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Afraid because I really hope I don't have to throw up because I have emetophobia (fear of throwing up). how do I get rid of this and get to sleep?

Alcohol used to be fun in college, but now I can't seem to get out of this funk.

All i want to do is get better of how i feel and not always feekll tupid and letting people down ?

Always have to do the same things and if I try something different I get severely depressed or angry, won't go outside, believe someone will kill me?

Am getting depressed and always making my eyes to get wet. Why is this?

Am I a sissy? I'M 16 &a guy do you think I'm a sissy for when I get angry I don't start throwing things and punching in walls, I just yell heatilly

Am I weired that I feel so unhappy to see people get excited about their pregnancies when I am ttc?

Anxiety about silly things is making me sucidal, where can I go for help?

Any advice on how to stay confident in my decesion making? I seem to question myself a lot lately

Any explanation for why i get angry/violent over little things and how to better control these urges?

Any good way to stay calm when i get angry?

Any suggested methods to get yourself to stop hating someone who has committed some very bad, evil things to you? Hate is such negative energy.

Anyone ponder a guess, what is wrong with me if I hate people and they agitate me and make my hr go up ?

Are you sick if you get self-destructive urges that make you do painful things to yourself?

Been having suicidal thoughts, I'm not planning on going through with it until I can get a hold of a gun. What can I do to make it easier on my family?

Being depressed seems so common. Is there any evolutionary reason people get depressed when bad things happen?

Can depression make you lose feelings and doubt if you love your husband? However when with my parents I feel a little better?

Can drinking and smoking make a person go crazy?

Can getting really mad kill you?

Can I get in trouble for telling my work I am leaving?

Can menopause make you crazy?

Can someone explain to me how come i get so mad so fast and my family is scared when i'm mad ?

Can you get cancer from being angry constantly?

Can you tell me how could i stop getting sad over little things?

Can you tell me how i can get my autistic brother to stop destroying things?

Can you tell me how i can get over shame?

Can you tell me how i can not get scared when people yell?

Can you tell me how i can stop self-harm when i get frustrated?

Can you tell me how to get over being bullied?

Can you tell me how to stop getting sad over little things?

Can you tell me where does someone go for help when they are surrounded with depressed people?

Cant control my jealousy and this is a big issue in my relationship as i overthink everything and worry too much over nothing, what can I do?

Could i be afraid of getting "better" mentally, b/c i'm afraid i'll have to go back to pretending everything is fine? Perhaps i'm just making excuses?

Could it be a bad thing that i can sometimes get in very violent moods?

Could my depression be getting worse to the point that i don't realize it anymore?

Could you tell me why if you were molested, your mind gets messed up badly?

Daughter can't physically/emotionally handle period. Is there a way to get rid of it for her?

Depressed and suicidal, don't want parents to know , is there anyway ? Or anyway i can get treatment without doctors? What help could i expect?

Do you know why I'm getting bullied all day everyday people telling me kill myself I tried everything to make it stop nothing will help..

Does a person have mental issues if they do things that make their life hard just so they can get sympathy?

Does anyone get really tearful (crying easily) before her periods?

Does it anger a pysch /doctor if you get to appoint but while waiting you get fearful and scared that you leave and get upset . ?

During sleep if my wife wake me up for some reason ,i get very angry.Though i know what i am doing either i am talking rude or very angry. Please help?

Ever since i been with my bf i feel sad & depressed a lot at times i want to leave him but I am scared to lose him forever. Is that bad for my health?

Every day I get more sad and depressed from my crohnic pain. At 20 I hate dealing with it I cry most nights and want my body to stop hurting and heal?

Every time when i go to the store i feel shy when I am around people and i think there looking at me and think there thinking something bad about me?

Everyone lately has been going crazy over concussions. I had one, don't get me wrong it was brutal, but do I even have to worry now its over?

Extreme bouts of contained rage since 2nd son (now 14 months old) born. I get incredibly angry, and it feels like the things I am getting so angry about are unjust. I am able to say (even when in the heat of the moment) "i am incredibly angry right now fo

For what reasons i get more anxious and sad in spring and fall?

Get startled more easily lately; ppl annoy me more; sleep schedule messed up; therapist doesn't seem to think anything is particularly wrong (biwkly).

Has bipolar disorder, gets angry at kids and wife really fast for oblivious reasons and yells. gets worse with alcohol. Is it normal?

Hate everything about myself! but i want to get better. What do I do?

Hello, i love working out most times but i tend to always eat and at the end of the day makes feel unhappy and depress and i just end up giving up.

Hi dr I have been very angry all my life and I don't know why I can be sitting down and be fine then get really angry and can't control it. ?

Hi I got epilepsy can you get frustrated with epilepsy in your mind can it make you do things you don't mean to.?

Hi I have this hate towards my father for no reason. He is a good person but when i see him i get so angry and every time i talk to him i go crazy ?

Hi, I'm 16 years old. I didn't know who else to ask apart from a doctor so here goes . . . I hate food, I hate eating and even thinking about it; it m?

How can a person who has been defeated by depression get back on their feet?

How can I best get my doctor to honestly listen to me?

How can I get confidence about my body and stop being so insecure?

How can I get help for excessive worrying about everything?

How can I get my boyfriend to stop repressing his anger and tell me how he feels?

How can I get my girlfriend to stop being unknowingly cruel without becoming cruel myself? It feels like I am the least important thing to her.

How can I get myself more self confident?I feel like I am unconciously afraid of most things.

How can I get over all these self-destructive urges?

How can I get over being an introvert?

How can I get over feeling ashamed when asking for help?

How can I get over squeamishness?

How can I get over the guilt feeling after a break up of a 9 years relationship? It was the best choice for both of us but hes so hurt, its killing me

How can I get rid from shyness and worrying?! im getting ciprelax 10 mg once a day but even im better than before I get worry of a lot of things.

How can I get rid of all the frustration that is accumulating inside me and making me more frustrated?

How can I get rid of the past that's chasing me wherever i go where it've been the reason why i lack self confidence now ?

How can I help my child stop making excuses about not getting as?

How can I help my fiancee get mental health treatment without making it seem forced? He needs help bad...

How can I make it so i get through the day without crying?

How can I soothe myself when i get extremely distressed?

How can i stop doing what i do ? I have a beutiful family but im not happy,,, i do things i should not do,, i lie,, i want to start over but i cant,,,

How can I stop dwelling on all the things I canĀ“t do anymore?

How can I stop getting so angry easily?

How can I stop myself from getting overwhelmed by the smallest things?

How can I stop thinking about unhappy things and go to sleep?

How can u get a loved one help for depression if they won't ask and they refuse to talk to doctors about it but its getting bad enough I need some adv?

How come i feel depressed when I do something right or get complimented by my parents?

How come i feel so distressed about getting older?

How come I feel so upset when people tell me I can't get married if I have a learning disorder ?

How come i get depressed after something really good happens to me?

How come i get depressed in the summer time in england?

How come i get depressed out of nowhere?

How come i get depressed/angry at the slightest things?

How come if i hate someone i can't stop thinking of them and all the things they did. Why can't i erase this person and the past from my mind?

How did I get to be a panicky parent? Is helicoptering really bad?

How do I avoid blacking out when i get angry?

How do I become self confident and stop thinking that others think i'm weird?

How do I get everyone to stop babying me? I procrastinate but am 19.

How do i get over my fear to have sex? Or just my fear to talk to men in general? I feel like they judge me and that makes me really uncomfortable

How do I get over this feeling of shame, regret that I get after I do anything to help others who don't appreciate it?

How do I just get over this? One of my friends shot himself in the head and committed suicide. What could have done to help. I feel hopeless to help

How do I overcome the fears I have? Makes it hard to get up and do things.

How do I stop getting a bonner when I make outt?

How do I stop my face from going red even when I am not nervous or embarrassed i go red an it really messes with my self esteem and confidence ?