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Can i tell me how i can stop thinking about my past domestic violence relationship?

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Do sadism and masochism causes harm to the participants?

Do therapists have to report abuse to the police?

Do you think I can turn myself in for domestic violence even though there is no warrant and the police were not called?

Docs can you explain, is there anywhere where i could talk to other rape victims/survivers?

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I'm getting divorce from what I finally learned was a very bad narcissistic man. I need legal assistance. Can you ref me to domestic violence lawyer??

If didn't threaten job or intimidate in any way, would it be sexual assault?

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It traumatic to be raped?

Legally, what is the difference between rape and molestation?

One time molestation on 5 year old does not know what happened was wrong. Perpetrator who engaged in "oral" committed suicide. Which therapy for kid?

Please let me know if there is a hotline for domestic violence that i can reach out to?

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