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dad 88 may have mds Dr's don't want to confirm by further tests because of his age.He had red blood cell transfusion 2months ago. Can he get flu shot?

17 yrs. Dizziness, weakness for weeks... scheduled for blood tests and complete cardiac tests... if these are fine, is that a sign nothing serious?

2 abnormal pfa-100 tests. Platelet aggregation test "not indicative of bleeding disorder". Continue to investigate, or nothing more to know?

2 indeterminate syphillis screenings, no result for rpr test, urinalysis showed 2+ protein. Is there any correlation between these lab results??

20 yrs female. Had several blood tests over the last few weeks. Today 3 hrs after blood test I'm having weakness and pain in forearm. Is this normal?

31.9low glucose result in fasting blood test randomly done by Doctor. She wants to put me on med. right away&i don't like that! How can we find cause?

37w pregnant & doctors suspect i might have Cholestasis, awaiting blood results, what is the usual procedure if you have this condition?

5 yrs ago dr said from my bloodwork she suspected multiple myeloma, bone test is normal. She is still checking my blood. Can i stop? What should I do

A 24 hours urine test shows hypoproteinemia with hypogammaglobulinemia problem. High BP and asthma is faced as well occassionally. Any advise?

A family member has blood in her urine, fatigue, and general stomach pain. What tests should she have done that would rule out serious conditions?

A kid in his early 20s is urinating blood doctors ruiled everything out what are some other possibilities that woyldnt show up on a blood test?

A recent blood test showed my mean blood glucose at 114, yet the clinician said all was normal. Should I be concerned? Get a 2nd opinion maybe?

A simple blood test for malaria or complicated?

A test found that i don't have brusselosis , but I do have brusselosis antibodies , should I be alarmed ? What's the risk? What should I do?

A vein on my shoulder pops out sometimes for no reason. I rub it and it disappears. Recent blood tests show no indication of a problem. Explanations?

Abnormal electronystagmogram (eng) test results. What does that mean?

Abnormal stool test results.. Worried, what to do?

Acid reflux with spitting up blood when i exercise (had 2 blood tests and xray done)?

Activity C blood test level 72 (mildly low). With no symptoms are there any treatments? I was tested due to family history of clots.

Afp with dilution test result is 219.what does it means?

After a blood clot has been found in the body and treated with medicines, could a repeat ultrasound be done?

After how much time hba1c test should repeat? My last result was 5.8 is this normal

After malaria treatment how long does the result still positive in the blood stream ?

All my chest results were negative so what else could it be?

Allergy test- please help interpret results? Many different "classes" on the blood test.

Am 27 I have i high blood pressure 15/11blood tests came clean its affecting my eyes which i checked also and nothin was wrong with it what to do plz?

Am a 24yr old female, had blood in mucus this morning. ECG, Chest CT, urine test results look normal. waiting for blood test results Whats wrong?

Any blood tests or regular tests to diagnose generalized anxiety disorder or depression? I had my serotonin levels checked, and they were at 132.

Any changes in blood routine that indicates pregnancy?

Any indicator in blood other than HIV check, that can indicate HIV? I have muscular atrophy in back of legs and LDH=270. Have many lab results=norm

Any other diseases that o bands show up in CSF not blood , besides MS?

Apart from observations & a history of Diabetes 2, are there any blood test results that can provide evidence of peripheral neuropathy of the feet? If so, what are they? There is apparently good blood flow to the feet. A Dr is being consulted..

Are CD4 counts part of a regular yearly (physical) blood work?

Are kidney/liver function normally measured, in ''standard classic'' regular blood tests made in persons under 18 years old? Pleeease say yes.

Are lab results accurate if the blood was collected and resulted 7 days later?

Are the results of hiv elisa test effected by orlistat consumption during the past 6 months. would it hamper antibody formation thus the test result.?

Are there any other tests which can help identify all various kinds of infections in blood other then esa, coz it doesn't seem to b a comprehensive test?

Aside from the obvious blood test, how would one possibly know if cholesterol is higher than normal, assuming one's about 120 pound, or average weight?

Based on negative results of blood work, MRI scans, etc. my physician suspects I have irritated meninges from a blood patch. Symptoms of lightheadedness, nausea, "fuzzy" headedness all began approximately 5 days following the blood patch (needed as a resu

Been almost six years since sweating started. How r tumors detected? Blood tests?

Been bruising for awhile now hermatologist did all blood test and they are all normal can stress be a cause?

Been having cold chills on and off for about 5 years. Have had blood work done the only thing that shows as low testerone. Have shots every two weeks?

Been in hosp. Twice since oct. Would the blood tests and bloody sputum show a fungal infection possibly caused by ecigs?-mine do not contain lipids.

Been told from recent labs I have high potassium w/red blood cells. I have been having pain in kidney area. Dr said get blood retested asap. Symptoms?

Before blood test I drink red bull it's possible because of it my homeglobin show 19.5 ?

Besides testing, can you tell if you have leukemia by looking at your own blood? Would it look more watery? What does leukemic blood look like?

Best exercise for all over body tension that's been chronic? All tests an blood tests normal

Blood disorders .What conditions cuase blood to be thin, genteic/disease.Is it liver, bones?Alcohol Intolerant,always have been.what test is needed?

Blood oxygen level is low, i also have ischimic small blood vesell disease shown >mri. What kind of doctor should I see.? Beside my family dr.

Blood test done 28 days after sex. Got hcg 1 out if 5 for amount in my blood, is that due to my birth control? Source: HealthTap,

Blood test done 4 days after period with a result of 11.6 Hemoglobin, Is it considered bad anemia?Does Hemoglobin go down during or after periods?

Blood test result - on a recent blood test result the component result for ALT (sgpt) was 66, which was listed as abnormal. What might this be?

Blood test says my blood type is O Positive but on the part where is says Rh factor it says negative. How does that make sense? Mean something else?

Blood tests show low sugar and iron. Have symptoms of ulcer. Is this likely to be the cause?

Blood tests show my gf has a very very high level of allergy in her blood. I have a itchy feeeling for.10 months, HIV free, any ideas?

Blood work & urine test normal except Glucose 158, A1c 7.4. Heard nothing from my Dr.who is a Nephologist, specials are high B/P & Diabetes. scared?

Blood work done and i noticed my levels were high for certain tests. I see that it says moderate hemolysis present. Meaning?

Blood work show high candidate after doing 3 months of nystatin.

Both of my ankles are swollen. Recently had blood work done. All internal organs are good. No diabetes. Not pregnant. What could be the cause?

Can a blood specimen go bad after a certain amount of time for certain tests?

Can a blood test for thyroid & anemia pick up a appendix problem if i had one ?

Can a c reactive protein blood test detect peyronies inflamation?if not ,how come?what sort of diseases can it find?

Can a doctor at a clinic run blood tests for thyroid issues/anemia etc?

Can a doctor tell if I have a chest infection just by a blood test and auscillation?Thanks

Can a dr find out , that a person have blood clots or a thyroid problem even of they weren't looking for it in your blood work?

Can a new piercing affect blood tests!?

Can a person have a thyroid problem and not show on a blood test?

Can a thyroid biopsy's produce false results?

Can acid reflux cause secondary polycythemia? I've had all the tests for blood disorders and everything comes back negative.

Can acid show up in a lead poison blood test?

Can an eye examination also reveal blood pressure problems?

Can any internal medicine doctor interpret most blood tests or is it better to see a specialist such as for blood tests for lupus or blood disorders?

Can auto diff blood test find abnormalities in your blood?

Can barium effect a blood test results if is done the same day?

Can blood test find any problems with my digestive system? Also can doctors find a cancer or any other serious problem with blood tests?

Can blood tests indicate the presence of cancer? I am quite worried that I have cancer, however I have had numerous blood tests (full cbc with diff, tumor marker, thyroid, etc) all coming back normal

Can blood tests show if I should be having symptoms of a stomach disorder ?

Can cancer go away on its own... Like completely disapear within a week? My husbands family is very over dramatic. Mg brother in law had an enlarged leg which theythought it was a blood clot and said they took 4 tests including blood and biopsy indicatin

Can chlamydia counteract HPV results making it a neg or pos result? Can it be the reason a PAP result is inadequate?

Can chronic stress and worry increase blood cell counts? Have yearly bloodwork in January. Hopefully it'll be accurate. I worry a lot about health!

Can complete blood count results change in over a couple months? Mine was checked three months ago but I'm still have exteme fatigue. Check again?

Can COPD test results change over time?

Can dehydration affect a liver function test result? how do i know if my results are reliable??

Can doctor say that you have HIV from simple blood test at doc office?I heard that the white blood cell is reduced is it true?

Can doctors see my BAC when they take annual blood samples to see cholesterol/iron levels, etc? I have a physical in a month, last drank last week

Can eating before a bile acid blood test affect the results. When testing for pregnacy cholesatsis ?

Can gastroscopy and negative blod test miss out on gluten intoleranse.With persistent problem and nutrient deficiency is there indication for new test?

Can having a full blood count and imflamation blood test tell if there is any serious diseases like tumors or cancer?

Can having your period influence echocardiogram results? Can it falsify results?

Can i check GBS with blood I'm 28 w ? If positive for blood my fetus can infectious?

Can I get blood test if I have cold?, it's celiac screening, CBC, c - reactive protein,ferritin. I feel like I'm coming down but not sure shud I wait

Can i get copies of tests results from hemotologist?

Can I have a normal CBC and still have leukemia?I have all the symptoms but blood seems fine but is it possible to only show up on a BMB and not blood

Can i still have a screening colonoscopy (am due now) when i enter the md's office with white coat syndrome?

Can I take 10mg of valium prior a blood test (full blood count, electrolytes, thyroid, glucose, b12 etc) or will it affect results? kind regards

Can it be that a blood test suspect heart problems?

Can mono cause confusion and forgetfulness? I've had an MRI and a blood test but nothing was found.

Can more than one doctor interpret the results of my vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty? Can i take the results of my vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty to another doctor and have them be able to accurately interpret the results? .

Can my blood test results looks normal?

Can not fasting before a blood test show results of acute kidney failure & i'm scheduled for another test that i will fast for amen?