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Thyroid stimulating hormone serum blood test came back as 9.01. What does that mean??

Blood test Cortisol level 19.9 what does it means thank you?

12mo had blood drawn to check lead level and the result was 3. Dr said below 5 is "normal" but I am worried b/c result wasnt 0. Is a 3 really ok?

18 month old had bloodwork done following allergy testing. Her IgE levels were low and they want to repeat test in 4 wks. What does low IgE cause?

24-hr salivary cortisol tests showed dangerously low levels. One-off blood test showed abnormally high levels. Treatment with hc denied. Advice?

27 yrs old. This years blood work showed: Low TSH, and total T-3 and free T-4 are both high. Last year's test were fine. What could thus indicate?

36 y/o female. Blood test came back with with low blood calcium and high blood glucose. I didn't eat/drink before the test. What could this indicate?

63 years old. blood tests show homocysteine value 64.5 .micromol/L.Also high sensitivity c reactive protien level 7.6 mg / L.what should i do?

A blood test said my calcium levels were above the normal range. Could being on lamictal have caused this?

A blood test showed high anti-mag. Titers. Does this mean I have anti- mag neuropathy?

A recent blood test showed an IgM level of 492. I have no idea what this means?

A recent blood test showed an IgM level was high. What could be going on?

After suffering various symptoms I had some blood tests which included TSH, 9am Cortisol, DHEA, Kidney function, Liver function and full blood count. All normal apart from very low DHEA what can I do?

Albumin levels high? I am a 40 year old male. I recently took a urine test and saw that my albumin levels were high according to the lab results chart. The albumin level was 47. My doctor stated that they are a little elevated, but no to be concerned.

All of my blood tests since july 2013 have shown high mpv results. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Antiphospholipid level is little high, result is 10 and normal range in result is less than 7, it will cause miscarriage? Taking aspirin 81mg now.

Are sotalol levels tested by actually testing for sotalol or by creatinine levels?

Are the results of serum calcium test automatically corrected for albumin? 10.4 calcium 4.9 albumin gives me 9.68 if not calculated.

Are their foods and drinks which cause an elevated CRP blood test?

Are there any other tests to confirm if one has an infection other then checking ESR level in blood thanks?

Are there other labwork findings for B12 deficiency other than the serum level itself?

Are there reasons why a blood test showing high iron could be inaccurate? example; high triglycerides would show up after heavy drinking

Ast and asl levels were at 250 something both levels, went to the er for something unrelated and only thing blood work showed was high liver enzymes?

Blood calcium test was 10.5. Took calcium right before blood test. Could this be why it was high?

Blood test lipid results showed 2 things flagged as abnormal. AST 64 and ALT 98. What does this mean?

Blood test protein ua 50 mg/dl. Is it too high?

Blood test report ALT boarder level medication please?

Blood test showed 31.9 glucose level. What does this mean?

Blood test showed I have very low vitamin d levels ?

Blood test: measure serum lipase fasting, then measure again 30 min after lundh meal. How much should lipase rise?

Blood tests and the dr said my level of something that was supposed to be around 60 is 129 and need to go to gastroent. Any idea what it is level of?

Blood tests for physical show CRP of 5.6 up from 1 last year. All other lab work in range. Had 2 infections since may. Could they raise crp?

Calcium serum level is 10.3 32 yr male all other blood work normal what does this mean as results said that was high for my age?

Calcium, serum level 10.3 says its high on my blood test results, but my doctor failed to even seem concerned about it should I be?

Can a blood test measure electrolyte levels?

Can a blood test show elevated levels of provigil/modafinil?

Can a normal blood test for HB TLC DLC ESR MX. Test reveal pregnancy? Urgent.

Can any cold symptoms cause the high liver test values?

Can being on the birth control pill elevate the HS CRP levels? Levels are 2.6. Erp blood test is fine. Cbc fine.

Can doctors tell me what does ldl, direct or dldl mean on a blood test?

Can drinking a lot of water before dried blood spot test decrease papp-a and beta hCG test results? They were both low.

Can exercising before blood test affect results? Fbc, lymphocyte flow studies, esr, crp, LFT, lipase, amylase? Can exercise before test make feel ill?

Can fasting before bloodwork cause a lower total serum protein than if you ate just prior to the test?

Can having multiple blood tests cause a fluctuation on hemoglobin? All within normal range just a fluctuation.

Can hepatitis b surface ab-ls test with value of 0.2 explain elevated ALT (sgpt) level? Normal fe panel. Possible reasons and advice?

Can high blood protein levels or Sjogren's syndrome cause elevated liver enzymes test results?

Can homoglobin effect on hCG level or falls blood serum prigency test?

Can I test my haemoglobin levels at home?

Can lung infection cause d dimer results to be high?

Can my general doctor give me a blood test to show amylase and lipase levels? Or, do I need to see another specialist?

Can prolonged elevated levels of prolactin lead to a positive ANA test?

Can SSRI and/or Benzodiapemes cause CRP blood test to rise?

Can stomach virus result in high ck level?

Can stress and abnormal lab values are they related?

Can the blood test DHEAS serve any benefit in standard testing for idiopathic fatigue? My level was low-I am 37/Male. Implications of low DHEA S?

Can the urine microalbumin test technically ever be LOW? Isn't a value of anything less than 30 (including 0) technically considered to be normal?

Can you figure out your alb glob ratio from a blood test?

Can you tell me how low and how high can test results be?

Can you tell me what a high reading level of a cardio CRP test mean?

Can you tell me what could be the cause of high levels on my liver function test (blood test)?

Can you tell me what makes an ANA test score high?

Can you tell me what you suggest if ESR blood test result is very high (for female over 50years is 85))can cause cancer?

Cbc test during pregnancy showed high neu. What is that and is it cause for concern?

Child has recurring blood work done, showing ast, alt, sed rate & bun/creat ratio high, what to do?

CO2 level was 16 (low). All other blood work was normal. What could cause this? Concern? Do I need to ask for labs to be repeated? Thank you

Comprehensive metibolic panel showed high proteins(8.7) and hct level was high also(47.7) should I get more testing?

Could a TSH blood test detect low testosterone levels?

Could having a blood test only two days after a cellulitis flare up cause my liver levels, as well as my alkaline phosphatase to go up?

Could my lupus antibody labs be altered (lower the antiboy level) by me being on 10 mg prednisone.? I'll be on day 3 when labs are drawn . Is it best to be off duing labs?

Could you please tell me if a ca125 blood test is high do I need tahbso?

Could you tell me about hsa1c test? and what are the normal levels for it???

Could you tell me if general blood tests check your cholesterol levels?

Creatinine levels consistently low for adult life, typical range is .48 to .52- All kidney, urine, blood tests normal- any reason for concern?

Dear Doctor. I recently got my blood test and the result shows high MCHC level. What could be the cause? Result is attached.

Do i need to be fasting when I have my total billirubin count blood test?

Do i need to fast for a bun creatine blood test?

Do i need to fast when i get blood work done alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes ; cmp?

Do medications like silybon 70 & methylcobalamin impact serology blood test (CMIA) ? One taken for slightly high bilirubin count & other to improveb12

Does a CBC check ammonia levels?

Does a weak or moderate hemolysis (of blood serum) have any effect on qualtative HCV rt-pcr test?

Does amitriptyline lower CRP or ESR levels? What about ldh levels? I take 10mg at bedtime and all of these tests are normal. Could it mask these tests

Does anyone know what is the normal range for prolactin in a blood test?

Does dehydration affect the test for haemoglobin?

Does depoprovera affect the result of high total bilirubin in blood?

Does hemolysis cause a false high bilirubin ? What can cause a false low PKU result

Does low serum globulin affect blood tests that assess immunoglobulin levels? For example if an illness caused proteinuria, could a disease actually cause the test for it to be falsely negative?

Does votrient (pazopanib) elavated ldh blood test ?

Done most usual blood tests over 7years.No abnormal values other than Total T 199ng/dl, LH 2.2, FSH 1.9. What else can I look for to explain my low T?

Dr called said blood tests were normal Rcvd lab results MCH is low & total Bilirubin @1.9. All other results are in normal range. What does this mean?

Dr did blood tests on 2 yo daughter. Her ALT (101), alp(355) and AST (60) were elevated. 2nd draw ldh also high (498) what other tests should we do?

Dr requests a bmp test for my husband. It said he was high risk. Explain?

During a recent blood test my potassium level was 3.3. My doctor did not mention it and said my blood work was normal. Should i be concerned?

Dx with RA since 2009. Follow up labs test fine except for: E-OSMOLALITY- low 283.60 mOsm/kg and LDL CHOLESTEROL- low 64mg/dl. What does this means?

Elevated ALT levels for a year and a half. All hepatitis tests negative. Can injecting humira (adalimumab) cause elevated levels? Can injection into muscle cause?

Esr test came four levels up then normal?

Extremely high levels of serum alkaline phosphate 280 in the blood test what could it mean?

Ferritin level at 14. what would you tell a patent about it? is there any other additional tests you would want to do after a Ferritin test?

For the past 5 years, my lab test results have shown my BILIRUBIN as HIGH. What does that say to me?

For the past 6 months my BUN has been normal and my Creatitine (blood test) has been very low. What does this mean?

Friend who has diabetes and high bp got his kidney test done.cretanine levels came 0.94 & BUN 10.5.Calcium 8.64.Is the result ok or no!pls help.