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1) what do I do to treat Mono? 2) My guy found out he has type 2 diabetes. What can I do to help him?

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Age 40. Never been diabetic or fat. I thought Type 2 only afflicts fat/obese people. So if I've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic is it Type 1?

Am type 2 diabetic n have got male erectile deficiency so is there any cure ?

Any advice? I have had type 1 diabetes for 3 years and didn't inform the dvla as i didn't think i had to?

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Apart from endocrinology doctor which are the other practice doctors , i can select to check type 2 diabetes please advise?

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Diabetes type1. Is there any treatment? Can a man be 100 percent treated? At any cost tell me please. I have my child 10years and have diabetes type1.

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Does it ever happen that a person be diagnosed with diabetes from the use of heroin specifically?

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Driving in the uk on honeymoon. Wheere do I go for care if needed for diabetes type 1?

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For what length of time can someone live with type 2 diabetes?

For what length of time can you expect to live with poorly managed type one diabetes?

For what length of time can you go with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes?

For what reasons type 2 diabetics don't get acidosis where as type 1 diabetics do?

Gastritis secondary to dm type 2? Is it even possible?

Gastritis secondary to dm type 2. Is it even possible?

Has anyone had any success with repaglinide for treatment type 2 diabetes?

Has the treatment of diabetes changed over the years?

Hello doctors !my mother is type 2diabetic what's can she do to get better ?

Hello doctors; i'm conneting from india. My uncle is 53years old. He is having diabetes type 2. How to make it normal?

Help please! is controlled gestational diabetes less likely to become type ii?

Help? I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Can someone advise on lifestyle changes and medications?

Hey.eating 12 glass water per day will help treatment Diabetes type 2??is that effective for treatment of Diabetes type 2?

Hi dear doctor can you tell me if the diabetes type 2 can go away not just be under controlled because i'm a diabetic and i want to remove it but how?

Hi docs, would i possibly be at risk for hyper tension and type II diabetes, I am 195 pounds and 20 yrs old?

Hi, my boyfriend is a type one diabetic insulin dependent, his bowel movements smell sour quite often. Could his diabetes be a contributing factor?

How accurate is it that people have found the cure to diabetes?