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I have a real problem with anxiety. I have a very bad fear or death and the world ending, to the point it's taking over my life. What do you suggest?

2 months ago developed an over whelming urge to chew aspiring almost everday. Why?what would cause this? How dangerous is it

34 M echo-stress Jan 2015 perfect. Why do I feel no interest in life and think always of impending death? Am I sick or going mad? Leads to anxiety.

58 yrs. Old. Past 2 yrs. Have become anxious about driving a car, almost to the point of panicking and thinking i'll have an accident. What is wrong?

A loved one has suddenly died & i will be left with siblings as my parents have flown to the funeral in india. I feel scared, lonely & stressed.

Afraid i'm going to be killed my grandpa was just died, i cannot sleep & I am not constantly feeling really uneasy and down right scared to be home alone.....It's getting to the point when home alone my heart races constantly......I don't like to go outsi

After 14 years of substance abuse is it possible to get rid of the paranoia that forced me out of work leaving me only feeling safe in the bedroom?

After a death of a loved, when the day they died comes around, can it cause someone to go it to a depression state for a period of time?

After boyfriend committed suicide, panic attacks, breakdowns, hard to breathe, emotional, worried, avoid things that reminds me of it? Help please?

After having a panic attack on believe I have received something called derealization. I would love it if I could get a cure for it as it is torture.

After recovering from domestic abuse what makes you feel worst?

After the death of my parents & best friend, I think I developed a fear of dying. So much I have shake my head get rid of the thought.Any suggestions?

All day long, i think about how to do it and go on the internet looking for ways to die. How do I stop? Who can I talk to about suicide?

All my life i've never felt good enough smart enough for anything. I've always felt unworthy. Social anxiety symptoms or somethign more serious?

Am i dying or is it anxiety? My gut feeling tells me i'm going 2 die soon. Going on for 1 month. Flashbacks everyday. 1st bad memories now it's random

Am i slowly killing myself (i have HIV and i'm bulimic)? What should I do?

Anger bottled up, mind raging, want to scream at cat. What is damage to me like this?

Any explanation for why i get horrible nightmares if me or my relatives dying?

Anybody recoverd from autophobia?

Are people that feel suicidal , bad and should die and that the professionals helping get fed up when they have to call for intervention ?

Are there any tips to stop being scared at night when you live alone?

Becoming a psychiatrist, I hear they have the highest rates of suicide for any medical profession. Is this true? Have you ever felt like doing it?

Been 5 months since my dog died. the nightmares and torturing obsessive thoughts that we buried him alive have stopped but I'm still not ok. Normal?

Been feeling quite disconnected lately, and depersonalized. So terrified of developing terrible untreatable schizophrenia and living life in terror. Therapist doesnt seem to think I'm at risk. Advice?

Can anxiety make you be afraid for a loved ones well being and think something bad will happen to them?

Can constantly thinking about and dwelling upon death cause it?

Can i die of depression over my meaningless future, if i amhiv+?

Can there be such sickness when you feel fear of death all the time?

Can you actually die of continued laughter (maybe by some arrhythmia?)?

Can you go through so much in life, then have a horror trauma and just end being so numb to all that goes after, and really just, want to be alone ?

Can you suggest how to get death off of my mind?

Can you tell me how to keep going when the urge to die is so strong?

Can you tell me how to stop snorting all the time when i'm awake! ! ! its spoiling my life! its like i'm dead to everyone?

Can you tell me why I must continue feeling so bad after sids death?

Can't see a therapist so how do I deal with the sadness and fear that I am constantly in because of thinking about death and what life means?

Can't shake the feeling of being a failure and not strong enough after losing a loved through homicide?

Constant fear of everything,scared to be alone? I have fear of ghosts,and can't stand being alone, lose my temper very soon and regret later.

Constantly worried about my parents,cannot imagine life without them. am scared &down all the time. How do people continue living after losing someone?

Could a person really go permanently insane from lsd?

Could anybody get migraines and it lead to a lot of anger?

Could it happen such that a hypochondriac convince themself that they have many STDs and then start having symptoms?

Could somebody be in a coma for 5 years and wake up in perfect health?

Could stress and depression lead to illness i have exams and i cry, im miserable so scared it'll last for a month afraid something happens to me?

Could you go permanently insane from lsd?

Currently unable to see therapist, naive family is useless, school year is over. What can I do about my almost unbearable fear of death?

Dad is sick: kidney failure, diabetes, gout, etc. Advice on how to cope while being away at college. Feel guilty, nostalgic & scared to have own life.

Daughter keeps thinking that she has cancer and getting anxiety attacks thinking she has it when she prob doesn't how can she stop worrying about it?

Do thoughts of suicide and killing often go beyond the imagination? Or rarely so?

Doc my life ruined because of sweating in buttocks/buttcrack please help me to stop the sweat and the smell my life ruined im not gay?

Doctors are happy my heart is fine, but my costocondritus makes me live in fear it's my heart, I'm so anxious it's ruining my life, any advice?

Does having posttraumatic stress dirder give you the right to commit murder?

Does mild MVP causes fear of death ?.i am always having the feeling of going to die, especially at night.?

Dr. Cindy Williams: Thanks for your concern. While I am extremely depressed, I fear death far too much so I am very safe from suicide.

Drs cant decide if i have bpd or schizophrenia now the thoughts of people tryin to kill me,take my thoughts away n that im an alien and other things?

Dying or anxiety? Gut feeling is telling me i'm gonna die soon. 1 month now. Flashbacks everyday. Bad memories at first. Now random ones. So scared

Eating d. For six years. Threatment didn't work. I'm tired emotionally. How to overcome the disease? I can't live like this anymore. Please help.

Emetephobia is ruining my life.. Help please i don't want to have to worry about this anymore?

Ever since I found my fiance9 cheating on me I am paranoid about diseases and a hypochondriac that paralyzes me with fear. Why is thus happening?

Ever since I got pneumonia in March, I have a major fear of dying of cancer. I cannot stop this. Want my life back. Please ?

Everything seems so confusing and difficult at the moment. When will grief from death of my husband end?

Extreme anxiety and panics after miscarriage that occurred almost two years ago. Now I'm scared of everything that can potentially cause death --i.e. EVERYTHING. I'm obsessed with Google and I'm convinced I have every illness I read about. I have the same

Feeling extremely suicidal, it's taking over my life. Is there anywhere i can go for help?

Feeling that everyone hates me, isolated myself, losing weight fear of being fat, feel so guilty and want to die, dr has prescribed Oxazepan help

Griefing over husband death want can I do?

Had myasthenia gravis for 14yrs now BUT still scared daily that I'll relapse/have crisis even though under med control! Y must I fear so bad it's wrecking my life and I go nowhere?

Had social anxiety for past 15y years. It ruined my life. Been alone literally ever since. I m tired of living like this. Read about vicodin?

Have an eating disorder that insurance wont pay for residential which i know i need should I sit and die cause the ill effects are getting so scary.

Having anxiety problems become worst in the future ?? How can I stop them ? I get scared about the world , life , & death.

Having constant worries about my mom's well-being. Always imagining her death and how i wouldn't be able to cope with it. Its killing my mood everyday?

Having suicidal thoughts and wish to run away like christopher mccandlless. Can't find any reason to live.. All alone. What to do?

Help, what I do? I want to die, I have hurt my self, very sad always, help

Help? Every time I self pleasure I panic that I'm going to die is it possible to die from self pleasure?

Heroin agony torment ungrateful nasty, what to do?

Hi i'm not feeling love towards anyone or anything, no emotions at all not even for family even family that I did really love that have died, feeling scared to go out and scared to have baths. I was put on sertraline in January to which I was pregnant at

Hi im worried,recently there have been a few deaths in my family. I think i am traumatized, i cant stop thinking about death...what can i do to relax?

Horrible flashbacks, PTSD, raped numerous times, past therapist said to masturbate to get over this, can't this, just brings on more flashback & pain?

How can I stay positive while my heart is broken and my mind's troubled and raging mad?

How can I get over my fear of brain cancer? I'm just so scared and not wanting to try or pursue anything in life bc i don't think it will even matter

How can I know if somebody is insane?

How can I stop fearing fainting/collapseing, imediate death?

How can I stop having such bad dreams about my moms death?

How can I stop my hypochondriasis ? Words in my mind are always negative and I am afraid of mortal diseases ? I feel like I am being squeezed.

How can I tell if somebody is insane?

How can not end up seriously hurting yourself or someone else when you have pmdd and live in a high stress house?

How can you tell if someone is suicidal before anything bad happens?

How come some gun-shot victims have the bullets left in them forever?

How do I deal with paranoia of having a stroke? Someone I know of had one and since than I panic daily. I feel like a prisoner and afraid to exercise

How do I get over a panic inducing fear of plants and fungi? As in, a false and unfounded fear of plants taking over a body and growing inside it?

How do I stop the unstoppable worry about each and everything in my life? I can't seem to feel good and the worries in my life overpower my mood.

How do you cope with such an intensely painful issue like a dying baby?

How to control depression and my passing on, not technically suicide but thoughts of being better off gone..tired of my life.

How to cope with 3 deaths in one yr and 2weeks?

How to get out of negative thoughts about life? I am suffering very much due to this.

How to live with kidney failure .when all my frnds are moving ahead in life ,I'm stuck with this? I'm 24 years old to be +ve physically& mentaly

How to reduce anxiety? Anxious about everything. Everything worst that can happen has happened and thus always thinking only the worst can happen.

How to stop being scared of imagined fears like monsters and aliens?

How to stop worrying unnecessarily about future events that might not happen?

I stopped treatment because I fear that my dr and pysch hate me and think I am a bother. , I worry what they think and don't know why and want to die?

I am 39 years old and my anxiety has become worse, why does this happen with age?

I am a 21 years old girl who basically used to live very normal. I am an over thinker. But until at some point i suffer panic attacks, how to kill it?