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seen recently, GP, psychiatrist and Pyschologist. Explained I am so guilty for all trouble in seeking help and the lost cause i am, I want to end it?

15 months old baby still not talk who was suffered 3 times epilepsy at her 3 months age.When she will possibly start to talk? Pls advice..

4 year old unable to speak does not like hugs and kisses or change?

A 3 yr old kid who is unable to speak all words, listens but doesn't obey ur commands every time. He pulls u to the things he want, is mentally sick?

A have vph and want to know who to talk to about it what tipe of doctor?

A person who's not confident, what to do for getting confident?And also have a problem of slurring speech whenever somebody ask him question

A young friend of mine (15) wants to start seeing a therapist about her depression. She wants to tell her parents. How should she approach this matter?

Afraid to talk about my Borderline to a counselor, because I've heard that some don't "believe in it". How do you react when someone one says they are?

Afraid to tell my drs, counselor about my eating issues. I don't want them to make me eat, but also think it's getting in the way of therapy? Help?

Any advice for seeking help with possible ocd, struggling to know what to say to someone?

Anyone able to put my mind at rest regarding pregnancy and citalopram 20 mg once a day!

Anyone know what is a pyschologist meant to do?

Are friends able to talk to my counsellor against my wishes? Would he be allowed to listen? Would he tell me if this happened if i am his client?

Are you looking for a caring, compassioniate dental team that can help you feel at ease and give you the smile of your dreams? Give us a call today, y

At some moment while taking decisions i get confuse and not able to think. how do i overcome this problem.?

At what age do patients with downs syndrome begin trying to talk?

Best advice on getting over stuttering. Anyone specialize in stuttering? Any meds etc.

Boyfriend for a year, best friend for 3 years. He is not keen on seeing me or talking, im asking 70percent of the time. Why does he feel less?

Can agoraphobia make a person scared to talk to strangers outside?

Can anyway call me so we can talk ?

Can I ask an attending to see only him and not resident without making them mad?

Can I make an appointment with a doctor just to discuss my condition with him? Just for educational purposes, so I can understand my condition better?

Can i tell me how i can go about getting antidepressants as a college student without parents knowing?

Can I write what I need to say to a psychologist instead of talking cause I feel that I can't talk at least at the beginning ?

Can not speak in front of a class?

Can one therapist exchange information with another?

Can people that are unable to talk, talk in their minds or at least move there mouth?

Can psychiatrists disagree on things? And a person may benefit from one doctor more than another?

Can someone be so scared they are unable to talk?

Can u make me sure that my conversation wid u will be confidantioal...

Can you tell me how to talk my parents out of making me get cosmetic surgery?

Can you tell me if i could get put on anti-depressants with out my parents knowing?

Can you tell me what to do if i wondered if they explain to psychiatrists what's happening, or do they not explain, can they talk to people about it or not?

Can't figure out what is wrong with my pancreas. Who can I talk to?

Could i get stressed out if i never have anybody to talk to and if nobody ever wants to talk to me?

Could i see a different therapist without asking my current one?

Do doctors mind when u bring a family member when discussing a complex issue to help if u have trouble articulating or forget sth? Or seen as 2 vs 1?

Do I have a communication disorder!? I feel slow in answering in conversations.

Do old patients like those old doctors more who talks to them more, when they get a feeling that he is respecting their age, any psychology behind this ?

Do they belong in an institute? They: are very depressed, sit alone all day, don't talk to anyone, have ptsd, rash out and throw things for no reason.

Do you play facebook ?...we can talk easy about my sick

Emailed therapist about my sex life and how I'm not satisfied w/ partners size. Said I wanted to talk about it next appt. She said it was inapproriate?

Everytime I go and talk to my therapist I tend to just freeze up when it's time to talk about my problems. Is there something wrong with me?

Follow up on issue we discussed previously. I am watching the phone now. I didn't realize I wouldn't get a notification when you were ready I'm sorry?

For a while now, I have been having irrational thoughts regarding my own health. I feel very concerned at the smallest things. How can I treat this?

Going to a family therapist today. What can I expect the interrogation to be like?

Have been wanting to say something to therapist and doctor for a long time but each time I can't, is it acceptable to write or is this too weird ?

Have bipolarII. daughter tells me i talk to myself a lot, swearing and sounding angry she says. is this normal or should i discuss with psychiatrist?

Have three doctors (family, neurologist, gastroenterologist) & seems they are communicating to each. Feel they are not listening to me. What can I do?

Have to see psychologist, terrified - can I give him a list of what happened to me I don't want to tell him, then we can talk about it or is this dumb?

He also following a speech therapy ..when the doctor talk .he do not respond at home he talk very little.. But he understand what we tell me?

Hello :) i would like to ask is there a situation where i doesn't know that i'm raped?

Hello . I wanna ask about this case . He couldn't talk or tell anyone what he feels . And all the time sees the TV .and understand the language of TV.

Hello docs, i need to go to the doctors alone without my parents knowing, can I do that?

Hello doctor my question is how i could deal with my situation in which i facing the hair fall everyday, and finally thanks a lot doctor.

Hello Doctor, im 30 yrs old and have to discuss about my sex problem. I dont know how to tell and looking to meet you in person and discuss more. Thank you?

Hello dr. My friend is having a psychological issue where he becomes comfortable whenever his girlfriend talks to some one in his absence.Pls help.

Hello i have a probleme !! I speak very much . And my friends hate me ?

Hello my 3 year old daughter is having difficulty w/ communicating she is friendly who loves to interact with others cannot speak though.

Hello, I had my doctor suddenly up and quit practicing. I then moved and haven't been able to find a doctor in my new location. I was talking 4 presc?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes a lisp? Why do some adults still have them?

Help please? What is the mental condition where one doesn't talk and acts like a child?

Help! need to know if there's a way to get antidepressants without parents knowing?

Hey i need to talk to a doctor ...

Hi i have been experiencing what i found on the web i talk to my self in the head and my sister answer my question . can she hear my thoughts?

Hi there i wanted to know how i can reconsult so i can talk to doctors live it says i have spoken to 17 doctors this month i want to be able to speak to doctors?

Hi! I have a problem in speaking in public. Hi! I have a problem in speaking in public (anxiety). And my doctor gave me lorazepam. He asked me to take 2-3 before speaking. Those 2-3 do not work with me. When i take 5-6, then i can speak with no fear. But

Hi... My age is 30. I am suffering from improper pronunciation problem since childhood. I find it difficult to speak a few letters. Please advise.

Honest opinions from whomever that would like to answer: Do vaccines (any) make you sick and/or cause Autism?

How 2 take the step 2 go 2 apsychiatric.I'm saying I want 2 do it from years but I don't know what stops me I know my issue but I don't want 2 face it?

How are going for counseling and going to therapy different?

How can a therapist go about helping a child with issues like anger. Where do they start?

How can I find a happy medium between too loud and unhappy family?

How can I get my 2 year old to talk more? He mainly speaks jibbers but he says atleast 10 words but wont talk? Does he watch too much tv?

How can I get rid of phone anxiety? I get it before and while speaking with someone on the phone about important matters. I'm sort of shy as well.

How can I go about getting antidepressants as a college student without parents knowing?

How can I help my 13 year old sister be honest during her therapy sessions? She thinks nobody cares, so she tells them she is Fine But she gets worse.

How can one diplomatically handle a frustrated bipolar adult person who will repeat what he/she says, 5 times over, and never wants to see an MD?

How can you tell if a pyschologist no longer wants to work with you and finds you too much hard work and can't help and they hate you and refer on?

How do I deal with being afraid of seeing water on maps?

How do I emotionally handle it when it terribly broke my heart to hear my significant other humbly ask the oncologist to, "Please make me better"?

How do I find a phyciatrist who will come to my house?

How do I handle not being able to talk to my boyfriend when he's not feeling "chatty?"

How do I help my bf and talk him into going to anger management class?

How do i open up to counsellor about eating disorder. Never talked about it at all to anyone for years. I just can't make myself say anything. ?

How do I tell my therapist about my suicide attempt last week when I see her for my next session? I know I need to tell her but I worry I wont

How long does it take for a speech therapist to help you speak clearly?

How long should I deal with the bleeding before calling my doctor and asking about it?

How should i encourage onlookers to keep away from the situation?


How to break a dependency and transference to a pyschologist while seeing for loss of a partner. The pyschologist dosent talk about it but it hurts me?

How to find a good doctor? Honestly healthtap doctors seem more caring that some I've been to. I almost dred having to go.

How to get over a breakup and someday be able to trust again?

How to get over my shyness and be able to speak to people?

How to tell my parents i self harm before my doctor finds out tomorrow at my appointment?

I am 22 years old my voice is not clear people can't understand me the first time. One doctor replied speeach therapy but i don't know what to do.

I am 25 year girl that never had a acute speech problem but never had therapy but as I age I diffcult time with words and talk fast I talk fast?

I am a person who likes a lot of attention how to talk myself out of it?

I am anxious about testing tried to become comfortable with the material talk about it and find what is bothering me but can't seem to find ease ?

I am not comfortable or get nervous when I'm in a group. It's much easier to talk one on one. Do I have any problem? Asperger? Any solution?