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1 mg 3 times a day for 20yrs on clonazapam. Tried slowly cutting off with the skills a learned for a year, but couldn't. Am i with them for life?

12hrs of ruminating & dysfunctional 24hr post Crisis in marriage triggered by external stressors; work, environment, inlaws, chores. Have I snapped?

8 yr history depression. Is my monotonous flat voice answering phones making my family business lose business?

A lady having a problem of learning, self confident lose and has a slurring speech while given viva's.And she's a medical student.What to do to get off?

A person has the knowledge to do a job, but they do not have the hands on experience to do that job. Does this mean they cannot learn to do the job?

A student considered very intelligent used to bully me in high school for being, in his mind, unintelligent and gay. How can I believe in myself agai?

Advice for shopping addiction? I love getting stuff in the mail, but I'm in major debt ($20,000 credit card debt). Cards maxed out.

Against pilates. Can this be oversensitive due to rejection by teacher because I wasnt good?

Age 23,social anxiety like someone watching me writting,supervises me,hands shake at that time,was at bad school,now 23 in college,still same,wt cause?

Age 23,social anxiety, when unknown pay closer attention,not comfortable at college,was at bad school,parents overprotective,what do u think is cause?

Am I at an disadvantage compared to my peers if I didn't go to preschool? I think if I went I would have been socialized more early and learned stuff

Am kinda like in a cross road now, of either been a "physical therapy " or "physician assistant ". My question now is what would be a more rewarding career out of this two in term of employment, salary, and the educational aspect, I know they are two rewa

Am researching nootropics to help with focus, memory & alertness @ my stressful, taxing engineering job. What are the top, safest, allin1 OTC options?

Any cure for job burnout?

Anyone have a good workout plan for 14 year old, 110 pounds?

Are a lot of social work duties being handed over to nurses in hospitals. I've heard social work jobs are becoming harder to find in hospitals.

Are hives a legitimate excuse to email a teacher about getting out of class?

Are physicians and psychiatrists aware of how much patients self meditate, swap meds with friends and drink alcohol? Since i got out of the air force I have watched fellow veterans and other people as well exchange medicines. Drink with the medicines and

Are the school fire safety program drills traumatic to kids?

Are there free lamaze classes?

Are there good career opportunities for cardiac sonographers? I find the heart fascinating but want to make sure it's a good career path before hand.

Are there good ways of providing discipline at home without using physical force?

Aren't we all considered dysfunctional to a degree, unless properly informed or educated? Public school didnt correct my upbringing lol

Asst. Professor in Engineering college and on study leave for PhD. @35. Low health. No child. 1 miscarriage. Long cycle. Hectic life.want safe planing?

At 44yo, how do I meet n make friends when i'm self employed, live out in the country, etc? Lonely & sad all the time

At what age should children start physical education classes?

At yoga for seniors. Tell me why the guys want to put their niblets on display? I mean the geriatric crowd!

Basically how is the mind conditioning is done for a depressed person by a physiatrist or a physiologist?

Been seeing a pyschologist for loss over 2 years but funding is no longer . Is it selfish of me to want to keep the one I trust and not start new ?

Bf's online current events/political social media addiction causes intolerable financial&emotional anxiety.NOTHING I try [email protected] we separate?

Brent had a concussion in a football game 2 and 1/2 days a go . Still feeling dizzy and overwhelmed in school. What should we expect for recovery?

Bullying happens in school, the work place, home, kids etc.. Is there a mental health diagnosis for why people bully others?

Can a mild intellectual disability prevent you from having certain jobs or going to university? Will these places make adjustments for me?

Can a psychiatrist force someone into a locked unit? Mom is mid-stage behavioral FTD and doesn't do well in larger places. Want to try group home next

Can app or gps help a blind person to be active?

Can college teachers/professors force students to wear surgical masks to prevent flu?

Can everyone learn something difficult at a fast rate only they can understand? For example, learning complicated scientific equations at a fast pace.

Can i be denied my new job because I have arthritis? It is a desk job with computers

Can i get a job as a therapist/social worker with an a.A.S? If not what steps do I take next? I want to be a psychologist but I have years to go help!

Can I get an emotional support animal letter on here?

Can i get kicked out of my nursing program if I have social anxiety?

Can i get rid of the tachycardia and breathlessness while questioning or answering in the class before teachers and all the students? If yes then how?

Can i take my 10 year old for laser hair removal? She is having kids at school make fun of her and i don't want it to influence her self esteem!

Can i tell me how i can mentally prepare for basic combat training?

Can I use migraine as a disability to stop stressful job?

Can I work out with pals at work facilitis without affecting my job?

Can online and long distance relationships work?

Can someone email me my question is long and i really need help with a suicidal friend email at [email protected] or call me 4047503303 not school hrs

Can someone with schizophrenia hold down a job?

Can you continue teaching with dysphonia.Im treated with botox every 3 months but it only lasted 7 weeks this time.Its interrupting my job "a lot"?

Can you have an active/exciting social life during med school or is that too time consuming, i'm afraid i'm going to have no time for anything?

Can you help? Is 61 too young for me to start looking for a continuing care retirement community?

Can you suggest aa online computer game for help with anxiety? Stanford is conducting research now, but you must have muttiple mri's to participate...

Can you tell me how i can stay positive after 20 job interviews and no offers?

Conflicted with a decision? Who can tell when to pull the plug?

Could a diagnosis of ADHD prevent me from getting a job as a nurse in the future?

Could i still attend zumba classes in early pregnancy?

Could privileges be retracted from people if they fail to exercise personal responsibility - regarding obesity?

Could you get fired from your job for a failed job hunting attempt?

Did splits at a party at 48. Dumb. Now really hurting. What can I do?

Do antipsychotics and antidepressants help people find employment and stay employed or make it easier to go through schooling?

Do iep plans include special needs for gym/pe?

Do soldiers get free psychotherapy?

Do the results of the mcmi and mmpi tests get mailed to the social security disability benefits office? I accidentally put down not paranoid bc coping

Do they still use timeout or the paddle in public schools?

Do you have any tips on how to pass advance life support test?

Doctor, how to treat my stammering problem? I am an actor so when i perform on stage that time i don't stammer but in class infrnt of my teacher, i st

Does a career in nursing and working night shifts have a negative impact on your lifestyle?

Does a career in nursing and working night shifts have a positive impact on your lifestyle ?

Does anybody know about sleep disorders when first starting new job?

Does anyone have experience with a registered play therapist?

Does cognitive theory expkain why a 4 year old might hzve regression while toliet training?

Does one teaching method fit all students? I am a hands on learner. Sitting in class listening to lectures and reading books all day was not for me.

Doing erp on my own.So many triggers to address with the ocd. No personal or family support of encouragement. How long does it take to be effective?

Donald two opposing views of docs, schizo, hard to be in this most toughest torture ever experience, strong meds given to normal, force used by family

Dr how do I get w/comp to approve mental help my injury was picked up but the injury was career changing has 7 surgeries and am so depressed ?

Due to financial constraint I only finished 12 session of herceptin (trastuzumab) instead of 17 . Is this ok or risky?

Exhausted by social situations. By end of school day I am overwhelmed and don't want to talk to anyone. Im on vyvance. Is this because of my add?

Failing highschool + depression. What should I do?

Family plan for fire prevention and meeting space?

Fear of physical intimacy.At 65. How do I handle new suitor?

Feeling empty inside. Empty nester and single. Dont want to join those retiree or senior groups. What can I do?

Florida has many retirees. Why is it that there are so few free cancer support groups within driving distance?

Focalin and vyvanse both seem to increase my ability to focus and stops my mind from racing 100 mph. Im a combat vet with ptsd. Should this be on the table with the VA as possible treatment? I realize there is a movement with respect to recreational use,

For safety reasons, need to disclose seizure disorder to professors @ school so they'd know how 2 help. Bu how 2 do that w/o making them freak out?

Friend deeply embarrassed by menstruation. She can't take having a normal or medical conversation about it even with a dr. Any way to overcome embsmnt?

From clinical stand point, is there an actual 'time limit' after brain death declaration to withdraw life support?

Going to start shadowing paediatric occupational and speech therapist. What should I wear? Wjat should I expect? Thanks

Had allergic childhood asthma but now symptom free for over 10 yrs. Afraid to mention on pre employment medical declaration for regular finance job?

Has anyone had a positive or negative experience using the integrated listening system (ils) for add in children?

Have therapist appt tomorrow and we are going to do emdr for a traumatic memory i have. Does it work in one session or does it take several?

Have you been challenged by trying to find a health setting that balanced compassion and competence? What did you do for your family?

Have you ever been burned out on your job when you are also a caregiver?

Having stressful dreams about not graduating from uni/college because of lack of attendance...Even though in reality completed. What does it mean?

Hello ! What can be the best way to be mentally fresh and prepared before a maths exam ?

Hello doctors, my neck is killing me, and i think it's because of my university and homeworks! what can I do to relax?

Hello, i am writing a licence in cirrosis i am a future nurse at college and i don t know what to do for second part, the fist one is ready.thank you.

Hello, I'm tense and afraid, I have job interview, is there any medicine I can take it before interview keep me calm and balanced ... Help me please ?

Hello! I am a highschool student creating a project on pediatrics and would like to ask a few interview questions. If you don’t mind taking the time t?

Hello! These two years will be my most crucial years in my academic life, and in these two years,i can Not afford to fall ill for a single day ! Tips?