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What meen occult blood- trace abnormal ?

.What do white and red blood cell blood tests look for? Mine came back normal, i was just wondering what abnormal tests could mean. Cancer etc. ...

2% myelocytes in blood. What does this mean?

21 co2 reading in blood test, is it dangerous. and what does it mean?

Anc and what other blood tests indicate cancer?

Are there any blood tests other than CRP that check for chronic cellular inflamation? What is the best test?

Are there specific blood tests for leukemia besides cbc?

Blood check result in WBC esterase trace abnormal. What could it mean?

Blood donation refused due to low antibodies. What does that even mean? Should i be worried?

Blood in urine negativ; trace. low blood count in bloodwork. what does it mean.

Blood test =atypical lymphocites.Doctor said it was normal cause i had a virus a few weeks before the blood test, could it be something else, cancer?

Blood test result show that nil monocyte and 9% eosinophil. Which should be 0 to 6%. What is the problem? Rest components of blood are with in range.

Blood test result showed 38% gran. Is that cause for concern?

Blood test result shows a low 38 % in the granulocyte and a high 20 in the mono category. Is there a reason for concern? Should i retake bloods?

Blood test results -what would tell that I have leukemia?

Blood test results from last week show Lymphs at 42% and 3.6 Absolute. All other blood work normal. Any cause for concern?

Blood test results showing low mchc?

Blood test showed bacterial infection dr said CBC blood work why?

Blood test shows cortisol 1.29 microgr. What does it mean?

Blood test shows markers for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis,cbc showed high white blood count. What does this mean? Do I have the auto immune issues

Blood work results My CD57+ % was 0.2 CD57+ was 12 What could this mean?

Blood work shows T BILI 0.2 MG/DL^mg/dl in BOLD letters what does this mean ?

Can ESR blood test indicate fungus presence in the body?

Can ibuprofen skew the results of a CRP blood test?

Can these blood test results indicate anemia?

Can your CBC results be normal and you still have a blood cancer?

Ck in my blood test -257u/l what does it mean?

confused transfused With luekpoor. what Does this mean blood work all negative aLLegedly

Cortisol blood test of 665. Is this normal and what could it mean?

Could you please tell me what blood test are used for lupus. I'm looking at blood test example CBC =blood count. Lupus= ?

Could you please tell me what blood test i need for sedrate and liver. Cbc=blood count. Having dr do ANA and going to ask for those also. Thank you.

Did a HS CRP blood test & result is 6.9 is that normal?

Difference between CBC and FBC blood test?

Do cpr and ESR test indicate if you have hiv?

Do elevated basophils by themselves indicate cancer of the blood or must other factors and test results coincide with the basophilia?

Docs, could a blood test differentiate between leukemia and anemia?

Doctor said my white blood cell count was low, took an HIV test it came back negative, what is causing this?

Doctor said that my hemoglobin test came back abnormal. What does mean if you have hemoglobin in urine test?

Does a d-imer test if it's low or negative indicate that your not susceptible to blood clots?

Does a normal PTT blood test mean low risk for developing blood clots?

Does a normal result for the d-dimer blood test mean I don't have an abdominal aneurysm?

Does anyone know what it means to have ovalocytes in a blood smear?

Does high ca 19-9 blood test means cancer?

Does high monocytes and low amount of WBC in blood test indicate infection? and what does high amorphous sediment in urine test mean?

Does this"blood protein trace"mean one is HIV positive?

Had a some blood tests done and my doctor said my red cells were slightly out of the normal range, what could be the reason?

Had blood test it was out of range what does it mean?

Had two high ESR blood tests no. 38 what does this mean?

Having auto immune blood tests. What does this mean?

Hello! I've recently had a blood test done and got told while I'm not anemic I have too many red blood cells and their small. What does this mean?

Help please! is blood test result 3.3 too low for mono %?

Hi, I am 12 weeks pregnant and just had a look at my latest blood results, my LH is elevated at 10.4 what does this mean?

High rcdw in a blood test. Is it bad?

High value of mpv in blood test, what does it mean? Rest is completely normal.

How reliable are blood tests that look for monoclonal gammopathy in elevated ImM levels ? Are false negatives possible?

How should I determine what the results of my recent blood work mean?

How to interpret my blood test dc report?

How to read titers on blood work?

How will i know what does an inconclusive blood test mean?

How worried should I be about an abnormal hemoglobin test resul that has to be retested?

I am borderline positive for blood clot in my lungs what does it mean?

I am having chest pains and had a blood test done and on my bloods it shows that myc-reactive protein is 20.1 what does it mean when white cells high.

I did a CBC (hemogram), what results are normal?

I did a hemoglobin electrophoresis test. The result negative and hemoglobin pattern are normal.What does this mean? I am not thalassemia carrirer?

I donate plasma my bood test came back abnormal protien.Whatdoes this mean?

I had a blood test and it came back abnormal with lga lambda paraprotein in it what causes this please can you give me a list of causes thankyou.

I had a blood test and my bilirubin was 2.5 should i be alarmed?

I had a blood test and my results said my ESR is 40 and my CRP is 20 what does that mean and what could I have wrong with me?

I had a blood test and the results said I have high c reactive protein, I have to have more blood tests. What does this mean?

I had a blood test done called cbc and my platlets were high 499 and it said stable, what does this mean?

I had a blood test done, what does it mean? Kappa monoclonal gammopathy. Is this rare? Does this mean cancer? Is this anything to worry about?

I had a blood test that shows my immature granulocytes0.050. What does that mean?

I had a methylmalonate blood test done. What does it mean?

I had blood work done & my TSH results were 0.006.. Can you please tell me if that is normal or what does that mean?

I had high monocytes show on blood tests for a year and a half . Then after the year and a half they went away on blood tests. Can chronic herps simplex virus cause high monocytes to show up on blood tests for a year and 3 months and then after the 1 y

I had my Blood result Rbc:occasional macrocytes seen Impression: vitamin b12/folate definitely should be excluded My hemoglabin is okay What it mean?

I had my lab test this day and my hemoglobin is 114g/l what does it mean?

I had said my results were of a low white cell blood count on a pap, but it turns out they were for a vaginal test. What could this mean?

I had some blood tests done and they came back saying that i had high calcium levels in my blood. What does that mean?

I have a high kidney blood tesst bmp what does this mean?

I have a negative STD test but my WBC are elevated and I have inflammation of the cervix what could this mean?

I have abnormal blood count what does that mean? And it could be a result of me having my period for 4 months

I have antibody p in blood. What does that mean?

I have been having a blood test and my cholesterol is too high. What does that mean?

I have BV would that show on white blood count test?

I have had two blood tests in the last 6 weeks. My white blood cell count was 15500 on the first test and 17500 on the second test. What does this mea?

I have increased polymorphs in my blood test. Is this serious?

I have low uremia on my blood test what does this mean?

I just received my blood test results which showed a ca-125 reading of 35. The blood test results showed hyper chromic microcytic anaemia.

I need to know what's vdrl and idvi 1 & 2 in blood report?

I received blood test results that say my white blood cells were 15.7 and my neutrophils were 12403. What could this mean?

I recently had blood tests and resulted in a high mpv and rdw...What does that mean?

I regularly donate blood every 2 months. would this affect blood test results and so which ones? CBC? LFT? CMP?tbili?

I took a early cdt lung blood tests and the mage a 4 was the only one slightly elevated what does that mean?

I took blood test and the report says monocytes count is 0. Is this tb?

I was wondering what does "p s a" mean in a tumor marker blood test?

I've had a blood test and results shown I have bio in my blood what does this mean and is it anything to worry about?

I've had three blood tests over the past six months for b12 anemia. What does it mean that my hemolysis index results have gone down?

If a ua says blood is 'negative', this means no microscopic blood is traced, correct?

If balanitis is caused by bacterial infection, would blood test show elevated blood counts or ESR,CRP?