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3 days after taking a Plan B pill I had blood work done to test my thyroid, estrogen and prolactin levels. Will my test results be inaccurate?

43 yro f tested high for cortisol in afternoon 28 ug/dl After suppression test am cortisol 3.7 and ACTH 2.0 CT showed adrenals normal. Ideas?

946 norepinephrine, below 10 epinephrine, 27 metanephrine should I be concerned of these results.

ACTH challenge done10am, baseline ACTH less than 5, cortisol is at 8 (mayo range) symptoms of Adrenal fatigue, Autoimmune, pots. Tests still needed?

Acth plasma and cortisol blood tests were normal but I have strong addisons symptoms with bronzing.What to do? Should I do an acth stimulation test?

ACTH plasma test and cortisol AM serum test. Is 7:15 AM an acceptable time for these? Also, are there any special instructions for these tests (dietary change, fasting, relaxing beforehand, etc)?

Acth stim test done. Acth was 12 at baseline cortisol 1. At 30 minutes cortisol was 22.7 then 1hr at 29. Does this indicate secondary ai?

ACTH stim test what does it mean if your child's blood pressure and pulse drop during this test?

Acth stimulation test -- is that done in a lab?

Acth stimulation test results accurate?

Acth test is usually drawn in the morning, but i did it at 2pm. My acth level is 5, and cortisol level is 9.7. Should i take another one?

Adrenal insufficiency symptoms but inconclusive lab results, what to do?

Adrenal stess profile saliva test, what to do?

Anyone know anything about a c-peptide test and what its for?

Baseline cortisol3.9 after acth stim injection 30min draw was 20.7 and 60 min draw was 17.3 this normal to more than triple after acth stimulatio?

Blood cortisol(8am.) in range but >5mcg/dl.ACTH in range but >15pg/ml.many symptoms of Cushing's syndrome.should I need other exams?thanks

Can a 24 urine cortisol test reliably rule out adrenal insufficiency? At what cortisol level?

Can a non-fasting prolactin test be used to assess endocrin function ?

Can ACTH test rule out Cushing's? ACTH stim. Cortisol levels: T0: 9.1 T30: 16.6 and T60min: 18.6. Should I have 24 hr cortisol levels checked?

Can an ACTH (cosyntropin) test make me sick?

Can cortisol injections affect TSH test?

Can I test my cortisol levels if I am taking hc?

Can prednisone affect an acth stimulation test? I'm on 5 mg daily for months and will have test in 1 week!

Can Prednisone cause hormonal changes? Could blood tests show false hormone results, such as Progesterone/Estrogen levels, due to having taken Pred?

Can remicaide cause serum sickness and if so, how can I test for sensitivity to it?

Can testosterone cypionate injections cause a positive ETG test result?

Can two 24 hr 5 hiaa urine tests elevated at 50 be a false positive for carcinoid syndrome if all diet?

Cause of low ACTH and low cortisol in the am? My stim test results:ACTH -5.2, and cortisol- 2.4 before injection then 60minutes from injection cortiso

Confused about dexamethasone suppression test. how can taking a steroid LOWER cortisol levels? having this to check for cushing's.

Cortisol saliva test very high, but DEXA suppression test normal. have had fatigue, low BP, weakness for years. which test to believe, and what now?

Could a cushings lab test be incorrect?

Could a pituitary tumor cause delayed cortisol response on acth stim test?

Could I have cushings syndrome even if my cortisol urine test was negative?

Could it happen that a hospital administer an acth (adrenal) test?

Cushings syndrome, is urine sample and testorone the only way to get a positive? I understand that cortisol can measure different in blood.

Despite normal tilt table test & neg cortisol stim test, neuromd now ordered catecholamine testing for autonomic dysfuntion d/t my sx.If +, what is tx?

Do beta blockers affect the result of the blood tests for renin activity, aldosterone, cortisol and ACTH?? If so, is it worth to still test?!

Do I have to be at the test center at a specific time for an AM Cortisol test? I remember that for one of my pituitary tests, timing was crucial.

Doctor testing for acth, cortisol, catecholamines, and metanephrine. What is he checking for?

Does a B12 test require serum or plasma?

Does a comprehensive metabolic test check cortisol & epinephrine levels? If not, how is it checked?

Does a physical blood test , test for your hormone level and tobacco ?

Does a positive 21 hydroxylase antibody test mean addision's disease even if the acth stimulation test comes back normal?

Does good to take adrenalin hormone without blood test ?

Does having thoracic aorta MRI with gadolinium contrast 8 days prior LH and FSH blood tests affect LH and FSH test results in men?

Dx with adrenal insufficiency, before acth test could be done, sent to ER was given IV steroids. Doc does blood work often looking at cortisol levels, but should she still do the acth test?

Failed 5 IGF-1/acromegaly tests from 2% to 25% over upper normal range. is GH suppression test or dynamic pituitary MRI best nest step?

For checking my adrenal health, should I test my dhea or dhea-s level? What are the differences? Or should I test both? I am male

Had a TRH (thyrotropin) stimulating test to evaluate HPT axis. TSH at 0, 30, 60 min, respectively 1.48, 1.34, 1.10, explanations for abnormal results?

Had catecholamine Injection test . My dopamine & catecholamine levels were negative 30 & negative 60. What does that mean if normsl range start at 0?

Had my growth hormone level tested by labcorp. Test is (A) Growth Hormone serum. Result 0.1, Test range 0.0-10.0, Do I have GHD? Father has it as well

How do I read my blood test thyroid panel , hemoglobin a1c, beta chorionic gonadotrop (hcg), ?

How is inhibin a used in testing?

How long shold i wait after being on prednisone 40 mg a day for 5 days before I have the saliva test for cortisol levels to ensre accuracy?

How much will using a steroid suppository affect the results of a 4 times per day cortisol saliva test?

How reliable is a blood test for menopause hormone levels?

How to ask my doctor to test me for hypopituitarism?

I am a 31 year old female. My DHEAS test Result is 76.4 ug/dl. Is this normal? All my other hormone test results have come back normal/optimal.

I am a night worker. should i have cortisol pm test after i awake?

I am being tested for Cushings Disease, recently done dex test, took pill at 11pm, had blood drawn 8 am next morning, level 13.5 ug/dl did i suppress?

I am scheduled at 2:30 in afternoon for ACTH testing to check adrenal glnd function. Okay in afternoon? I thought this test could only be done in AM.

I had a dexamethsone supression test done where i took the tablet at 8pm and had blood drawn at 8am next morning. My results were 0.9 for my cortisol ?

I had a morning urine cortisol test that came back with a 9.3., is this normal? Also>.5 progesterone level...I am 30 years old.

I had elevated cortisol levls on a saliva test what does this mean?

I had the "acth, plasma" test done. What is this for?

I show symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. I did an acth plasma test which showed 25.00 and serum cortisol that showed 145ng?

I take Fludrocortisone for POTS for over 2 years. Will Fludro affect any of these test results immunoglobulin and free light chain assay. Thanks.

I want my testosterone levels checked. What yest do I need to have done and what is entailed with the test?

I'm having a 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP) lab to test for non-classical form of CAH. When is the best time during my menstrual cycle to have this?

I'm having acth stim test. I am told i can take my 4mg prednisone at 6 am the day before test (>24 hrs) won't this still affect my test the next day ?

I'm having an adrenal hormone test for adrenal fatigue i'm on a corticosteroid for sinusitus will the medication interfer with the results of the test?

I'm very concerned acth stim test results will be falsely normal because I am taking 5mg prednisone day before at 6 am? I've been on too long 2 be off

If cortisol blood test came back normal, could salivary cortisol lab show diff? Dr is checking for adrenal fatigue.

If you had hypothyroidism, would having the Dexamethasone suppression test cause any reaction?

Is a blood cortisol test sufficient in diagnosing Cushing's or Addison's? Or are urine tests better?

Is acth stimulation test done at a normal lab that draws blood?

Is it ok to request my doctor to check hormone levels in a blood test for other readings?

Is it possible to have addison's & have normal sodium and potassium level & only test abnormal is the acth stimulation test?

Is it possible to have false positives for chromogranin A , vasoactive instestional peptides, 5-hiaa? All these test have been high than others normal

Is it possible to test the level of dopamine?

Is saliva the best way to test adrenal functions/levels?

Is there a blood test for adrenal function?

Is there a lab that tests for vitmain B6 levels? My dr tested for B12 but when i asked about B6 he told me a test didn't exist for that.

Is there a simple blood test to measure pro gastrin releasing peptide (pro GRP) or does it have to be done at a specialist centre.

Is this OGTT GH supression test suggestive for acromegaly? 0.4/0.2/0.1/0.7/2.3 ug/L I have a 2,5 mm adenoma in my pituitary and elevated IGF-1

My 24H urine cortisol test result shows free cortisol level as 5.44 ug/dl. Is this a normal level?

My am cortisol level 2 months ago was 8.7 dr wanted to send me for stim test i asked to repeat it and its now 16 should I still get stim test for addi?

My am cortisol was 20.2 and my ACTH was 34 why is my Endo testing for cushings?

My doctor ordered a cortrosyn stimulation test. Does this have to be done at 8am like my previos cortisol test or is time not a factor?

My doctor requested a acth stim test on my blood req. All they did was draw blood. They didn't inject me with anything. Did they do the wrong test?

My dr asked me to make test the third day of my period the result is :fsh 21.20 and TSH is 2.30 .Does this show normal ovulation?

My endocrinologist is testing my 17-hydrox. level. what disease does this test for?

My morning cortisol was 40 (6-19.4).I do have a pituitary tumor, but my dexmethasone and 4 pm serum tests were normal. Can this rule out Cushings?

On Cort Stim test, results, ACTH 6.1 , cortisol 18.5 and 22.7, is this normal?

On HPA Axis: What is the relation of cortisol levels to diagnosed CFS? Assuming no other cause, is low-dose hydrocortisone an option after testing?

Primary physician has ordered an AM Cortisol Blood Test. Could the medications Androgel or Guanfacine have any effect on the test results?

Renin , aldosterone , metanephrine and normetanephrine tests indicates what kind of condition?

Renin , aldosterone , metanephrine and normetanephrine tests tells you what?

Saliva cortisol test - how accurate can a saliva test be?

Saliva cortisol tests are abnormally low. Serum cortisol tests are normal. Dr says i don't need an acth stim test due to serum results. Agree?