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Can lab tech make mistakeI went to planned parenthood for Pap smear on lab it says I tested postive but the doc told me negative should I draw blood ?

18 week cash paying patient. Hbsag positive on prenatal screen . What are the needed tests to work up?

After a hysterectomy, can blood tests for std's be performed at a STD testing site that is not the physician's office? Is it common enough?

Anything that would cause a false positive for norfentanyl pain doc said it came back from lab in cali but we are in ny with plenty certified labs ?

Are all blood test done at hospital's ER including alcohol testing?

Are elisa tests conducted by physicians, or techs? and how much training is required to conduct one?

Are the results of my drug test confidential between me and my employer or will my parents be notified even thou i sighned hippa papers?

Are there any insurance premium effects if you have ask to be tested for diabetes and the tests say you don't have it?

Are there ELISA testing centers that will accept plates coated with antigens purchased from another company, and then provided to them from me?

As far as blood work goes will a health care clinic suffice or do I need to have a full blood panel at a drs office?

Blood draw from clinic , had to take sample myself to another clinic only 15 minute drive . Vaccutainer test tube was in my car room temperature Clinic checked sample said would be good for 2days and is okay Would it effect hiv test accuracy ?

Bloods taken at clinic, sent off to lab and then a few days. Negative. Do these tests look for antigens? For HIV

But can if you belong to a suboxoneclinic CAN they order a test for neurotin?

Can a doctor order a urine tox screen while in the hospital without informing the patient?? In NY?

Can a dr order any lab test that a patient wants done and agrees to pay for, no matter if he is asymptomatic or the test is not in the dr's specialty?

Can a hemoglobin test at the health department show up drugs?

Can a regular family doctor perform a simple blood sugar test in office? If not, what options do I have?

Can blood type testing be done at a regular clinic?

Can HIV RNA test detect dead virus? Reason for asking, if nurse made a mistake taking blood or transferring it to lab

Can i get a copy of the blood test report from hospital after my drink was spiked?

Can I send in a sample and get company to analyze blood test report?

Can my physician test my labs for HIV/AIDS without my knowledge or do they need my consent first?

Can my regular doctor do the audiology test in his clinic?

Can my regular doctor do the fecal fat test in his clinic?

Can patients ask for a copy of pap, std, and blood work results for their own personal records even if test were normal?

Can somebody tell me how much does getting a gene test done cost?

Can the nurse read the reading on a spyrometry test or must that come from a doctor or pulgometrist?

Can the presence of a virus be detected through bloodwork from a hospital lab?

Can uroscopy be done to check the cause of penile discharge if not found by other tests? And what other information does it provide?

Can you request karyotyping during a routine physical/blood test?

Can you retrieve my Lab Corps urine analysis test results that were done here in Sherman Texas on May 15, 2015?

Can you tell me 2 ex. of lab tests done on the patient and 2 ex. of the lab test done on material obtained from patient?

Can you tell me 2 examples of lab tests done on the patient and 2 examples of the lab test done on material obtained from a patient?

Can you tell me about drug test/background check/ hiring process question?

Can you tell me how to find nys newborn screening records?

CLIA certified lab has no CPT codes yet. If sent by a H, what CPT code(s) would my M.D. use when there is or isn't reason for the test?

Could a person request an angiogram without a specific referral from the physician if he/she agrees to pay for the test?

Could an unlicensed practical nurse be allowed to perform blood sugar test?

Could it be annoying/frustrating to a doctor when patient requests lab tests?

Do beta blockers show up in blood tests specifically a medical for deployment overseas ?

Do different labs give different lab result #s? How accurate is quest diagnostic lab?

Do I have to pay to get lab results or are they free?

Do I need a order? Does one need an order for labs, such as a cbc? Not for any reason other than thinking it would be neat to track 4 times a year.

Do I need any special testing when i'm on lithium?

Do I need doctors prescription or order to have blood taken at labcorp?

Do infectious disease doctors use special labs? The CDC labs?

Do radiology clinics do DEXA tests?

Do they look for narcotics in routine lab tests?

Do va medical centers/hospitals use the CDC for lab tests concerning infectious diseases?

Do you think hair analysis are more accurate then blood test . Some nutrishonist say they can evaluate health problems with my hair test?

Does a ped doctor need consent from the parent to perform morhine treatment on a newborn and do they have to wait for meconium test results?

Does anyone know how much the AFP blood test will cost?

Does cholesterol home testers really work as well as going to the lab?

Does HIV test preform as a part of the prenatal blood tests (in California)?

Does HIV test require a fresh blood? or it can freezes for the next couple days. Because some laboratories sent samples abroad for testing.

Does insurance company do specific tests for a toxicology screen?

Does lab work on a blood sample reveal others problems than initial sample requested?

Does my dr automatically test for HIV at my annual exam? Is that up to me to ask each time? Does my insurance have any say?

Does routine annual check up include blood test? Should I request if I want? I have one this week and this is my first time this country

Er nurse encouraged nuclear scan for positive d dimer in patient. Family member had declared dnr and said no heparin if positive. Why get the test?

Failed urinalysis, sent out to reputable lab. After testing pos. For hydromorphone, i know i didn't ingest, how possible, how can I clear my record?

Fecal occult blood test--can I do it at home for no charge?

For a general check up What lab tests should be done?

For how long can a blood sample last for testing purposes?

Had pregnancy test and lab called my office and told the secretary (work in doctors office). She told admin. Was that wrong?

Has anyone ever ordered a tilt table test? What for?

Has HIV testing been remove from all embassys or immigration medical exam forms?

Have to submit a urinalysis for a job. How useful are at home tests?

Her dr. Prescribed apo e genotype test she wants done without entry in emr so hospital employer cant see. Any way to legally send to doctor Only?

Hi Doctor, Good Morning ☺ last week during my routine medical test I have been deducted with blood in urine. And high eosinophilis 9. Kindly suggest.

Hi I am a 61 yr old male my question do Drs still do urine test and prostate test with a annual physical exam? My New Dr doesn't do this

Hi my insurance doesn't pay for hematologist, and i need a bone marrow biopsy. How much does this test cost , including lab work and doctor fee´s?

Hi! This is a test message! Please, send me random answer

How can I have a bta stat test run?

How can pharmacy bill for pills never ordered or sent?

How could a blood sample identify a person?

How could you interpret this med order?

How do I access my blood test results from the hospital?

How do I find the best donor lab?

How do I know how much urine is needed to do an extensive lab test break down of opiates?

How do I obtain information on tick identification?

How does culture process in a lab work as far as looking for fungus in a hair sample? How does it work and why does it take a month?

How does one test for partial androgen insensitivity? Is it something a doctor can easily create an order to be tested in labcorp/quest?

How fresh does a sputum test be before sending to lab for testing?

How good does your vision have to be in order to pass the test for the ame?

How is it that tests for cerebral palsy should not be performed in a hospital lab?

How longdo the results for a bmp or cmp take in a hospital setting?

How much does a hCG serum test cost if you don't have insurance in america ?

How much does it cost to get a battery of tests for arthritis?

How much urine is needed for an extensive lab test break down of opiates?

How to take thyroid test in Irving,Texas?

How true is it that the lung X-ray examination result expires or is not valid after 2 weeks? Just heard from a clinic conducting an X-ray test

How would a person be almost certain to pass a state issued urine drug test being sent to a lab in less than 12 days?

How/where to get blood drawn to send out too another country for a test not yet available in the united states?

I am a "difficult stick". What can I do to make blood draws easier for nurses or lab techs?

I am student of mbbs 3rd yr can u guide me for usmle test and test for u.K?

I do not see how I should be able to provide a semen sample. How does this work?

I don't have insurance and don't want to get a holter monitor test done ?

I had a dui now I am required to go to group therapy do they test you for alcohol by etg or just 8 panel adams county pa?

I had a TSH REFLEX TO FREE T4 blood test done, my result is 3.70 and my doctor is currently unavailable to go over the results. Please help.