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27yr old female 140lbs diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year. I've never been overweight. Why do I have this? Hereditary? My grandmother had it.

Are children tested for diabetes?

Are diabetic people have risk of not having childeen?

Are there any good summer camps specifically for children with diabetes?

Are there any toxic exposures linked to child onset type 2 diabetes?

Both of my parents have diabetes. The doctor said 1 of us (my sister) would likely get it too. Would we really inherit it, even if food is controlled?

Can a man with diabetes still have children?

Can anything be done to lessen my child's risk for type I diabetes?

Can children get diabetic retinopathy? I think that diabetic retinopathy usually only happens after you've had diabetes for years, but my son has had it since he was 5. He's 15 now, so is he at higher risk? .

Can diabetes affect children?

Can diabetes be passed down to your children?

Can diabetes mellitus cause regular headaches in kids?

Can my children get diabetes if my husband has diabetes?

Can type 1 diabetes be prevented in your kids?

Can type 1 diabetes only emerge at a young age?

Can type 1 diabetes start at 16 years old? Can you have it when you're older or are you just born with it? Am I at risk? Thank you for your time!

Can you die earlier if you have diabetes?

Can you tell me how i can teach my 6 year old nephew about diabetes?

Can you tell me how I could prevent diabetes if both of my parents have type 2?

Can you tell me if you have type 1 diabetes will you know when you're first born ?

Can you tell me what you suggest if a man has diabetes can he still have children?

Could a person with uncontrolled diabetes get disability?

Could i be born with diabetes if it is very prominent in my family?

Could i get some advice my husband has type 1 diabetes. If we were to have children, how likely would it be for them to inherit his disease?

Could you tell me what are my chances of developing diabetes?

Do normal children need to be tested for diabetes?

Docs, could a person with uncontrolled diabetes get disability?

Doctor , my brother is the one who has the diabetes and he is a child , he is 12 old , so is it ok for a child to take 5 unites if the diabetes 500 . ?

Doctors, what are the chances of a type 2 diabetes male conceiving a child?

Does anyone know about prediabetes? Genetic?

Does anyone with diabetes have children with diabetes?

Does having diabetes type 1 as a child increase your chances for muscular dystrophy?

For type 1 diabetes is it possible for you to still have kids?

How can gestational diabetes affects our spouses and family?

How can a type one diabetic child have high cholesterol?

How can I help my child cope with type 1 diabetes?

How can I help my child live a normal life with type I diabetes?

How can I help prevent my overweight child from getting diabetes mellitus type 2?

How can I tell iffy 20 month old son has diabetes?

How can type one diabetes affect my kids?

How can you tell if a child is diabetic?

How do children become diabetic?

How do children get diabetes.?

How do I know if my chubby child has diabetes yet?

How do you teach a child about type 1 diabetes when he’s just been diagnosed?

How does being obese cause type 2 diabetes in a child?

How is diabetes in children diagnosed?

How is it that a lot of teenage girls think they have diabetes or hypoglycemia?

How is non-diabetic hypoglycemia in children usually treated?

How is type 1 diabetes in children treated?

How likely is it that a child will inherit diabetes and/or arthritis?

How likely is it that my kids inherit diabetes from me?

How likely is it that my newborn son will have diabetes if my husband is type 2?

How many children in the U.S. have diabetes?

How much sugar can a child with diabetes safely have each day?

How probable is it that a child will inherit diabetes and arthritis?

How to tell if I have diabetes even if I am young and fit?

How will type 1 diabetes affect the health of my child?

I am 34 yr hypothyroid wife 30 yr type 2 there any issue while planning our 2nd child?our first child 5 yr old.

I am a 23 year old male complaining of excessive sweating. I have family history of diabetes mellitus type2.

I have a newly diagnosed diabetic child. What do I need to tell the school?

I have POCS I am 18 years old and a healthy weight what are my chances of developing diabetes as there has been type 1 diabetes in my family.

I need a doctor specializing in childhood diabetes? Who is best in glendale who is the best doctor for childhood diabetes in glendale

I want to know how diabet influence the life of my girlfriend ( type 1)... My kids will have diabet? She will get another illness because of diabet?

I want to know whether a person whose both parents are diabetics will also be a diabetic due to heredity.?

I was wondering what are the diabetes symptoms in children?

I'm 38, have type 2 diabetes, and I want to have a baby. What kind of planning do I do?

I'm worried because my boyfriend was born with juvenile diabetes, will our kids be diabetic, what do you suggest?

I'm worried because my sister has been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 but I am not. What are risk of my children getting diabetes, what do you suggest?

I'm worried because my sister has diabetes type 1 and i don't what is the risk gor my children to have diabetes type 1, what do you suggest?

I've got diabetes, what is the percentage that my children will have it as well?

If a child is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at a young age, will this decrease his lifespan?

If a woman married a man that has a diabetes . Is her children in the future will be diabetic?

If both my wife and I have diabetes type 2, what are the chances that my son will get diabetes?

If both parents have type 2 diabetes, will their kids get it?

If I had diabetes type 1 as a child, what are the chances my kid will have it too?

If I have type 1 diabetes does that mean my child will have diabetes?

Is diabetes in children common?

Is fast food alone responsible for our overweight children and early onset diabetes?

Is it possible for a child to develop diabetes?

Is it possible that an inhaled steroid (advair) could cause type one diabetes in a child? My brother and sister are both are type one.

Is it safe for a young child, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for 6 years, to go without insulin and control the diabetes only by diet?

Is it true that if you have diabetes you can not have children?

Is it true that second child born to diabetic parents become diabetic when compared to first child?

Is there a daycare for childeren with diabetes?

Is there an effective treatment for diabetes in a young mother?

Juvenile diabetes symptoms? How can one tell if their child has juvenile diabetes?

Mom typed 2 diabetes. Whats risk in children?

Mom was insulin diabetic but no known thyroid issues. Is there a chance my 2 sisters could have thyroid problems or my 3 daughters like me? Genetic ?

Most of my family is diabetic (type 2), including my parents. How do I avoid diabetes in future? I'm not fond of sweets but obese since childhood

Must I ban my child from eating sweets if family history of diabetes?

My 3 year old has type 1 diabetes what's the chances my 8 month old daughter will get it? It's not in the family at all

My 3 year old son has type 1 diabetes what's the chances my daughter will get it? Not in the family at all

My both parents are diabetics from past 40 years. What are the chances for me getting diabetes?

My brother has type 1 diabetes. Should I be worried about this?

My child sik suger he six year what can I do?

My dad developed diabetes as an adult, had to give himself insulin shots, was like 5'9 180 lbs and I am 5'3 at 110lbs. What are my chances of diabetes?

My daughter has been diagnosed with type one diabetes what are the chances of my son getting it too?

My daughter is a diabetic at age 38 and has no insurance. What can she do?

My daughter is still displaying symptoms of type 1 diabetes. What can we do?