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I feel worthless and hated even by medical professionals , a voice inside says I need to kill myself to make others happy

"What causes the explained/Is life to had been eft to mio?. 1-grateful-day @-a-time?. My belief." "Thank God-Allah." Godspeed!.

16 yrs 6 ft 3 and everybody laugh on me,i'm so close to suicide my parents are like 5 ft 9 Psychologically i'm Done i have nothing to lose, HELP ME?

2/2 missing my male teacher cry or think about him daily not romantically he made impact on my life what should I do?Cry to songs bout losing somebody

32 years old and broke up with only man i ever truly loved because his irresponsibility with money. How do I move on?

63, and can't make a decision on what to do with the rest of my life. Im worried about picking wrong in this economy?

A child of 11 is very shy, how do you make him brave from the heart?

A close friend of mine wants asthma , she says that she wants this as a punishment not any sort of joke or curiosity . Can i help her?

A girl i know keeps telling me to kill myself?What should I do?

Age.20.Embarrassed never had physical, looking for family doctor. Will he/she be surprised? And will they be willing to help me?

Am I just simply paranoid or realistic and in a bad place?

Anybody know what to tell a child that would make fun of somebody for a physical "handicap" or use the r word?

Anyone have any words of motivation for a 30yr old smoker?

Are doctors ever offended when patients choose to go to someone else or do you guys not even realize it when it happens?

Are my flatmates being physically inappropriate or is that what guys do? How do I tell them to respect my boundaries?

Are pathological liars dangerous? My ex husband lies about everything. Nothing is his fault but mine and others. He has been abusive to the children and was order supervised visitation, he makes up lies and are proven to be lies and then can't remember fr

Are people who believe in satanic stuff just trying to be weird or paranoid schizophrenics?

Are people's mind playing tricks on them when they claim they have seen ghosts and paranormal activity or are they really seeing this?

Are seizures common after making love?

Are the pictures people put on facebook real? He uses lots of words a guy my age wouldnt use.

Are there problems making love more than 4 times a day, legal?

At homemy husband is a very quiet and very discreet person i like to chat and connect with him but he spends his time on his cell phone.Help?

Bonjour. My brother live at my place for 5 months. He won't improve his life nor find a job until he find love. What hat to do to help him with this?

Boss put me off again when I think he knew I wanted a raise. Why do I have intense fear of him?

Can 2 like minded people have mind sex together?

Can having a bad sense of humor affect how healthy and happy your are?

Can i go to sleep if I have liver failure? This is for real and no joke. Any help would be thankful. God bless.

Can you tell if it is really so crazy or unreasonable to want to take an adventurous 'soul-searching' vacation alone?

Can you tell me how I could make my family stop bringing up the fact that I'm gay or bi when I'm actually straight?

Can you tell me how to deal with people who deliberately enjoy making you feel bad?

Can you tell me how to feel about consensual incest in books and films?

Can you tell me if bullies really care about anyone or are they just plain sadistic?

Can you tell me what love drops are and is it really works?

Conflicted. Therapist says doesn't have knowledge to help me but will continue if i want. Guilty leaving after two years. How do I say bye and move on?

Could it be healthy to trasform the pure feeling of fear into "love" or "attraction"?

Could watching Manga and Anime make you more smarter and intelligent ?

Could you tell me why i love overpowering and controling things?

Cousin is really into hunger game stuff. Weird. Has no real friends. What should I suggest?

Dear doc, how to make love last longer, at the moment I am only last than a minute.Thanking you.Regards, andre?

Do I have BPA I laugh inappropriately when I'm talking serious to people I hear bad news, or if im reading to a group I laugh I'm 16 and a guy btw?

Do most dr's hate people who self harm? In hosp a Dr said I was ridiculous & had no sympathy for me. I didn't want sympathy I alreasy hate myself

Do my delusions about my spouse make me hate her and never love her like she loves me? Is this possible?

Do people babble and say private secrets under anesthesia?

Do you ever think that a meth addict may be right when they say they hear voices? Ever heard of gang stalking? Do u believe this to be possible?

Do you know a medicine how to help forget someone abusive ( torcher ) or a person completely?

Do you think youtube and movies nowadays make teen pregnancy look fun?

Does anyone know why I have weird fits of rage?

Does melancholic depression mean you never smile or laugh at a joke?

Does not masturbating improve confidence? I heard that it does. And I tried it and feel more confident talking to women. Why is this?

Does our president smoke anymore? His family sets good example of staying slim, but wondered about him.

Don't u just hate it when your teeth just won't behave, what to do?

Dr. Sneid..I do have a real dr. And do not get all my info from friends or internet! i spend alot of time researching everything i say. ?

Dr., when you see elderly patients who love life, what is the thing that impresses you most?

Everything annoys me, say my personality is ugly?

Excuse me but you are there to answer questions that's what you're online for it not to be rude for the people. That's why I didn't pay the 9.99.

Excuse me. I desperately need help... But my question starts from when i was little and is to big for 150 letters.

Fantasizing about torture and murder turns me on. Is there something wrong with me?

He has deceptive perception disorder where he thinks everyone hates him& blows stuff out of proportion sometimes . Is there a cure or way to fix it?

Hello Doctor I am a teenager of 17 years old. I feel lonely and bored in these days. I used to hear music and watch movies as se?

Hello doctor,im a ,medical student from moscow. i am extremely depressed until whatever materials i read, i cant convey them to others. ?

Hello, I'm sort of embarrassed to talk about this but I'm 16 years and my penis is only 2 inches. It scares me to think about my life as an adult.

Hey doc. I just wana ask a health question. I m very slow thinker and make deceison very slow. My brain not work so fast. I m young 23 years old?

Hey i just saw the movie limitless, and i was wondering, is there any medicine(s) that can boost brain activity to make you smarter?,

HI M south indian.Eventhough my trust in god has improved my OCD condition,but my mind has this doubt like is there god-any proof?Another OCD thought?

Hi sirs, i interested in feet fetish very much, but this sense destroied my life !many times decided to release from but couldnt! Any treatment?help!

How can I stop buying things I don't need to impress people?

How can I be forgiven for all the people i used, hurt and misled?

How can I deepen my voice? I've been told I sound "feminine" and its destroyed my confidence, I hate talking anymore and its destroying my life.

How can I fall back in love with someone i loved before?

How can I find someone to tell my deepest secret to?

How can I get rid of porno sexual influences over my mind? I love my wife a lot. But these thoughts of perfect body and shape haunts me. What to do?

How can I make guys like me? I am an attractive person. I am honestly pretty. I am smart and athletic. I am nice and somewhere between shy and outgoing. I am caring and considerate. I feel like guys are sometimes intimidated by me but im not sure why. I a

How can I tell if the doctor is telling me the truth about my case? Pretend he wants to cover something up?

How can I tell if the doctor is telling me the truth about my case? Pretend he wants to cover something up.

How can you 'work' with a doctor if they refuse to believe what you have to say?

How can you tell if someone is lying or telling the truth?

How can you tell when a doctor is telling you the truth?

How come i become weak when i'm happy, and how do I learn to embrace it instead of abusing it?

How come my 17 year old does whatever he wants and doesn't respect his parents?

How come people genuinely think laughter is healthy?

How could i stop being obsessed with someone im overemotional and i get to obsessed with the person i love how could i forget about him ?

How could we help our children resist today's evil cultural messages?

How could you react to a chiropractor business that acted like this?

How do I become happy with myself and establish a positive self-concept?

How do I catch a crank caller? He scares me.

How do I deal with unkind remarks or acts without being angry? Thanks

How do I get away with lustful taughts?

How do I get over an obsession with a celebrity if I already quit my people subscription?

How do I get over an obsession with superthin celebrities?

How do I get power of attorney over my sick grandma without it costing me anything?

How do I know if my baby is a genius, even though she can't talk yet?

How do I make people trust me to babysit?

How do one learn to love their self? It's really hard for me. I doubt myself all the time & believe I'm ugly, I don't matter,I don't have a voice. Psy

How do you deal with having to pretend you're happy when you're not?

How do you improve your self confidence? If someone compliments my looks I'm usually say "yeah I guess" or denied it

How do you make friends when you have bad social skills? Just confide in and befriend your coworkers?

How does capital punishment feel?

How does one go training-bra shopping without embarassing anyone?

How should I deal with confirmed mass slandering against me. To accept this would make me paranoid .To ignore and deny this causes stm loss.

How to amke myself smart?