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If my stool analysis came back fine, could there still be something wrong with my GI tract?

infection started from probiotics/antibiotics that caused mucous nausea and blood. what test should i get for this infection.already had colonoscopy, hpylori, celiac, lactose, parasite, blood test ultasound had this 2 years, getting better over time?

.How reliable is stool occult blood?

"Hunger pains" that come on at night or between meals. Dr did a fecal occult blood test which was positive. Referred to GI. What's this even mean?

18m old vomiting, diarrhea off and on for 2 1/2weeks. Blood, urine, stool, abdominal xray normal. Going to do Egd and colonoscopy.What else canwe do?

2 weeks of reduced/very soft and foamy BMs. Farigue low appetite.Doc suspects infection/inflammation. Bloods ok faecal sample neg 4 microbiology.CA?

2 CT scans wdye/1 pancreatic protocall ct/hida/all blood tests/stool/urine.All perfect.So what is causing yellow sometime floating small peices stool?

2 mo. old girl having mucousy stools with very small specs of blood. Platelets at 570, CRP test 22.8. Any ideas? No fever, appetite off/on. Breast fed

2 yo has black flecks in stool sometimes. He's acting & eating normal. Hemoccult test 2 months ago negative. I still worry about dry blood. Should i?

26/male, negative fobt, unremarkable abdomen ct, bright red blood on stool and toilet paper, is further testing needed or safe to assume hemorrhoid?

28 yo male, very tiny specks of blood on TP during last wipe. No anemia, negative occult test. What are the possible causes?

28 yo. Colon cancer fear. No family hist. Ibs diagnosis. Have had tiny specks of blood on tp. Doc said hemmroids. Negative occult test. do you agree?

3 month old baby with elevated WBC in stool, but negative for bacteria. Waiting to see GI. What could it be? Food issues? Something chronic?

36 yo female with history of Crohn's disease. Recent routine CBC showed low hemoglobin. Not seeing any blood in stool, but have an increase in loose stool and abdominal pain. Should i be worried?

5 weeks of loose stool following 2 days of mild diarrhea. Stool sample positive for shinga toxin but no e-coli o157 actually detected in sample. Why?

5mon old had a mucous/bloody stool. Every stool after now has tiny blood spots. Test for bacteria infection was negative. Exclusively breastfed. Help?

6 months of diarrhea.stool sample and blood tests all normal. Any easy ideas of what may be the cause? No specific pattern with foods or anything.

Abdominal pain, frequent mucus loose stools, All negative H.pylori antigen, blood stool sample, CBC, ESR, CRP, Ferrin, celiac screening.? Is IBS ?

Ada bleed from bowel in june 2014 been aving dark fadces going to toilet on and off ad amera i to colon july 2014 and blood tests done ca.e bk normal?

After basic blood work my doc wants to get sample of fecal matter and pelvic ultra sound.what would cause her to want this because of bloodwork?

After getting antibiotics can stool test shows colon cancer blood?

Almost always have diahreah/loose stools and am getting a stool test done. Im scared it could be parasitic worms. Do you think it is?

Anal leakage and ass smell ! how to cure this ! i talked to doctor , i did stool test but waiting for results ! could it be a parasite or hemorroids?!

Ascaris lumbs have been present frequently in my stool test.I had albendazole and it got absent last month. But they have been found again.What to do?

Baby is exclusive breastfed.had runny stools since after antibiotics because of umbilical abscess.2 mos after,stools still runny but less in frequency. Around 3 episodes a day. Fecalysis shows +4 mucus, 0-1 rbc and wbc. No parasites, no bacteria grew in c

Been passing mucus with/without stool for 2 X wks. Some loose stools. Not inflammation or parasites, blood and stool test normal. What could it be?

Beige stools for several months. What should I do? Should I do any kind of test?

Besides ibd what can cause bellyaches, high sed rate and anemia? Not constipated but sometimes blood in stool

Black specks in brown/yellowish stool (occasionally), what could it mean? (did blood test: cbc, lipase, metabolic pannel) all normal.

Black specs on TP, for the past 8 months stool looks normal 3 negative stool test. Please advise ?

Blood in stool as part of physical...had in home fecal test for past two years, but this year it was positive is this possible cancer?

Blood mucus frequent loose stools. Had sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy with adequate view. Should I still be worried and what else can cause this?

Blood occult, fecal, 1A was positive. Have appointment with gastro dr in 4 days. Bowel movement has almost ceased. Can I take laxatives. ?

Blood on stool. accutane 20mg/day. sidmoidoscopy done last year and its hemorroids. shld i b worry?

Blood test result was fine. Stool test is fine no blood no parasite. Why am I still losing weight? 18 years old. Can this be cancer?

Blood work is fine, stool test result; no blood in stool or parasites. Why am I still losing weight? Scared it's cancer. I'm 18 I feel fine also?

Brown stool with yellow mucus/liquid. Normal blood test.normal colonscopy. Endoscopy showed mild gastritis. I also have oral thrush?

C diff 4 months ago but confirmed gone 2 weeks ago. Still having pain, loose mucous stool..seen blood 2x in last 24 hrs...waiting for GI referral.

Can a person have a parasite without having diarrhea? If so, which ones and are they tested via stool?

Can a tapeworm cause a partial bowel obstruction. How could I have this diagnosed (please don't say fecal ova/parasite test). Will xray catch this?

Can blood on or in stool, from a fissure or hemorrhoid, cause a false positive on the fecal immunochemical test?

Can c.diff test be performed on solid sample or it has to be liquid?

Can chronic constipation cause a false normal fecal elastase stool test level? Sample only achieved after high dose bisacodyl laxative (25mg).

Can IBS cause flat stools almost permenantly. 21 yrs. AFP, CBC &FOBT all normal and was diagnosed with IBS few yrs back?

Can low b12 levels cause diarrhea GI gave me supplements getting endoscopy and colonoscopy stool test normal and blood test normal excpect b12 crohns?

Can parasites be detected when a stool specimen is being looked at for h pylori?

Can pregnancy cause narrow stools (23 weeks pregnant), history of IBS?

Can results of stool sample determine what's up with your bowel?

Can stool test show occult blood in the bowel.Will the stool test show any indication that there is something wrong in the colon like cancer.Curious!

Can tests on a stool or blood specimen reveal an allergy?

Can you please tell me, should a colonoscopy show everything a stool test would?

Can you smell occult blood in stool? Stools smell like plastic or motor oil. No visible blood. Stools are brown to orange-y. O&p, stool culture = neg. Abd xray normal. Blood work = normal.

Can you tell if the urine and stool are from the same person?

Can you tell me is HIV be identified by stool examination?

Chronic diahrea,abdom pain, parasitic,fecal blood stool test negative,gastroscopy,colonoscopy normal. Blood test show normal CRP,ESR,ferritin, IBD?

Chronic diahrea,urges to go, abdominal pain. Colonoscopy,gastroscopy,stool test,blood test (c-reactive protein, ESR,ferritin) All normal, IBD likely ?

Colonoscopy 6 months ago- clear no abnormalities. Stool still abnormal - sometimes really thin, sometimes blood streaked?

Colonoscopy ordered for mom after bout of food poisoning. Testing was neg for infection but trace blood. Feeling ok now. Why not observe or have vc?

Conditions where stool examination gives negative findings in cases of ascarids?

Constant diareaha.Doctor done a lot of stool, blood, urine samples, +viewed both my stomack and colon with a tube. What does a funcional problem mean?

Could abdominal pains and softer stools be symptoms of HIV and would a test at three months be conclusive?

Cryptospordiosis loose mucoid stools for over 3 months, negative hiv test, exposure was 11 years ago Why isnt crypto going away by itself as it shuld?

Cure diarrhea have had 6 weeks dr cant find anything wrong. had labs and stool sample?

Cyst of ova ascorious lumbreciodes in kid's stool. Also ph is 6.0. Occult blood present and occasional Rbc seen. ?

Dark and fractionated stools with undigested food remains. Stool test and abdominal ultrasonography. All normal. Diagnostic? Should make more tests?

Diarrhea for a month, colonoscopy, endoscopy done, all cultures & blood work negative, eliminated red meat & dairy, started a probiotic, what else?

Diarrhea for at least 3 weeks. 4 times par day at bathroom. Waiting for stool culture results, what can I have for the intestinal pain?

Diarrhea once a day in morning for three weeks lost 10 pounds GI sent me for blood and stool test no pain scaredofcrohns 16 yrs. Brat diet for 14 days?

Do I have to see a specialist to get a stool ova and parasite exam ordered?

Do IBS symptoms include blood in stool? There were 14 BMs with blood, not just a few drops. All testing Neg, assuming hemorrhoids

Doc wantsColonscopy. Nobleeding at all, stool cards neg. No family history. On Prilosec think it's causing iron to go low and b12. Should I do test ?

Doctor did Blood and stool test for IBD said normal and no need for colonoscopy or any other test. Would you agree ? Have diahrea, Abd pain, pus stool

Does a regular stool analysis show blood in stool?

Does fresh blood mixed with stool come from higher than the sigmoid colon? From what I understand a sigmoidoscopy is a pointless test.?

Does it really matter if I took a stool sample from the toilet water for the Hemoccult test? Son has autism and refuses to have anything to catch it.

Does the schilling test look for parasites in the blood?

Dr thought I may have a stomach ulcer so did an immunochemical stool blood test which was positive. I thought those didn't pick up blood from stomach?

Due to frequent stooling for over a week, doctor ordered stool tests. I didn't know urine contamination was a problem and sent them in anyway. Redo?

Fecal occult blood test and other signs of GI bleeding reliable?

Fecal occult blood test stool card? I know how to smear stool on the card. But when i close the card, isn't it gonna get the card all dirty inside?

Few bouts of bloody diarrhea (new). Stool culture & EGD neg. Colonoscopy biopsy (nonspecific colitis). IBD lab pos. for Crohn's. Cause ideas?

Floating stool can be a sign of malabsorption. But wouldnt blood and stool tests point towards this? How does one test for malabsorption?

For several weeks im defacting stools with a light shade and i have a lot of gases. I made stool test with normal result. Should i do more tests?

Gastric sleeve in 2011, down 90 pounds. Diarrhea for 4 weeks now. Dr is doing stool cultures. Occult blood was neg. Now on Prilosec 2x daily. Help!

Gross but my stools have been "rubbery like" and sometimes lighter brown than normal I've been on Metamucil for ibs-c could this be why? Negative colonoscopy/egd, normal liver/kidney labs & hida scan

Had 2 CT scans 1 pancreatic protocall.Blood/urine/stool/hida.All perfect.Why do I have light colored sometime floating stool.All the time.Why?Thanks

Had a colonoscopy last year all clear had a endoscopy month ago clear blood test clear still bloated had about a month of it could it be IBS flare up?

Had an endoscopic ultrasound done two days ago; today I had some dark green stool. Related to the EUS? Blood?

Had c-diff. Once cleared, doc did colonoscopy. Everything perfect. Did notice redness (erythema...No blood) in rectum. Did random biopsies. Some blood in stool 2 day after. Very mild cramping. Normal?

Had clean colonoscopy and biopsy, neg celiac test, clean ct scan, mrcp, stool test.. But sometimes soft stool leaves steaks on toilet. ?

Had colonoscopy in 2002, was fine. Had one recently, microscopic blood in stool, can you get coloncancer within 10 yrs? 64 yr old female.

Had diarrhea for 22 days Stool sample came back said overgrowth of yeast Can you tell me what can I do?

Had red blood, black stool 3 weeks ago for 3 days. Had hemiglobin and occult test 2 days ago and all normal. This does mean I have no colon cancer?

Had stool tests to look for general problems due to soft stool. Which specific test looks for inflammation of intestines?

Haemoglobin drops from 9 to 6 in 6 months, fob +ve, no symptoms. Blood and urine tests normal, abd ultrasound normal. Waiting colonoscopy. Impression?

Have had blood in stool off and on for almost a year.Just had colon checked,he found nothing. What are the possibilities?

Have had orangish stool for 3 weeks. Liver funtion test good. Dr does not seem concered. What could cause this?

Have had pale stool in past now having gallbladder tests but ultrasound and blood tests were unremarkable. What now?

Have oily stools off&on- burning stools/gas and pressure/movement in my mid-lower abs. Have had4 blood tests, endoscopy, sono, and stool test no cause

Have semi solid stools have done all blood and stool test every thing is normal BT doctor is still telling me to get colonscopy. Should I proced??