule out COPD or emphysema?

I had an ekg and pulmonary test done which came back fine. I was a little winded during pulmonary test. Doctor on here thinks it's allergic asthma. Can I have that without it showing up on my test?

I had the methacholine challenge test and it triggered bronchospasm on the lowest dose. What does this mean? Should i be on bronchodialators? I'm 27.

I have a "pulmonary function test" and "execise induced asthma test" can they tell if I have respiratory acidosis?

I have to get a pulmonary function test. What does this entail?

I took my pro air hfa inhaler before my pulmonary function testing. Would this affect my results if I have COPD , lung damage, or other diseases ?

I'm wondering can the breathing exercises, performed during pulmonary function test, be done routinely?

If a person has chronic hyperventilation syndrome and takes a pft and methacholine challenge test would the results be affected? Mine showed asthma.

If FVC and FEV1 are normal above 100% predicted and FEV1/FVC is 80% predicted and 69% actual is this COPD?

If i don't have asthma and my breathing is fine, could i fail a bronchial challenge test?

If I have a cold, the spirometry test may result changed?

If my pulmonary function test showed lungs of 128-yr-old, why didn't my dr tell me I have COPD? Is it always?

If pulmonary function test shows a mild obstructive ventilatory defect with normal volumes and high dlco but not a smoker and don't have asthma, is this finding significant?

If you fail a pft does it mean you have asthma?

If you have exercise induced asthma and have a spirometry test, will it most likely show on the results?

In a lung function test, what does transfer of 30 mean?

Is 83% result in spirometery ok ?

Is BNP blood test necessary if echocardiogram was okay? Have shortness of breath and cough

Is it still possible to have asthma with a neg methcholine challange? What if cellular changes indicating asthma is seen on bronchoscopy?

Is it worth getting the BNP test if your echocardiogram and chest CT, lung function test were oaky but still have shortness of breath at times?

Is spiromtetry replacement for pulmonary lung test?

Is there a test to make sure that I do or don't have asthma?

Is there a way to test for asthma without a dr?

Is there any way a doctor , can tell if you still have asthma ? What test do you have to take to prove you don't have asthma ?

Is there anything tgat can be done for my 3 month old who has rsv?