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"what information does metabolic panel blood test gives to a doctor about a patient's health?"

1.4 then 1.8 bilirubin, the test of my blood Work ,cbc,lipid ,cmp is normal .I dont drink,smoke or do drugs. Help!!!

1st urinalysis showed blood, bili, pro. 2nd was clean. CBC and Comp. Metobolic panel were all normal. Should I be concerned?

24hrs since a CBC,CMP,lipid profile blood test Is there something wrong? Or an emergency that I have to come in?

9 y/o had blood work for annual physical. ALT was high-49. Everything else (CBC, metabolic panel) was normal. What could cause high ALT?

All labs are normal (CBC, complete metobolic panel, etc.). Still worried I have cirrhosis. Likely?

All of my labs (comp. metabolic panel and CBC) have been normal twice recently, but I am still terrified I have cirrhosis. Is this possible?

Amylase and lipase are they part of routine bloodwork or are the extra tests that doctor must specify on lab work?

Are lipid profile and comprehensive metabolic panel test routine at your annual check-up?

Are the lab tests PT, PTT, BMP, celiac profile, and thyroid profile give off any markers to check for Crohn's Disease or are these tests irrelevant?

Basic metabolic panel test - should I fast overnight for it?

Boyfriend snorts methamphet 2-3x/mo. CBC, Chem panel, liver panel, lipid profile drawn this am. Last use 6hrs ago (2"lines")can meth affect lab values?

Can a cbc, cmp or bmp replace a fingerstick test?

Can all blood work (comp. meto panel, CBC, etc) all be normal and still have cirrhosis?

Can you have a normal comprehensive metabolic panel and still have a metabolic disease ?

Can you have a normal comprehensive metabolic panel normal acylcartinine panel and normal organic acids and still have a metabolic disease ?

Can you tell if someone has ALS from a pereneoplastic antiautobody panel?

Comprehensive metabolic panel - does it test both the liver and kidneys?

Comprehensive metabolic panel during a physical revealed eGFR of 41 and creatinine of 1.46. Also a ANA of 1:32. Curious about the implications?

Cost of a rheumatoid factor test or panel?

Could a CBC pick up on diabetes or do you have to have a complete different set of tests to find diabetes?

Does a basic metabolic panel show serum or intracellular potassium levels? How is hypokalemia diagnosed?

Does a comprehensive metabolic panel blood test include a test of blood glucose levels?

Does a comprehensive metabolic panel only give accurate/useful results if the blood was drawn while fasting?

Does a sinus infection show on a blood test. I had a cbc& auto differential and a basic metablic panel done said i had no infection, but i can feel it?

Does alcohol show up in a comprehensive matabolic panel GFR test?

Does eating carbs the night before a basic metabolic panel test affect the outcome?

Does THC show up in bmp CBC labs?

Does vyvance show up in laboratory bloodwork?

Effect of medicine on lipid profile and routine urine, bilirubin test.

FM50, which LFT is required before starting statins for elevated lipid profile?

For blood tests, under a basic metabolic panel, what does TSH 3rd generation mean?

For cholesterol blood tests, what are the differences in lipid panels?

Had a regular blood rountine for a check up on Wednesday .... I haven't heard nothing... Just a CBC CMP lipid profile and UA I'm 21?

Had blood test cmp and CBC with differential. Their normal so would that rule out celiac desiease?

Had triage sob, hepatic panel, complete blood count, hepatic profile, basic metabolic profile, liver 1, lipid profile, hemo a1c, serum-serum all done?

He ordered a basic metabolic panel when my glucose was 117 and my co2 level was 27?

Hepatitis profile what does it look for?

High lipid result & runs in family. Doctor ordered repeat lipid panel @ 3mths. Any other test I should get while paying for blood draw & doctor visit? Eg lp(a)?

How can Hepatitis be diagnosed through a basic blood panel lab test?

How do they run a comprehensive metabolic panel?

How many tubes of blood will be needed for a comprehensive metabolic panel?

How to figure out my lipid profile test results?

How would i know if i might benefit from a heart scan and/or advanced lipid profile. I have a family history of cvd but all my lab work is very good.?

I am smoked meth a day before getting a cmp and lipid panel done, will this show up in my results?

I had a comprehensive metabolic panel done and my co2 was high at 30. What can that mean? Everything else was in normal range.

I had a comprehensive metabolic panel. My protein were high (9.0), what does this mean?

I had lab work done this Monday. The doctor checked my pancreas and other things. Would checking the lab work of pancreas tell me if I have diabetes?

I have a CBC with automated complete diff and a comp. Metabolic panel 12 to be done. Will nicotine be detected in either of the tests?

I have bloodwork showing an epstein-barr profile. It is from quest laboratories. I cannot make heads or tails of it. Help?

I have read that CBC/Comp metobolic panel can be normal in advanced cirrhosis. True? Common?

I have read that CBC/Comp metobolic panel can be normal in advanced cirrhosis. True? Common? Would I have symptoms at this stage?

I just had a bunch of blood work done, including a lupus panel and some others? Cost a fortune. Why?

I recently had a complete metabolic panel blood panel draw for pre-admission test for surgery. The only abnormal result was the AST. The range was ?

I smoked meth for 2 weeks straight then 2 days later my doctor drew routine labs, CBC,CMP,SED RATE are some I remember. Will meth show up?

I think I have a stomach virus and I am scheduled for a blood test tomorrow morning (fasting lipid panel, CMP w/EGFR, CPK, PSA). Should I postpone?

I was told that RDL out of Ca. is the gold standard lab for ANA profile. What are your thoughts on this?

I would like help reading hepatitis panel results?

I would like to no how to complete my profile please?

I'm a 36 year old female , what do they look for when I have a full blood panel done?

If CBC/comp metobolic panel are all normal due to advanced cirrhosis, would I have symptoms?

If i donate blood tonight and have a routine blood draw for labs (cbc, hepatic, metabolic) 36 hrs later, how will donating affect my labs if at all?

Is a CBC and metabolic panel anything to worry about, or just routine?

Is AFP included on a complete metabolic panel? Or is a separate blood test? Is AFP elevated for liver cancer only or any type of liver mass?

Is an nmr lipid panel a valuable tool to better assess heart disease risk compared to a basic lipid panel?

Is fasting require for CBC and platelets test?

Is it better to be fasting for a lipid panel or does it matter?

Is it common to have 4 differentct test such as comp.Metabolic panel, lipid panel, antinuclear antibodies for joint pain?

Is it possible I have cirrhosis with a normal ultrasound, normal complete blood count, and normal comprehensive metabolic panel?

Is it possible I have cirrhosis with a normal ultrasound, normal complete blood count, and normal comprehensive metabolic panel?

Is lipid profile test and LFT necesary before starting isotretinoin treatment for a normal 20 yr old?

Is my psychiatrist in the position to demand a blood panel 9? And would the drug appear in urine test or blood test she wrote CBC deff/tsh cmp uds 9

Is nicotine tested in both CBC with automated complete diff and comprehensive metabolic panel 12 test?

Is standard screening of lipids a full panel now? It used to be just "cholesterol" by itself.

Is testing vitamin C levels part of a "basic metabolic blood test"?

Is the anion gap test normally part of the comprehensive metabolic panel? I had many blood tests and i don't remember the anion gap being on them.

Is there a link between a high ANA and cancer ? Cbc ok metabolic ok. Thyroid ok. And lupus panel neg?

Lab variation issue - If I have normal lipase values at one lab, but elevated values at a different lab, how do I know which lab is "correct"?

Labs results normal? Had a comp metabolic panel w/egfr egfr non-afr american 89 ml/min/1.73m2. What is this lab test? And is this result normal?

My anion gap is low on my comprehensive metabolic lab panel today. What does that mean?

My CBC and comp. Metobolic panel are all normal. Could I still have cirrhosis? Likely?

My doctor did a blood lipid profile but I didn't fast, so are the results still valid?

My doctor ordered a cmp, how long do I need to fast for?

My doctor ordered a routine lab req for blood work. Can it detect Lyme disease?

My doctor ordered all these tests . What is a CBC , T4 , tsh, comp metabolic panel and lipid w/ trig & LDL ? Why do i need all of this ?

My doctor said my lipid panel blood test results looked good. Is that an indication that I am not eating to much saturated fat?

My mpv is 12.3 and Glucose (fasting)100. Does it has any medical significance or it can be considered as normal for medical fitness tests?

Nderstand my CBC and metabolic test?

On my recent metabolic panel my aspartate amniotransferase was 42. What is this?

Please tell me, could someone help me understand my daughters CBC and metabolic test?

Possible to have cirrhosis despite consistently normal lab results (at least 2 CBCs/metabolic panels per yr for past 3yrs)? Drank heavily for 10yrs

Question about my lipid profile?

Questions about lab work: what are the CBC & crp?

Results of Comprehensive Metabolic Panel says Low Protein What does that mean WhT do I do?

Should I mix up my workup every few days?

Update profile would like to update my profile?

What are lipid and lipid panel tests for?

What are some names for lab tests when testing for toxins in your system?

What are the blood panels for Crohn's disease? My dr said a blood panel that I think started with a P but I don't remember the name.

What are the four common laboratory lab values needed for hyperlipidemia?