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A few days ago i attempted suicide but now i feel fine, what's wrong?

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Can you still want to commit suicide but not have any mental issues? I'm just curious

Can you tell me any good suicide prevention online hotline where i can talk to someone/?

Can you tell me if there are free suicide hotlines or websites i can talk to someone?

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Christian suicide hotline number? Help. Please?

Could a failed suicide attempt have life long issues?

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Could it be healthy to always have suicide thoughts?

Could the suicide prevention hotline try to have you committed to a mental facility?

Could you tell me what happens if you tell your doctor you think of suicide?

Could you tell me what happens to you after you attempt suicide (and do not succeed)?

Depressed, lonely and at the edge, not afraid of death, accidental or suicide, how can I deal?

Depression kills me. Sometimes i feel like want to commit suicide?

Do antidepressants reduce the rate at which depressed people commit suicide?

Do I have the legal right to refuse treatment after a suicide attempt?

Do mania means healing from of disease and depression and desire to commit suicide?

Do people without depression ever commit suicide?

Do suicide hotlines call 911 on a caller who is in immediate danger of harming themself ?

Do you think I should go to a doctor about my suicide risk before college?

Does the army let people in with a suicide attempt on their medical records?

Don't we actually need organizations that would assist suicidal people with asperger's syndrome commit suicide?

Has concern for the suicide by police had an effect?

Having suicidal thoughts and always having smart thoughts on planning suicide. I try and reach out. Not helping!

Help! need to know if there's a free room where i can talk to a suicide prevention helpline online?

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How do you treat depression at its outset? I've been contemplating suicide a lot. how can I help myself?

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How many people commit suicide in the u.S. Each year?

How many teenagers commit suicide?

How many teenagers committed suicide because of bullying?

How many teens commit suicide a year by jumping on train tracks in ca?

How many teens commit suicide each year because of bullying?

How many teens commit suicide in the u.S. Each year?

How to convince my friend suicide is not a viable alternative?

How to treat someone who tried to commit suicide?

I am having fatal thoughts of suicide. What are some resources I can use to get help?

I am on the edge of suicide and i don't know what to do?

I am really afraid to tell parents about suicide thoughts. What do you think might happen if i did?

I am very suicidal. I have acsess to things to do it. Dont think i would accept any help. What should I do? I have already made plans 2 commit suicide

I attempted suicide last night, how to help myself?

I don't want to commit suicide but I have no option. All people I love are suffering psychological because of me. I don't know what to do.

I failed a suicide attempt in the past and am terrified the depression will return. How do I prevent it?

I hate my life and i want to commit suicide, but i can't. What can I do?

I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for 3 years now and have attempted suicide twice as well as self harm, I need something to help me?

I have Homicidal ideations which are very frequent, violent and planned out. I have no active intent. Should I tell my Doctor?

I have suicidal idealization by no intention to actually commit suicide. I know i will never carry it out, so calling 911 isn't necessary. Help how?

I think about suicude everyday but don't want to tell anyone or even call a hotline. What should I do?

I want to attempt suicide but fail so i will hopefully wake up in a hospital. how can I achieve this?

I want to commit suicide. How can I get help?

I want to know what is the difference between active euthanasia and medical assisted suicide?

I'm 17, i've been suicidal since 7th grade and have attempted suicide several times. Is this just a phase?

I'm afraid to take antidepressant for fear I might commit suicide?

I'm curious as to what have been your experiences with suicide attempts ?

I'm depressed and sometimes i'd end up locked up in my room trying to commit suicide. How will i fight my depression? Please help me.

I'm going to commit suicide because i'm addicted to illegal drugs and i don't know how to tell anyone.

I'm having a paranoid/oversleeping problem and contemplating suicide. Help please?

If I am thinking about committing suicide, where should I go for help?

If i tell my doctor i attempted suicide ineptly 3 times will i get locked up if I am seeking help not imprisonment?

If I told my doctor I attempted parasuicide, would they admit me to the hospital?

If someone attempted suicide by cop(failed) & made sure not to cause no harm to others. Would they be institutionalized psych or locked up in prison?

If someone commits suicide by an overdose of pills, can his organs still be good for donation?

If suicide were accepted, then people could get lethal injections at hospitals with organ harvest benefiting others and less botched suicide attempts?

If you have a past of self harm and suicide attempts can you be banned from from college now?

If your girlfriend commits suicide, does that mean you don't matter to her or she didn't care about you?

Is a living will still valid for suicide attempts?

Is cutting a sign of a true suicide attempt or just a gesture?

Is it legal for a doctor to help a person commit suicide if the person is terminal?

Is it normal for someone with pdd-nos, to attempt or think about suicide?

Is physician-assisted suicide ethical?

Is there a hotline i can call if my friend's cutting?

Is there any recommendation that seniors get assisted suicide counseling?

Is this suicide attempt or reckless behavior?

Just wondering what do paramedics in a suicide attempt by overdosing and cutting?

Lost, alone, depressed and fighting to not commit suicide. What is there to do?

My daughter's fiance just committed suicide and she is searching for answers. How can I help her?